Benson Cemetery


Benson, Adeline K./09-16-1867/08-07-1871/daughter of H. W. & S. E. Benson
Double Marker - Benson - wed/12-19-1839
Benson, Ben G./1817/1894
Benson, Adeline Elvira Wright/no dates/wife of B. G. Benson
Benson, (Two field stones mark the graves of B. G. Bensons other two wives)1
Benson, Dock (Zadoc) died 1895/age 12 years/son of H. W. & S. E. Benson (NMF)1
Benson, Early E./11-04-1863/09-13-1923
Benson, Josie Lira/1885/1928
Benson, Fannie G/02-12-1880/08-04-1881/daughter of G. F. & F. S. Benson
Benson, Fannie M./11-05-1836/10-23-1859/wife of N. Jasper Benson/daughter of Hardy & Mary J. Benson
Benson, Foster/12-01-1877/02-25-1972
Double Marker - Benson
Benson, George Goodwin/1876/1949
Benson, Ollie E. Patton/1881/1955/wife of G. G. Benson
Benson, Hardy/07-04-1797/10-06-1848/son of Benjamin & Margaret Benson
Benson, Mary Jane/10-09-1821/01-18-1847/wife of H. Benson/daughter of William H. & Sina Duke
Benson, Hardy Ward/78 years old/Co. E, 44th Miss. Inf., CSA
Benson, Sarah E. Goodwin/1848/1923
Double Marker - Benson
Benson, James E./10-01-1879/03-09-1935
Benson, Chester M./05-04-1884/12-06-1915/wife of J. E. Benson
Benson, Joe Wallace/05-01-1912/06-02-1913/son of J. E. & Chester Benson (NMF)1
Benson, Sally Tyus/died 01-10-1865/aged 28 years/wife of W. E. Benson
Benson, Tommie T./died 09-16-1861/aged 9 months
Benson, Walter L./09-03-1866/01-11-1867/son of H. W. & S. E. Benson

Ford, Cornelia J./01-11-1907/12-04-1909
Ford, Paine H./03-01-1910/02-07-1911
Frost, Cora M. Wright/07-11-1866/03-07-1905/wife of W. N. Frost

Hughes, Bertha L./05-01-1876/09-22-1882/daughter of M. S. & M. F. Hughes
Hughes, Minnie A./10-09-1874/09-22-1875/daughter of M. S. & M. F. Hughes

McClanahan, Byron Ward/05-07-1909/05-26-1909/son of B. F. & Jessie McClanahan

Phelps, Allen Hill/07-02-1823/07-17-1844/born in Elkton, Giles Co. Tenn.

Double Marker - Turner
Turner, Fannie/12-15-1860/12-16-1892/Married 06-02-1886/daughter of George W. &
Narcissa Wright/second wife of W. A. Turner
Turner, Obedience Adeline/02-21-1852/03-05-1885/Married 02-21-1870/daughter of
George W. & Narcissa Wright/first wife of W. A. Turner

Williamson, Chester Dale/03-03-1927/01-31-1934
Woods, Fannie Darden/07-02-1887/08-01-1892/Dau. of N. M. & A. Woods
Woods, Little Blount/01-26-1883/09-29-1883/9 mo. 3 da./son of N. M. & Annie Woods
Wright, George W/04-05-1817/12-27-1871
Wright, Narcissa/01-21-1822/12-04-1882/daughter of Early & Obedience Benson/Wife
of George W. Wright
Wright, Infant/died 06-20-1847/daughter of G. W. & N. Wright
Wright, Infant/died 12-13-1858/son of G. W. & N. Wright
Wright, William E./08-31-1845/08-06-1847/son of G. W. & N. Wright

Field stones mark at least seven other graves.

(NMF) – Indicates no marker was found during this latest update

1 Information is from original recording about 1976 by Mary Donaldson, Inez Barber, and Hardy Benson

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