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The people in the photos on this page need to be identified.  If you know who they are please contact the webmaster.

Owners and crew of Water Valley brick and lumber yard, circa 1910. The business was owned and operated by Lucious Monroe Walker (b. 7 Oct 1878, d. 5 Feb 1941) (center) and his father, James Monroe Walker (b. 10 Oct 1849, d. 1918) second from left).  The young man sitting on the bricks is believed to be James Henderson Walker, b. 17 May 1902. It is possible that Samuel Kelly maybe the person to the far left, There are five black men working against the building, can any one id them? Sam Hill maybe the man in the over-alls with leg extended. 
This was once owned by The  Lucious  Monroe Walker family as mentioned in the beginning..
Information on these people and the business itself would be greatly appreciated by Bill Walker :

Here is another mystery picture!
Can you Identify these Water Valley Men?

Here is a brief background that  Marjorie Kuban sent , when she submitted  this for identification.

 "As you can see on the front of the photo is 'France V Howell, Water Valley, Miss.'   I'm not sure if that is a "V" or another letter."

"On the back of the photo is written "For Mrs. Bettie Azlin".  Bettie was
my great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Azlin.  She married Charles Andrew
Azlin in 1880.  Her maiden name was Hunter and her father was John James
Hunter and her mother was Margaret Van Moseley."

If you have any information  as to who they are ;  please contact Marjorie I Kuban <mikuban@juno.com>


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