1947 Hamblet

Parents/Guardians Student's Name Race Sex Age Page
Bailey, Carzy Robert Bailey N M 17 112
Bailey, Taylor Cora Bailey N F 19 112
Campbell, Robert Earseal Campbell N F 112
Campbell, Robert Erie Campbell N F 112
Campbell, Robert Izora Campbell N F 112
Hamblet, Eruslem Frank Hamblet N M 15 112
Love, Hosea James H. Love N M 15 112
Love, Hosea Lee Rogers Love N M 14 112
Love, Hosea Rutha Mae Love N F 12 112
Marion, Earl Hazel Louise Marion N F 6 112
Marion, Ed Hazel Marion N F 15 112
Marion, Ed Willie Lee Marion N M 6 112
Moore, John Leon Moore N M 12 112
Moore, John Mary Alice Moore N F 17 112
Moore, John W.C. Moore N M 19 112
Zinn, Lovie Earlene Zinn N F 14 112
Zinn, Lovie Flordia B. Zinn N F 6 112
Zinn, Lovie Irene Zinn N F 10 112
Zinn, Lovie Johnie Zinn N M 12 112
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