1878 Water Valley West Ward

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age Page
Allen H.B. W M 11
Allen Mollie B F 17
Anderson Annie W F 5
Avent Ana B F 5
Avent Elah B F 10
Barclay Isaac W M 10
Biles Jesse W M 13
Biles Jos? W M 5
Bond Mary W F 11
Bonner S.J. W F 5
Bonner W.L. W M 8
Boyd Lilly(Tilly?) W F 18
Boyle M.P. W M 8
Brooks Wm W M 7
Brown James S. W M 10
Callahan Anna W F 6
Callahan Mary W F 12
Canfield James W M 9
Canfield M.J. W F 16
Cannon Fanny W F 15
Cannon G.T. W F 18
Cannon Lucy W F 12
Cannon Maggie W F 7
Catlin John W M 6
Catlin Willie W M 10
Chapman Porter C. W M 15
Chapman William E. W M 10
Clark L W F 5
Cleveland Henry B M 11
Colquhoun M.E. W F 7
Colquhoun R.L. W M 10
Cook Adda W F 16
Cook Charley W M 14
Cox Abraham B M 14
Cox Julius B M 14
Crabtree Charles E. W M 5
Crabtree Mary L. W F 9
Crafford Alfred B M 15
Crafford Arthur B M 13
Craft Eddie B M 13
Craft Milli B F 6
Crawford Eugene W M 8
Crawford Minerva B F 18
DeLap Hugh W M 6
Donohue Bessie W F 6
Drake Charley W M 7
Drake Clarenc W M 13
Duffie Blanch W F 9
Duffie Murtee W F 5
Dunham Luella W F 6
Dunhan Mary W F 16
Faris Ida B F 6
Fly A.S. W M 8
Fly D.B. W M 12
Foltz Abe W M 7
Ford Ben B M 7
Frederick J.W. W F 20
Frederick Lillie W F 8
Frederick Minnie W F 10
Frederick W.A. W M 17
Gafford J.C. W F 10
Gafford M.L. W F 14
Garland C.H. W M 18
Garland John A. W M 15
Glover Clanon B F 7
Glover Lizzie B F 5
Goodwin J.W. W M 13
Goodwin M.E. W F 11
Gordon Mary J. W F 7
Gordon W.E. W 5
Gore Charles E. W M 7
Gore F.C. W M 5
Harding Joab W M 5
Harris R W F 7
Harris S.N. W M 16
Harwell Margaret W F 7
Harwell Mary A. W F 9
Harwell Samie W M 5
Hendricks James E. W M 18
Hendricks Wm. M. W M 13
Hilbergh Gust W M 14
Hirsch Moses W M 6
Hooker Virginia T. W F 11
Johnson Nicholern W F 5
Jones D.A. W M 16
Jones E.L. W M 9
Jones Mollie W F 9
Jones Sarah W F 6
Larson Charity W M 8
Lindmark Amy W M 13
Lindmark Ellen W F 6
Lindmark Gust W M 11
Lindmark Mary W F 18
Lindquist Christine W F 19
Lindquist Mary W F 16
Mauldin Lula W F 7
Mauldin Mary Lou W F 5
Mauldin Saml R. W M 7
Mauldin Wm Buing W M 10
McKie Alen W M 18
McKie Corrie W F 11
McKie Della F 8
McKie Lena W F 13
Merrin Jacob K. W M 12
Merrin Lannie(Launie?) W M 6
Merrin Mary W F 9
Merrin Wm F. W M 16
Messppa Ida W F 6
Mittirsister Michael W M 6
Mittirsister William W M 8
Montgomery W.C. W M 6
Morris Willis W F 14
Morrison Barney W M 11
Morrison Elbert W M 5
Morrison Frank W M 8
Morrison Lola W F 16
Morrison Thurston W M 14
Murray H.E. W M 15
Murray J.W. W M 17
Owens Alex B M 18
Owens Jim B M 7
Palmon Allee L. W F 15
Palmon Leo M. W M 7
Palmon Malinda A. W F 10
Palmon Sidney W M 12
Payne D.W. W M 8
Payne Nanny W F 12
Pierce E.B. W M 10
Pierce W.A. W M 8
Pierce W.J. W F 5
Pollard John B M 6
Powell Edgeworth W F 6
Pricw Edgar W M 9
Prophit Ruth W F 11
Prophit Thomas W F 11
Pulley Bonaparte B M 5
Pulley William W. B M 7
Pully Fannie L. B F 10
Ragan A.R. W M 14
Ragan E.J. W F 18
Ray John W M 9
Reason B.F. W M 18
Reason Lilly A. W F 11
Reason Mary W F 8
Reason Matty W F 6
Redwin W.D. W M 8
Roberson Amanda B F 10
Robertson Leno B M 12
Robertson Pally B. W F 9
Robertson Sallie Bell W F 12
Robinson Asbun A. W M 9
Robinson Edgar T. W M 5
Robinson Harriet B F 15
Robinson Robert P. W M 11
Rogers Carrie W F 18
Rogers Eugene R. W M 10
Rogers Jas L. W M 16
Rogers Thos J. W M 7
Rouk Corinne W F 9
Rouk John W M 7
Rouke Eddy B. W M 12
Rouke Fanne W F 10
Rouke Letitia W F 5
Ruse Emma F. W F 17
Ruse Ephraim W M 9
Ruse Jennie F. W F 11
Ruse Sam W M 16
Ruse Thomas W M 7
Scanlon Bridget W F 19
Scanlon Kate W F 8
Scanlon Pat W M 15
Scanlon Thomas W M 13
Seamans Alonzo W M 18
Seamans Jeff W M 16
Seamans Maggie W F 8
Seamans Mary T. W F 11
Shackleford J.D. B M 7
Shackleford J.P. B M 13
Shackleford Lela B F 9
Shaw D.C. W F 17
Shaw J.M. W M 13
Simpson A.L. W M 10
Slusser L.E. W F 12
Slusser Melvin C. W M 6
Smith A.T. W M 16
Smith Clifton W M 6
Smith E.W. W M 14
Smith J.M. W M 12
Smith O.T. W F 5
Smith Stella W F 11
Stallins Clinton V. W M 11
Stallins Enline W F 17
Stallins G.W. W M 11
Stephens Eddie A. W M 7
Stephens Jimmy W M 13
Stephens Lula W F 13
Stephens Maggie W F 18
Sturdivant E.R. W F 7
Tapley Ernest A. B M 5
Tison Ed B M 7
Townsend Fanny W F 9
Townsend Moses W M 14
Turnipseed Jim B M 14
Turnipseed Julia B F 5
Tycer Jim W M 7
Tycer Ninon W F 5
Tyler Jenny B F 5
Valentine Emma B F 6
Wagner Andrew G. W M 8
Wagner John W M 8
Wagner Willie B. W M 10
Walls Henry B M 7
Walls James B M 14
Walls Paddy B F 5
Walls Rachael B F 12
Watson C.A. W M 15
Whitney O W F 5
Whtsey Will A. W F 9
Williams Mary W F 9
Williams Sophia W F 6
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