1878 Water Valley East Ward

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Adams Ellen B F 11
Adams Narcissa B F 6
Allen Mary W F 11
Allen Nannie W F 13
Allen Sallie W F 9
Askew D.J. W F 5
Askew Sleena W F 8
Atkins Delia B F 12
Bartlett J.D. W M 8
Bartlett Sallee W F 16
Baxendale Albert W M 17
Baxendale Annie W F 14
Baxendale Charley W M 11
Baxendale James W M 19
Baxendale Susan W F 7
Becton Katie W F 7
Becton William W M 13
Bell Ellen B F 8
Bell Tanner B F 13
Bell Tysia B F 6
Bell Walter B M 12
Bell Zomy(Zorny?) B M 9
Bennet Sarah W F 17
Berney Jimmie W M 7
Berney Willie W M 9
Berry George W. W M 18
Berry Nancy W F 13
Berry Sam W M 6
Block Edward W M 5
Block Emma W F 9
Block Ida W F 11
Block Rosa W F 7
Blount Lula W F 9
Blount Mattie W F 6
Boyd Lida W F 5
Boyd Louis W M 7
Bracken Easley W M 10
Bracken John W M 9
Brad Claransy B F 11
Brad James H. B M 12
Brooks Albert B M 14
Brooks Siss B F 8
Broughton Ann E. W F 14
Broughton John W M 12
Broughton John W M 12
Broughton Nettee W F 8
Broughton Theodocia W F 8
Broughtton Eliza W F 14
Brown Garland D. W M 17
Brown Mary L. W F 5
Brown Minnie W. W F 9
Brown R.E. W M 7
Brown Robt M. W M 15
Brown W.D. W M 9
Cahill Ellen W F 6
Cahill James R. W M 9
Cahill Mary W F 8
Collins Adam B M 18
Collins Alice B F 14
Collins Henrietta B F 17
Collins Henry B M 15
Collins Mollie B F 16
Davison Mame R. W F 5
Davison Wm W M 10
Dickson Hugh L. W M 7
Douglass James H. W M 14
Douglass Mary B. W F 12
Douglass Walter W M 8
Douglass Willie M. W F 10
Fulmer Adam W M 20
Fulmer Bettis W F 9
Fulmer Charles W M 20
Fulmer Emmet W M 15
Greer Eddie B M 5
Higginbothan Euta B. W F 6
Higginbothan J.M. W M 16
Higginbothan Lucy R.L. W F 14
Higginbothan R.W. W M 19
Hill Ann B F 13
Hill Jeff B M 15
Hoke Ana W F 16
Hoke Eddy W M 10
Hoke Gussa W F 13
Hoke Jody W M 7
Hoke Mattie W F 5
Hoke Word W M 19
Hond Willie J.S. W F 8
Hope C.L. W M 16
Hope J.E. W M 18
Hope Katie W F 10
Hudspeth Adun? W F 8
Hudspeth Benja W M 15
Irby J.R. W M 5
Jennings Epsie W M 11
Jennings Lottie W F 5
Jennings Nellie W F 7
Kale Anne W F 8
Kale Katie W F 7
Kale Lutis W F 9
Keenum Ella W F 11
Kelly Dave B M 6
Kennedy Caroline B F 13
King Agnes W F 10
King Ellen W F 8
King Joseph W M 6
King Mary W F 12
King William W M 16
Kirby Ada W F 7
Kirby Ida W F 10
Kirby Willie W M 11
Kirkwood Collie W F 18
Kirkwood Cornie W F 6
Kirkwood Emma W F 16
Kirkwood Lula W F 9
Kirkwood Mattee W F 11
Knight Henrietta W F 8
Knight Joanna W F 11
Knight Robert W M 6
Lawshe Benjamin H. W M 9
Lawshe Leona W F 16
Lawshe Mary W F 14
Lawshe Maud W F 12
Lawshe Thomas G. W M 6
Long D.R. W M 10
Long W.F. W M 9
Mauldire? William B M 12
Mayes Susie B F 6
Mayes Willie W M 10
McConice Jessy B M 5
McConice Willie B M 7
McKee Alfred B M 12
Meaders Annie W F 7
Miller Mary F. W F 14
Miller Mary F. W F 14
Montgomery A.J. W M 16
Montgomery E.G. W M 18
Montgomery Mattie W F 12
Montgomery W.B. W M 14
Morgan Charles L. W M 13
Morgan F.W. W M 11
Morgan L.F. W F 7
Morgan M.E. W F 5
Morgan M.L. W F 9
Morrison Jesse B F 15
Owens Anderson B M 17
Owens Josh B M 6
Pearson Florence E. W F 10
Pearson Isaac O. W M 12
Pearson Maud E. W F 8
Pearson Richard V. W M 5
Perry Albert B M 19
Perry George B M 7
Perry Green B M 8
Perry Jim B M 11
Perry Levi B M 15
Perry Lizzie B F 9
Perry Marion B F 14
Reese Delila B F 11
Reese Rosetta B F 15
Richardson Bella B F 10
Richardson Burton B M 13
Richerson Be B M 13
Robertson L.T. W M 8
Robertson M W F 6
Robertson R.H. W M 10
Rogers Belly B M 7
Rogers Harry W M 7
Rogers Ollie W F 5
Smith Mary B F 14
Smith May W F 6
Stephens Eddie L. W M 9
Stephens Fred W M 5
Stephens Mettie T. W F 7
Stephens R.L.D. W M 19
Stephens Willie J. W M 11
Tabor E.A. W M 20
Ternage John B M 10
Ternage Kate B F 12
Terry Charley E. W M 14
Thompson Ary B F 6
Thompson Mary A. B F 5
Thornton Eliza B F 8
Thornton May B F 7
Vaughn Bella W F 15
Vaughn Faria W F 10
Vaughn Hundley W F 8
Vaughn Zauline W F 16
Ward Lillie M. W F 5
Warren Margaret W F 8
West Alice W F 17
West Nellie W F 13
West Willie W M 8
White J.B. W F 5
Wilson Anna May W F 6
Wilson Benj W M 17
Wilson John W. W M 8
Wilson Mollie W F 19
Wilson Sally J. W F 15
Wilson Saml G. W M 10
Woods Drucilla W F 10
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