1878 Water Valley District 2 West

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age Page
Adams E.W. W F 15
Adams Isaac W M 17
Adams Joseph W M 8
Adams Mary W F 10
Adams Nancy J. W F 13
Adams William W M 20
Avent Ann B F 8
Avent Henry B M 17
Avent Nathan B M 12
Avent Silva B F 15
Avent Wallace W M 7
Azlin J.M. W M 14
Barton E.D. W F 14
Barton Louisiana W F 10
Barton M.C. W F 17
Boydston Beulah W F 5
Boydston Emma W F 6
Boydston Finley W M 10
Boydston Ora W F 8
Boydston Sally W F 17
Broom George W M 15
Broom John W M 17
Broom William W M 12
Byrum W.W. W M 10
Caldwell Caroline B F 11
Caldwell Ely B F 14
Caldwell Joe D. B M 8
Campbell Dixie W F 11
Campbell Mary W F 15
Campbell Sallie W F 17
Car Cristiana B F 5
Car Henrietta B F 7
Carr B.L. W M 12
Carr Cora W F 8
Carr Cornelia W F 11
Carr Ella W F 15
Carr H.B. W M 10
Carr Joanna B F 12
Carr Mariah B F 14
Carr Metta W F 13
Carr Molen L. W F 15
Carr Robert W M 6
Carr S.P. W M 6
Carr Sally B F 16
Castleberry Jessie W F 7
Castleberry Mary W F 15
Cathey J.W. W M 9
Cathey R.T. W M 11
Coldwell Jim B M 6
Copeland John W M 14
Copeland Mettie W F 7
Copeland Minnie W F 9
Copland Alice W F 15
Copland Andrea W M 12
Crawford Bettie W F 16
Crawford G.W. W M 18
Curry Will B M 8
Dickerson M.C. W F 5
Dickerson Nancy J. W F 8
Dickson Geo W M 13
Dickson Louisiana W F 17
Edgar M.J. W M 18
Edrington Drucilla B F 17
Edrington Henry B M 15
Ely Alice B F 16
Ely Jerry B M 5
Ely Sam B M 13
Fergueson J.A. W F 18
Ferguson Bettee W F 11
Ferguson Malvina W F 20
Ferguson Samuel W M 15
Fewell Hattee W F 10
Fewell John W M 12
Fewell Sam W M 18
Fewell Susie Jane W F 16
Goodwin Edy W M 16
Goodwin Liny W F 5
Goodwin M.C. W M 14
Goodwin Mary W F 9
Gordon Joe B M 14
Green Robert B M 11
Green Sally B F 13
Haile Della B F 8
Haile Frank B M 12
Haile Molee B F 16
Haile Rena B F 15
Hairston Jack B M 7
Hairston Liza B F 12
Hauston Florida B F 5
Herd H.H. B M 17
Herd Mantla B F 13
Hervey June Buford W F 7
Hervey Lelia Ada W F 9
Hervey Maggie G. W F 7
Hervey Margaret W F 20
Hervey Mary Ann W F 10
Hervey Mattie W F 17
Hill Clabis W M 6
Hill Florence W F 8
Hill James W M 18
Hill Ora W F 10
Hudson William E. W M 8
Jennings J.T. W M 11
Jennings M.J. W F 18
Jennings W.V. W M 16
Johnson Ellen B F 10
Johnson Lucas B M 16
Johnson M. Alice A. W F 19
Johnson Mary B F 7
Johnson Milly B F 13
Johnson Rolen B M 12
Jones Alice W F 8
Jones Virginia W F 6
Kelly James W M 8
Kelly Walter W M 7
Leverett Lucy L. W F 8
Long Lillie B. W F 5
Long Mollie A. W F 10
Long Tamale W F 11
Long W.B. W M 7
McCracken Annie W F 18
McCracken Cosie W F 14
McCracken Ephraim W M 10
McCracken Sallie W F 19
McCracken Willie B. W M 17
McCracken Wm W. W M 14
McCrackin Mitchell W M 10
McDonlen John W M 10
McDonlen Julia W F 8
McDonler Ann E. W F 11
McDonler John W M 14
McFarland Alex B M 13
McFarland Dora B F 8
McFarland Mitchel B M 16
McFarland Nath B M 12
McFarland Wiley B M 18
Meaders Daniel B M 11
Meaders Monroe B M 13
Meaders Wash B M 7
Milum Jessey B F 9
Minter Jackie B F 16
Moore Amanda B F 20
Moore Billy B M 9
Moore Cora B F 11
Moore Elmen B F 18
Moore Evaline B F 14
Moore Lewis B M 6
Moore Malinda T. W F 10
Moore Nancy B F 6
Moore Sallie B F 16
Moore Thomas E. W M 6
Morris Tilda B F 5
Morris William B M 6
Morrison Eliza B F 13
Morrison Louisiana B F 15
Morrison Pinlo? B M 10
Morrison Ruf B M 12
Murray C.W. W M 7
Murray E.A. W F 17
Murray J.C. W M 12
Murray L.C. W F 14
Murray R.S. W M 20
Murray S.J. W F 20
Murray T.P. W M 17
Murray W.E. W M 14
Myze Elizabeth W F 6
Myze Ira W M 8
Neal M.J. W F 20
Nicholson Charley B m 16
Nicholson Eliza B F 8
Nicholson Ellen B F 13
Nicholson Henry B M 16
Nicholson J.B. B M 13
Nicholson Joe B M 9
Nicholson Leah B F 12
Nicholson Mann B F 7
Nicholson Nancy B F 9
Nicholson Tom B M 18
Powell Dudley B M 8
Prichard Lizzie B F 6
Prichard Will B M 10
Prince J.T. W M 8
Prince J.W. W M 6
Prince W.J. W M 5
Rayburn Lesley B M 10
Robinson B.F. W F 18
Robinson Bud B M 7
Robinson Charley W M 7
Robinson Dora B F 10
Robinson J.L. W M 10
Robinson Jim B M 6
Robinson Jordan B M 16
Robinson Maudy B F 14
Robinson Sallie B F 12
Robinson Thomas W M 7
Rogers Aurnett? B F 5
Rogers Book B M 15
Rogers Celia B F 13
Rogers Dilsey B F 13
Rogers Dilz B F 15
Rogers Early B F 15
Rogers Lesley B M 9
Rogers Lizzy B F 17
Rogers Pink B M 10
Rogers Rufus B M 11
Roper Charley W M 8
Roper Georgia W F 11
Roper Johnnie W F 9
Roper W.A. W M 10
Roper Will W M 5
Ross J.E. W M 13
Royal C.T. W M 14
Royal Jessie W F 9
Royal W.D. W F 17
Royal W.G. W M 16
Royal Walter W M 12
Russ W.L. W M 17
Scurr Eliza B F 7
Scurr Elizabeth B F 6
Scurr Livia B F 8
Scurr Marshall B M 10
Scurr Mary B F 15
Shearer John W. W M 5
Smith Mary B F 12
Stokes Pleasant B M 8
Stokes Samuel B M 10
Stokes Sarah B F 16
Suggs A.B. W M 5
Suggs Lelia W F 7
Tabor Henrietta B F 10
Tabor Lee B M 18
Tabor Lewis B M 19
Tabor Lizzie B F 6
Tabor Maitla B F 12
Tabor Sevins B M 14
Talifero Allen B M 7
Talifero Isaac B M 6
Talifero Stephen B F 12
Talifero Suda B F 9
Turner L W M 5
Turner Mary W F 7
Turner Sam W M 9
Wade A.L. W F 6
Wade Timmy W M 7
Walker Anna W F 15
Walker George W M 16
Walker John W M 15
Walton Anna W F 7
Weatherly Cora W F 12
Weatherly Liza W F 8
Weatherly Robt L. W M 16
Wells Annie W F 6
West W.T. W M 14
Williams Henry B M 9
Winter Will B M 5
Woods Ada W F 12
Woods Birdy W F 5
Woods K.C. W F 20
Woods Mettie W F 7
Woods Thomas W M 16
Woods Will W M 9
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