1878 Water Valley District 2 East

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Adams Elizabeth W F 16
Adams Levi W M 14
Adams Margaret W. W F 8
Adams Mary W F 10
Adams N.J. W M 18
Adams Permelia W F 12
Adams R.J. W F 20
Addington A.J. W F 11
Addington Benj W M 20
Addington Clara W F 9
Addington Jeff W M 7
Addington Lue W F 16
Addington M.A. W F 17
Addington P.L. W M 13
Addington Ray W F 18
Addington Rufus W M 12
Backstron Eddy W M 5
Badley Charles W M 16
Badley Charlotte W F 13
Badley Eliza W F 6
Badley Elizabeth W F 8
Badley Ella W F 6
Badley John R. W M 10
Badley Mary W F 10
Badley Mollie W F 6
Badley Oler W F 8
Bankhead Lethy B F 7
Baroun Jeff W M 6
Baroun Jesse W M 5
Baroun Sarah W F 8
Baroun Wilson W M 15
Beckley Emma M. W F 5
Birdsong Eddy W M 5
Birdsong Emma W F 7
Birdsong J.B. W M 17
Birdsong M.J. W F 14
Birdsong S.W. W F 6
Black Jenny B F 15
Black Jim B M 14
Boatright Emma W F 8
Boatright Teca W F 10
Bobbett C.W. W M 14
Bobbett Ida W F 8
Bobbett T.W. W M 11
Bobbitt Fannie W F 6
Bobbitt Leona W F 5
Bobbitt Mag W F 7
Bounds Issaquena W F 6
Brister John W M 8
Brister L.P. W M 10
Brister S.W. W M 14
Brown C.E. W F 19
Brown L.E. W F 9
Brown M.E. W F 11
Brown R.A. W F 15
Brown R.L. W M 13
Burk Ellen W F 9
Burke Wiley W M 16
Burke Willis W M 16
Cambrell J.T. W M 11
Campbell Apadonia B F 8
Campbell Belly B M 16
Campbell Caledonia B F 11
Carr Mollie W F 10
Carr Parry W M 6
Carr Susie W F 14
Carter Bob Lee W M 6
Carter E.B. W F 11
Carter H.W. W M 8
Carter L.R. W F 8
Coleman Amece O. W F 6
Colums Dona A. W F 6
Colums James H. W M 8
Conart Joseph W M 9
Cox John W M 6
Cox Mike W M 7
David A.B.C. W 7
David C.H. W M 9
David J.A. W M 11
Davis A.P.H. W M 10
Davis Dorah W F 18
Davis Emma W F 14
Davis J.T.J. W M 7
Davis M.A.E. W F 5
Davis Oscar W M 14
Davis Parris W M 7
Dickerson Elizabeth W F 19
Ely Jerry B M 5
England D.J. W M 17
England J.L. W M 11
England Pink W M 17
Eskew James E. W M 7
Evans Ami E. W F 11
Evans John W M 5
Evans Richard W M 7
Evans William W M 9
Fry Martha W F 16
Gholson Willis W M 18
Gillespie Stella W F 13
Gillespie Walter D. W M 11
Gillispee Lola W F 16
Gillums Emma B F 16
Gillums Joanna B M 14
Gillums Jyce B M 10
Gillums Mary P. B F 9
Gillums Ocie B M 11
Gillums Robert B M 5
Goode Josephine W F 13
Goode Mary E. W F 11
Goode Viola W F 10
Gordon Ira W M 8
Gordon Jinny W M 9
Gore Chaffian W M 5
Gorton A.H. W M 10
Gorton D.C. W M 5
Gorton J.J. W F 14
Gorton L.J. W F 18
Gorton R.D. W F 16
Gorton W.H. W M 7
Green Vedy W F 15
Greene Salley W F 9
Greer J.A. W M 18
Greer J.F. W M 14
Hall Elizabeth W F 19
Hall Joseph W M 16
Hall Lewis W M 9
Hall Sally W F 13
Hamby B.R. W M 12
Hamby Joseph E. W M 10
Hamby Robert E. W M 7
Hamby S.E. W F 9
Hamby S.T. W M 6
Hamby W.P. W M 18
Hankins Mariah W F 15
Harris Charley B M 10
Harris Eulalia W F 9
Harris James B M 7
Harris Rosalie W F 7
Hendricks John T. W M 7
Hendricks Sarah E. W F 10
Hendricks William T. W M 6
Henson Margaret W F 18
Henson Thomas W M 8
Hinson Amanda W F 16
Hinson Charles W M 11
Hinson John W M 19
Houpt Maggie W F 16
Houpt William W M 14
Hunter E.W. W M 8
Johnson Ader W F 6
Johnson Caroline W F 9
Johnson Dacia W F 12
Johnson Helen B. W F 14
Johnson Laura W F 16
Johnson Maggie G. W F 12
Johnson W.J. W M 19
Jones A.J. W M 16
Jones J.G. W F 6
Jones M.A. W F 8
Knight Edgar W M 8
Knight Eps W M 6
Knight Ida W F 12
Knight Thaddeus W M 10
Knight Woody W M 14
Mauldne Ella W F 16
McCain Ben W M 7
McCain Charles W M 11
McCain E.J. W F 13
McCain Elvis W M 5
McCain Jack W M 9
McCain Mary E. W F 16
McCain Thomas W F 15
McCord Elizabeth W F 12
McCord F.D. W F 9
McCord J.D. W M 16
McCord J.L. W F 10
McCord J.R. W M 13
McCord J.T. W M 14
McCord J.W. W M 15
McCord R.A. W F 11
McMoore Albert W M 17
McMoore Charley W M 19
McMoore Jane W F 14
McMoore William W M 15
Meaders Ammers B M 14
Meaders Annie D. W F 9
Meaders Ella B F 6
Meaders Emily A. W F 5
Meaders Lizzie B F 9
Meaders Rener B F 8
Miller Daniel B M 5
Miller Josephine B F 13
Miller Nancy B F 8
Moore Bob W M 7
Moore Ida W F 12
Moore Suda B F 9
Morehead Dora W F 12
Morehead Jincy W F 13
Morehead John W M 13
Morehead Victoria W F 10
Morehead Walter W M 7
Morrison Bettie B F 17
Morrison Essic B M 12
Morrison Georgia B F 15
Morrison Hester B F 7
Morrison Rosa B F 19
Murphree Alice B F 8
Murphree Billy B M 13
Murphree Daniel B M 18
Murphree John B M 15
Murphree Mary B F 12
Owens Ada W F 10
Owens Green B M 17
Owens M.V. W F 17
Owens S.J. W M 15
Owens T.B. W M 13
Palmer G.A. W M 6
Palmer R.L. W M 7
Palmer W.A. W F 8
Pass A.J. W F 11
Pass J.R. W M 7
Pass Jessy W M 15
Pass S.L. W F 9
Pearson Hester B F 5
Pearson James B M 7
Pearson John B M 9
Phillips A.C. W M 11
Phillips E.J. W F 16
Phillips J.R. W M 14
Phillips W.S. W F 18
Pitt M.A. W F 14
Pitts A.T. W F 10
Pitts J.J. W M 8
Pitts S.M. W M 6
Price Charley B M 8
Price Eliza B F 18
Price George B M 11
Price Toney B M 6
Raglain Mary B F 13
Raglan Jerry B M 10
Raglan John B M 9
Raglan Nelly B F 6
Ragland Andrew B M 12
Railey John A. W M 6
Railey Rarsay W F 12
Redwim J.E. W F 20
Redwim J.F. W F 14
Redwim J.S. W F 12
Redwim J.W. W M 11
Redwim M.C. W F 18
Reynolds Charley W M 8
Reynolds L.N. W M 15
Reynolds Nancy A. W F 16
Rogers C.E. B M 11
Rogers Charles B M 11
Rogers Eli H. B M 6
Rogers Hannibal W M 6
Rogers Jim B M 18
Rogers Loren W M 8
Rogers Lula W F 17
Rogers M.L. B M 8
Rogers Tommy B M 17
Rogers Willie B M 16
Ruse(Reese) Alice W F 5
Ruse(Reese) C.V. W F 13
Ruse(Reese) Dob A. W F 19
Ruse(Reese) J.J. W F 17
Russ Texa B F 6
Sartain Esther W F 19
Sartain H.B. W M 18
Sartain J.C. W M 17
Sartain J.C. W M 19
Sartain James H. W M 10
Sartain John T. W M 8
Sartain L.R. W F 5
Sartain M.E. W F 7
Sartain S.E. W F 11
Saunders Leza B F 7
Sides Alice Ann W F 6
Simmons Jim B M 13
Simmons Laurence W M 16
Simmons Minny W F 5
Simmons Peter B M 5
Simmons Viola B F 11
Smith Mary B F 20
Smith Virgil B M 16
Spencer Anna B F 7
Tarver Lucy W F 18
Tarver Martha W F 16
Tarver Orim W M 12
Tarver Sallie W F 16
Tarver Veney W F 14
Tate Ada W F 6
Tate Elizabeth W F 10
Tate James C. W M 16
Tatum Arazona W F 8
Tatum J. Zollicoffer W M 15
Tatum J.R. W M 19
Tatum W.R. W M 17
Tatum Watson W M 13
Thomas Daniel G. W M 8
Thomas Florentine W F 19
Thomas George W M 16
Thomas Harriet W F 18
Thomas Lutha W M 10
Turner Dollie B F 7
Turner Ed B M 9
Turner Savanna B F 16
Ussery Benjaimin W M 14
Ussery Ellen W F 17
Ussery Samantha W F 19
Ward R.L. W M 10
Ward Sidney F. W M 13
Watson David W M 18
Watson Elizabeth W F 16
Watson Parlens W F 6
Watson Robina W F 14
Whitaker Ader W F 8
Whitaker Willie W M 12
Whitson A.H. W F 8
Whitson Samuel B. W M 17
Whitson Sarah T. W F 15
Whitson W.T. W M 6
Williams Caroline B F 14
Williams Eliza J. W F 7
Williams Eloh B F 12
Williams Emma B F 10
Williams George Taylor B M 9
Williams James W M 17
Williams John D. B M 7
Williams Lee B F 7
Williams Mary F. W F 9
Williams Nancy A. W F 11
Williams Orah W F 8
Williams Tildy J. B F 11
Williams W.W. W M 11
Woods Reed B M 9
Young J.P. W M 19
Young Rufus W. W M 17
Youngblood John W M 7
Youngblood S.A. W M 8
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