1878 Torrance District 4

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Adams William B M 17
Anthony E.E. W M 7
Anthony L W F 9
Banks Allen B M 13
Banks Julia B F 11
Banks Lewis B M 14
Bland Eliza B F 15
Bland Lovless B M 13
Bland Richard B M 16
Booker Edmond B M 6
Booker Georgiana B F 8
Booker Henry B M 5
Booker Hester B F 14
Booker Jeff B M 12
Booker Ludy B F 18
Booker Patty B F 20
Bridges Stella B F 8
Bright Susan M. W F 5
Broocks Tenny B F 9
Brooks Fanny B F 11
Brooks Henry E. B M 13
Brooks Prince B M 14
Clay Nathan W M 16
Drane Guy W M 14
Farrell Willie W M 5
Fort James B M 6
Fox Angelina B F 7
Fox Sallie B F 6
Franklin Jeff B M 13
Franklin Meda B F 5
Franklin Rufus B M 10
Franklin Spencer B M 8
Fruling Felix B M 6
Gray Anna B F 11
Harris Anna B F 14
Harris Cousin B F 12
Harris Edmund B M 11
Harris Essex B M 9
Harris Rena B F 17
Hill Henry B M 15
Hill Mandy B F 8
Hodges Danl W M 11
Hodges Eliza T. W F 15
Hodges Frank W M 12
Hodges L W F 11
Hodges N W F 8
Hodges Nancy E. W F 8
Holt Lee B F 12
Holt Nathan B M 7
Holt Nichols B M 12
Holt Rena B F 10
Jackson Texana B F 7
Jefferson Martha A. B F 11
Jefferson Susan B M 16
Jefferson Susan B F 9
Johnson Caroline B F 12
Johnson Frank B M 14
Johnson Richard B M 5
Jones Henrietta B F 6
Kelly Horance B M 5
Kelly Lucinda B F 8
Kendrick Charley B M 17
Kendrick Cynthia B F 8
Kendrick Ezekiel B M 9
Kendrick Laurence B M 19
Kendrick Rolan B M 11
Kendrick Wash B M 10
Lane Milly B F 12
Lane Sarah B F 9
Lane Talbert B M 14
Lane Tom B M 8
Lee Ann B F 16
Lee Charles B M 13
McFarland Duke B M 13
McFarland Ellen B F 6
McFarland Maggy B F 10
Mitchell J.W. W M 20
Mitchell M.F. W F 17
Pitman Henry B M 9
Pitman Mary B F 6
Pitman Steven B M 5
Rosamond Anny W F 12
Rosamond J B M 18
Rosamond Nancy H. B F 6
Rosamond William W M 14
Scur Angelina B F 12
Scur Eugene B M 6
Scur Tobe B M 7
Scurr E.D. W M 7
Scurr Gilbert B M 8
Scurr J.L. W M 9
Scurr Parish B F 15
Scurr W.B. W M 13
Scurr Winter W M 5
Smith James B M 10
Smith Royal B M 6
Smith Thomas B M 18
Spearman Henry B M 8
Spearman Mariah B F 12
Spearman Nelson B M 20
Stitle Catharine B F 9
Stokes Alfred B M 13
Stokes Betty B F 12
Stokes Cass B F 8
Stokes Eli B M 7
Stokes Eliza B F 9
Stokes Jesse B M 12
Stokes Lewis B M 11
Stokes Manda B F 5
Stokes Matilda B F 15
Stokes Moses B M 12
Stokes Rosanna B F 7
Stokes Sinclair B M 6
Stokes Wallace B M 10
Thomas Malinda B F 14
Torrance Alex B M 19
Torrance Eliza B F 7
Torrance Louisa B F 17
Torrance Sam B M 7
Vanhoozer M.V. W M 6
Wilboun Claudia W F 7
Wilboun John T. W M 20
Wilbourn Ezra W M 5
Wilbourn Georgiana W F 19
Wilbourn H.C. W M 10
Wilbourn Jessie W M 8
Wilbourn R.A. W M 6
Williams Abram B M 10
Williams Armstead B M 13
Williams Hester B F 15
Williams Louisa B F 8
Wilson Ada B F 6
Wilson Betsy B F 13
Wilson Bettee B F 14
Wilson Charlott B F 6
Wilson Elvira B F 18
Wilson Ida B F 15
Wilson James B M 18
Wilson John B M 7
Wilson Laura F 7
Wilson Mary B F 9
Wilson Olivia B F 9
Wilson Penny B F 7
Wilson Richard B M 11
Wilson Sinda B F 11
Wilson Willis B M 6
Wilson Woman B F 5
Winter Ben T. W M 14
Winter Bettee B. W F 11
Winter Mollie C. W F 5
Winter W.C. W M 17
Woods Jeff B M 13
Wyatt Gracy B F 13
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