1878 Poplar Springs Beat 1

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Barton Harriet V. W F 8
Barton Jessie W F 9
Barton Lucy J. W F 6
Barton Margaret W F 7
Barton Sarah W F 11
Bell Alice B F 9
Bell Della B F 6
Bell Mary B F 10
Bell Mettie L. W F 8
Bell Nina W. W F 6
Bell Sarah Ann B F 5
Bell Sarah T. W F 18
Bobbett Ann B F 9
Bobbett Arch B M 10
Bobbett Dallas B M 14
Bobbett Frank B M 8
Bobbett Herod B M 12
Bobbitt Henry W M 12
Bobbitt John W M 19
Bobbitt Julia W F 9
Bobbitt Martha V. W F 16
Bobbitt Rosanna W F 7
Bobbitt Sally W F 5
Brown J.M. W M 12
Brown W.W. W M 16
Coker A.R. W M 11
Coker Ann C. W F 8
Coker C.L. W F 6
Coker J.M. W M 17
Coker J.T. W M 19
Coker Met W F 13
Collins Caroline B F 7
Colter Mahala W F 10
Cotler Mary W F 8
Curry Joanna B F 6
Curry John D. B M 8
Curry Polly J. B F 6
Curry Willie B M 8
Derden Danl B M 10
Derden Rachel B F 8
Derden Silla B F 13
Doss Marian B M 6
Duke B.F. B M 16
Duke Florence A. B F 8
Duke Hard B M 18
Duke Lucy Ann B F 11
Duke Nathan B M 14
Fly Frank Allen W M 7
Frizzell George W M 16
Frizzell James W M 18
Frizzell John W M 20
Garner Amanda B F 13
Garner Charley B M 17
Garner Margaret B F 19
Garner P.N. B F 15
Garner Wjmin B F 7
Gibson Dorothy J. W F 16
Gibson Harvey W M 7
Gibson Hugh W M 11
Gibson John W M 13
Gibson Mell W M 6
Gibson Sidney W M 9
Gibson Walker W M 8
Goldman Alexander W M 11
Goldman Andrew W M 9
Goldman Louisa W F 16
Goldman Wiley W M 13
Haight John G. W M 12
Harnom Delia Ann B F 14
Harris Bobby B M 10
Harris Dido B F 7
Harris Si B M 14
Hight Louis E. W M 10
Hight Margaret W F 7
Hilliard Gus B M 5
Horton Anna W F 6
Horton Charley W M 12
Horton David6 W M 14
Horton Ida W F 19
Horton James W M 8
Horton Kate W F 16
Horton Mollie W F 17
Hughes Ben F. W M 12
Hughes Ida W F 6
Hughes Mary W F 18
Hughes Nancy W F 20
Hunt Mahala W F 18
Hunt Margaret W F 20
Johnson G.R. W M 6
Johnson L.G. W M 9
Keykendall Martha W F 13
McCullar Hulet W M 8
McCuller Alfred W M 7
Meaders Annie M. W F 9
Meaders Mattie B. W F 6
Philips Ben B M 6
Philips Luanna B F 5
Philips Margaritta B F 10
Pipkins Ada W F 5
Pipkins Dabney W M 19
Pipkins Dan W F 17
Pipkins Egbert M. W M 7
Pipkins Harris F. W M 15
Pipkins Jennie W F 9
Pipkins Jesse W M 13
Pipkins Johney W M 11
Pipkins Kinion N. W M 9
Pipkins Martha Jane W F 5
Pipkins Mary A. W F 13
Pipkins William W M 15
Pipkins William R. W M 17
Robents Booker B M 10
Robents Tilda B F 13
Smith Alcie B F 18
Smith Granville B M 18
Smith Hugh B M 10
Smith Lanie B F 18
Smith Levi B F 7
Smith Rob B M 16
V.R. Brown W F 9
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