1878 Oakland District 3

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Allen Anna B F 15
Allen Bellie B F 19
Allen Coh B M 10
Allen Maggie B F 7
Allen Nelly B F 12
Allen Thomas B M 13
Avant Margaret B F 13
Beckum Andrew B M 14
Beckum July A. B F 15
Benson Mat L. B F 6
Berry Bedford B M 7
Bidy Geo B M 12
Black Daniel B M 17
Black Fletcher B M 16
Black Malter B F 8
Black Mary B F 9
Black Walter B M 13
Blackburn Chaney B F 14
Bohanon Charlotte B F 9
Bohanon Clark B M 14
Bohanon Cop B M 8
Bohanon David B M 13
Bohanon David B M 6
Bohanon Essex B M 17
Bohanon Ferry B F 19
Bohanon Jacob B M 7
Bohanon James B M 17
Bohanon James R. B M 11
Bohanon Joana B F 8
Bohanon Judge B M 6
Bohanon Leny B F 11
Bohanon Louis B M 13
Bohanon Lucinda B F 12
Bohanon N.T. B F 9
Bradford Bettie W F 14
Bradford Caroline B F 11
Bradford Catharine B F 17
Bradford Dave B M 9
Bradford Ellen W F 12
Bradford Feslin B F 7
Bradford Harriet B F 14
Bradford Henry B M 13
Bradford Jackson W M 8
Bradford James B M 19
Bradford Jane B F 15
Bradford Martha A. B F 16
Bradford Mary B F 12
Bradford Pattee B F 17
Bradford Sip B M 10
Brett John W M 11
Brett Jour W F 7
Brett Seborn W M 9
Brett W.P. W M 17
Broadstreet John P. W M 13
Brown Alford B M 8
Brown Charley B M 6
Brown James B M 10
Brown Josa B F 12
Brown Lue B F 10
Brown Margaret B F 17
Brown Mary B F 14
Brown Mary B F 14
Brown Mattee B F 10
Brown P.A. W F 13
Brown Sarah B F 5
Burnett Anna B F 6
Burnett George B M 7
Burnett James B M 8
Burnett William B M 9
Burns James W M 20
Burns Robert W M 17
Caldwell Lizzie B F 8
Caldwell Malty B F 5
Canedy Ella B F 9
Carlisle Julia G. W F 10
Carlisle William C. W M 14
Carr Abram B M 13
Carr Burrell B. B M 8
Carr Charley B M 9
Carr Daniel B M 9
Carr Hardy B M 8
Carr Marer B F 6
Carr Mary Eliza B F 6
Carr Tamar B F 6
Carr Thomas B M 15
Carr Thomas H. B M 12
Carter Allen Young B M 5
Carter Florida B F 15
Carter Geo B M 14
Carter James B M 16
Carter Lucy B F 11
Cheris Lucy B F 13
Cheris Perry B M 15
Cheris Tanie B F 7
Cobig Edna B F 6
Cogin Minnie W F 7
Coldwell Sell B F 6
Coleman Ella B F 11
Coleman Sally B F 5
Copage Anthony B M 5
Copage Ella B F 12
Copage Wash B M 10
Copage Wilson B M 6
Cross Mattee B F 7
Curry Hannah B F 13
Curry Isaac B M 17
Darison Amanda Alis B F 15
Darison Ann B F 14
Darison James B M 15
Darison Lewis B M 7
Darison Mary P. B F 11
Darison Wiley B M 17
Dickson Mollie B F 12
Drake Dempsey B M 18
Drake Henry B M 9
Drake Louisa B F 7
Duke A.R.T. W M 20
Duke Ida W F 15
Duke John W M 17
Duke Letetia Ann B F 7
Duke Mary W F 12
Duke Susan W F 15
Duke Thomas W M 8
Duke Wesley B M 12
Duke Willis B M 10
Faris Jack B M 13
Faris Mariah B F 6
Faris Mary B F 9
Faris Sarah B F 7
Frost Louisa B F 7
Frost Major B M 10
Frost William Hardy B M 9
Gibbs E.K. W M 6
Gibbs William W M 10
Green Anna B F 5
Guest George B M 7
Guest Jame B M 12
Guest Martin B M 11
Guest Robert B M 8
Hamelton Cindee B F 8
Hamelton Jimmy B M 12
Hamilton Araminta B F 7
Hamilton Julia B F 5
Hamilton May B F 5
Hamilton Willis B M 11
Harris Eliza B F 8
Hause Martha J. W F 6
Haynes Ara B F 7
Haynes Celia B F 6
Haynes Dicey B F 5
Herring Adam B M 7
Herring Dora B F 10
Herring Fannie B F 13
Herring Henry B M 12
Herron Fanny B F 10
Herron Gus B M 14
Herron Minny B F 7
Hitoner Augustus B M 11
Hitoner Thomas B M 5
Hollan Berry W M 10
Holland Ella W F 12
Holland Matte W F 8
Johnson Allen B M 12
Johnson Carrie W F 7
Johnson Damil B F 15
Johnson Harriet B F 14
Johnson Jake B M 11
Johnson Jim B M 5
Johnson Joe B M 6
Johnson Joseph E. W M 5
Johnson Julia G. W F 10
Johnson Peter B M 7
Johnson Willie B M 9
Jones A.E. W F 12
Jones A.H. W M 18
Jones D.J. W F 10
Jones N.A. W F 9
Jones Ophia B F 8
Jones Rose B F 14
Jones Thos E. W M 14
Jones W.P. W M 20
Keith Cora W F 19
Keith Maggie W F 14
Keith Miller W M 16
Kelly Bella B F 13
Kelly Dora B F 16
Kelly John B M 10
Kelly Mary B F 7
Kelly Robert B M 12
Key Mattie B F 7
Kuykendall Bertha B. W F 9
Kuykendall Bettie W F 5
Kuykendall C.D. W M 19
Kuykendall George J. W M 7
Kuykendall J.T. W M 16
Kuykendall Kate W F 10
Lawson Alford B M 15
Lawson Callie B F 17
Lawson Jesse Ann B F 16
Lawson John A. B M 5
Lawson Malissa B F 17
Lawson Martin B M 12
Lawson Nancy B F 13
Lawson Sallie B F 7
Ledbetter Frank B M 6
Ledbetter George P. B M 8
Ledbetter Jim W. B M 14
Ledbitter Sarah D. B F 15
Leigh Emma B F 6
Leigh Lue B F 6
Lewis Charley B M 18
Lewis Jack B M 14
Lewis Jake B M 16
Lock Emes B M 6
Lock Henrietta B F 15
Lock Willis B M 6
Logan Catharine B F 8
Logan Louisiana B F 6
Logan Ned B M 10
Lott Laura B F 11
Lott Lernon B M 7
Love Willis B M 7
Martin Jenny B F 12
Martin Texana B F 9
Martin Vanney B F 7
McCollum Doctor B M 6
McCollum Henderson B M 8
McCollum Isom B M 14
McCollum Solomon B M 13
McCollum Walton B M 12
McCollums Milton B M 17
McCollums Tom B M 16
McCuller Ida B F 8
McCuller Jefferson B M 11
Mexet Tobe B M 7
Mixet Marta B F 5
Moon Sally B F 12
Moon W.A. W M 9
Moore B B M 16
Moore Green B M 19
Moore Green R. W M 7
Moore Lucinda B F 13
Moore Mollie B F 9
Moore Will B M 10
Morgan E.L. W F 10
Morgan F.B. W F 7
Mosely Emily B F 7
Mosely Lena B F 9
Mosely Lewis B M 18
Mosely Mariah B F 17
Mosely Mary B F 5
Mosely Phebe B F 6
Mosely Sarah B F 8
Muks Mary B F 6
Muks Tobe B M 8
Nathan Lilly B F 6
Nelson Calvin B M 11
Nelson Harret B F 17
Nelson Mary B F 10
Nelson Sallie B F 16
Nesbit Ida B F 5
Nesbit Mariah B F 6
Nesbit Martha B F 10
Odum Mollie W F 18
Parish S.E. W F 8
Perry A.T. W M 8
Perry M.E. W F 10
Perry Minnie W F 5
Price P.L. W M 18
Reed Grand B M 6
Reed Grant B M 5
Reed John B M 5
Reed Nelly B M 8
Reed Sellie? B F 7
Reed William B M 7
Rhodes Lem B M 11
Rhodes Martha B F 10
Rhodes Sarah B F 8
Richmon William B M 10
Roach Alex B M 19
Roach Samuel B M 14
Robertson Fannie M. W F 16
Robertson Frank W M 12
Robin Mollie B F 9
Robin Siller B F 12
Rowell John B M 8
Rowell Martha B F 6
Selby Bettee W F 17
Selby David W M 18
Selby Eliza W F 16
Selby Julia W F 7
Selby Martha W F 18
Shanon Larinia B F 5
Shook Isaac B M 16
Snell Bedford W M 6
Snell Bob W M 12
Snell Lizzie W F 19
Snell Oda W M 9
Snell Willie W M 15
Stephens Mahala B F 16
Stephens Sam B M 7
Steward Ben L. B M 5
Steward Peter B M 8
Stovall Parler B F 7
Strong Jess W M 11
Strong John W M 9
Swearengen William B M 10
Tatum Anna B F 10
Tatum Isaac B M 8
Taylor Arrah B F 8
Taylor Ellen B F 15
Taylor Lue B F 17
Taylor Sophia B F 14
Turner Bettee W F 15
Turner Lula W F 8
Turner Sidney W M 12
Wait Ida W F 7
Wait Mattie E. W F 5
Walls An Luirs B F 12
Walls Billie B M 5
Walls George B M 8
Walton Frances B F 12
Walton London B M 16
Walton Mattee B F 11
Walton Ominisia B F 16
Washington James D. B M 6
Weeks Joe W M 10
Weeks Willie W M 7
White Mattee B F 13
White Sophronia B F 7
Williams Ada B F 8
Williams Bose B M 7
Williams Hamet B F 7
Williams Henry B M 10
Williams John B M 8
Williams John B M 7
Williams Lucy B F 12
Williams Rose B F 19
Williams Sarah B F 8
Williams Steven B M 11
Williams William B M 13
Winter Carmet? B M 7
Winter Elizabeth W F 13
Winter Emma B F 9
Winter Harritt B F 15
Winter Harry W M 11
Winter Parley B F 16
Winters James B M 5
Winters Jane B F 11
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