1878 Hughes Store Beat 3

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Avent Augusta W F 11
Avent Bettie J. W F 15
Avent Mary C. W F 13
Barron Samantha W F 16
Barton Iss? W M 19
Barton M.C. W F 16
Bell Anna W F 12
Bell Geo W M 5
Bell Joe W M 10
Bell Narcissa W F 7
Benson Amy B F 8
Benson B.G. W M 20
Benson Bellamy B M 10
Benson Blanch W F 7
Benson Blue B M 5
Benson E.E. W M 14
Benson Frank B M 18
Benson Green B M 11
Benson Harry B M 9
Benson Jeffrey B M 20
Benson Jennette B F 9
Benson Joe B M 6
Benson Joe B M 10
Benson John B M 9
Benson Katie B F 7
Benson Lizzy B F 9
Benson Malinda B F 7
Benson Maltee M. W F 6
Benson Margaret B F 13
Benson Mariah B F 17
Benson Mary B F 6
Benson Rose B F 13
Benson Sue B F 16
Benson Wesley B M 14
Benson Willie D. W M 15
Benson Willis B M 16
Berry Callie W F 5
Berry Fannie W F 8
Berry L.A. W F 20
Berry Thaddie W M 5
Boydston B.A. W M 18
Boydston C.F. W M 8
Boydston C.V. W F 10
Boydston Carrie B. W F 6
Boydston E W F 8
Boydston L.S. W M 15
Burns M.R. W F 6
Burns W.R. W M 5
Carter Barthery B F 18
Carter Emmerson B M 10
Carter Lucinda B F 16
Carter Manessy B F 8
Early Dedy W F 7
Early H.B. W M 16
Early J.W. W M 14
Early Jennie W F 9
Early John W M 16
Early Joshua W M 18
Early M.E. W F 17
Early R.L. W M 12
Early Sallie W F 15
Early T.M. W F 5
Elsreen Thos W M 6
Eskew Charley W M 10
Eskew John W M 11
Eskew Mollie W F 16
Finch Lida B F 5
Finch Susan B F 7
Fly A.G. W M 17
Fly L.A. W F 10
Fly L.R. W M 16
Fly T.M. W M 12
Frost Esther W F 9
Frost Mattie W F 16
Frost Maud W F 7
Frost Sallie W F 18
Frost Wm N. W M 14
Gran Josephine W F 7
Green F.R. W F 19
Green L.A. W F 15
Green M.M. W F 17
Gregory M.E. W F 7
Gregory M.J. W F 9
Gross Billy W M 14
Gross Jane W F 12
Gross Marshall W M 10
Hairston Albert B M 8
Hairston Amy B F 19
Hairston Austin B M 13
Hairston Chage B M 10
Hairston Dicy B F 17
Hairston E B F 12
Hairston Frankie B F 12
Hairston George B M 18
Hairston Ike B M 6
Hairston Isaac B M 13
Hairston Jackson B M 10
Hairston Jane B F 16
Hairston Jess B M 10
Hairston Jinny B F 5
Hairston Juda B F 6
Hairston Juda B F 5
Hairston Lilly B F 13
Hairston Marshal B M 15
Hairston Martha B M 9
Hairston Mat B M 17
Hairston Moody B M 16
Hairston Owray B F 19
Hairston Penny B F 5
Hairston Peter B M 8
Hairston Peter B M 8
Hairston Robin B M 14
Hairston Sam B M 10
Hairston Sarah B F 14
Hairston Sily B F 13
Hairston Sten B M 20
Hairston Tennessee B F 8
Hauston Elias B M 6
Hauston Mattie B F 16
Hauston Nancy B F 5
Hauston Ness B F 12
Hauston Pleasant B M 13
Hauston Sarah B F 14
Hauston Wallace B M 9
Hauston Yarb B M 12
Hick Sam W M 9
Hicks Cary W M 11
Hicks John W M 5
Hicks John W M 20
Hicks Walter W M 7
Hicks Willie W M 13
Hollovay J.T. W M 19
Hollovay Lucy W F 14
Hollovay Mary W F 11
Hollovay Tremt W M 7
Hollovay W.J. W M 17
Hoskins Delia B F 16
Hoskins George B M 7
Hoskins Lucinda B F 5
Hughes A.E. W M 11
Hughes Isabella W F 10
Hughes Jeff W M 16
Hughes S.M. W F 9
Hutchinson Wm W. W M 9
Jackson C.A. W M 20
Johnson Ella W F 10
Johnson Porter W M 8
Littleton Henrietta Towealle W F 13
Littliton S.E. W F 13
Littliton S.J. W F 9
Locke Austin B M 15
Love Millis B M 7
Madkins Pink W M 11
McColly Julia B F 8
McCracken F W F 7
McCracken N.G.W. W M 6
Mitchell Alice B F 11
Mitchell Bellamy B M 7
Mitchell Juda B F 9
Moore Adline B F 18
Moore Dick B M 12
Moore Henretta B F 16
Moore Ike B M 19
Moore Jabun M. W M 8
Moore James B M 5
Moore Sidney B M 9
Moore William R. W M 5
Morgan Aaron B M 16
Morgan Lee B M 13
Morgan Lula B F 9
Morris Lillie E. W F 6
Morris Walter W M 5
Mose Margaret J. W F 9
Nolen Alby W M 13
Nolen Arthur W M 15
Nolen Lucy A. W F 9
Polk Deler B F 14
Polk Frank B M 8
Porter Albert W M 6
Porter Bettie W F 10
Porter Darid W M 16
Porter Lue W F 20
Porter Mollie W F 8
Porter Richard W M 13
Reese Alice Ann W F 17
Reese Eugen W M 11
Reese Huelet W M 8
Reese William W M 15
Richards Alice W F 8
Richards Henry W M 14
Richards Lewis W M 11
Rolenberry Larinia W F 11
Rotenberry Charley W M 6
Rotenbery Arter W F 10
Rotenbery John W M 16
Smith Bobbit W M 13
Smith Jones P. W M 10
Sosman John W M 14
Sosman Mary W F 17
Stensen Richard W M 17
Stenson Harner W 13
Stenson Millard W M 15
Stinsen Mack W M 11
Sutherland Molle W F 12
Tyler Dick B M 5
Tyler Ella B F 9
Varner Elizabeth W F 7
Varner George W. W M 9
Varner M W M 8
Varner Ophilia W F 6
White Belleo B F 13
Williams George B M 16
Williams Harriett B F 14
Williams John B M 10
Williams Lefy B F 12
Wilson Martha B F 10
Wilson Miles B M 10
Wilson Minsor B M 6
Wilson Wyatt B M 8
Wright Alice B F 5
Wright Cora W F 12
Wright Foster W M 14
Wright Scrata B M 7
Wright Tanner W F 17
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