1878 Garner District 4

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Apr Cora Lee B F 6
Arp Arthur B M 7
Arp Mary Jane B F 9
Arp O Robert B M 11
Avant Dennis B M 7
Avent Betty B F 16
Avent Frank B M 14
Avent Sam B M 12
Baskins Dan(Dave?) Twin B M 14
Baskins Laura B F 10
Baskins Leler B F 12
Baskins Marshal B M 13
Baskins Mary B F 6
Baskins Pinkey B F 16
Baskins Rebecca B F 8
Baskins Sallie Twin B F 14
Bennet Mollie B F 9
Bishop James B M 10
Bishop Martha B F 18
Black George B M 14
Black Mary B F 12
Black Wiley B M 7
Bland John B M 6
Bland Laura B F 12
Bland Lettie B F 7
Bland Robert B M 14
Bland Washington B M 13
Booker Abe B M 12
Booker Alice B F 11
Booker Amy B F 13
Booker Ann B F 8
Booker Danl B M 14
Booker Joshua B M 10
Booker Julms(Julius?) B M 8
Booker Marshall B M 6
Booker Mary B F 6
Booker Nancy B F 6
Brisclair Eugenia B F 11
Brisclair John B M 14
Brown Addie L. W F 8
Brown James L. W M 12
Carr Anna W F 16
Carr Henry C. W M 6
Carr Ida G. W F 8
Carr Saml H. W M 10
Carter Canie B F 15
Carter Nicey B F 10
Chancellor J.T. W M 15
Chancellor Mary L. W F 11
Cook Catharine C. W F 18
Cook Eliza E. W F 9
Cook F W M 9
Cook J.R. W M 18
Cook Joan W F 7
Cook M W F 15
Cook Mary W F 6
Cook Robt L. W M 7
Cook S.W. W M 14
Cook Samuel A. W M 16
Cook William W M 17
Cook William W. W M 14
Dallas Gorge B M 12
Dallas John B M 10
Darby Homer B M 8
Davison Mack B M 7
Davison Wesley B M 8
Dawson Allen B M 16
Dawson Amanda B F 12
Dawson Elizabeth B F 9
Dawson Ellen A. B F 17
Dawson Jim B M 10
Dire Isaiah B M 17
Dire Matthew B M 13
Dire Nelly B F 10
Dire Victoria B F 7
Dollahite A W F 14
Dollahite C W F 15
Dollahite Charley W M 8
Dollahite Corie W M 10
Dollahite I W F 13
Dollahite Mahala W F 7
Dollahite S? W F 15
Dollahite Sarah W F 12
Dollahite Walter W M 11
Douglass Lecter B F 15
Douglass Monroe B M 18
Doyle C.A. W M 14
Doyle C.V. W F 10
Doyle Elizabeth W F 7
Doyle M.B. W F 18
Doyle M.L. W F 16
Doyle Mary B F 7
Doyle W.T. W M 12
Duke Berd B M 16
Duke Charley W M 16
Duke George B M 19
Duke Johnnie W M 11
Duke Nellie W F 18
Eggleston Archey B M 8
Eggleston Daniel B M 6
Eggleston Faney B F 14
Eggleston Fanny B F 14
Eggleston Frank B M 12
Eggleston Laurence B M 11
Eggleston Randal B M 9
Eggleston Robert B M 6
Eggleston Silvy B F 17
Eggleston Thomas B M 20
Ferguson Willie W M 10
Fleming Albert B M 7
Fleming Cain B M 14
Fleming Cruler B F 13
Fleming Dulis B M 13
Fleming Edmond B M 11
Fleming Emma B F 9
Fleming Linda B F 7
Fleming Lucenda B F 11
Fleming Marg B M 16
Fleming Mollie B F 15
Fleming Oliver B M 16
Fleming Patchy B F 17
Fleming Sheperd B M 13
Fleming Sue Ann B F 17
Floyd J.T. W M 6
Fox Addie B F 8
Fox Robt B M 5
Fox Taylor B M 17
Garne William B M 6
Garner Clement B M 7
Garner Eliza B F 10
Garner Ida W F 8
Garner J.D. W F 14
Garner Jim B M 11
Garner L.R. W M 11
Garner Lizzie B F 5
Garner Matty B F 17
Garner Maud W F 6
Garner Sally B F 7
Garner Sam B M 13
Garner Suly B F 19
Garner Tom B M 20
Garner Tom B M 11
Garner Willie B M 14
Gatewell Alfred B M 16
Gatewell Anderson B M 15
Gatewell George B M 7
Gatewell Nancy B F 10
Gatewll Madison B M 5
Gentry Meta W F 7
Griffiths Florence B F 10
Griffiths James B M 12
Griffiths Jimmy B M 7
Griffiths Mattee B F 10
Harper Nancy B F 10
Harper Primus B M 15
Harper William B M 8
Harris Lula W F 9
Harris Robert W M 6
Hicks Della B F 8
Hicks George B M 13
Hicks James B M 16
Hicks Sarah B F 10
Howle Georgia W F 5
Howle Nannie E. W F 8
Hughes Catharine W F 8
Hughes Pinkney W M 6
Hughes Victoria W F 10
Hughes Willis W M 17
Johnson Angus B M 11
Johnson Carl B M 7
Johnson Emma B F 13
Johnson Eurch B M 16
Jones Anna B F 10
Jones Arch B M 6
Jones Bob B M 10
Jones Bollie B M 7
Jones Charley B M 5
Jones George B M 7
Jones Harris B M 15
Jones Isabel B F 14
Jones Mat L. B M 8
Jones Mollie B F 8
Jones Ophelia B F 5
Kimble Armstead B M 7
Kimble Carrie B F 9
Kimble Cordy B F 7
Kimble Delia B F 12
Kimble Estee B F 16
Kimble Henry B M 5
Kimble Joe B M 19
Kimble John B M 10
Kimble Mariah B F 17
Kimble Nelson B M 14
Kuykendall Emily B F 12
Kuykendall St. Clair B M 14
Kuykendall William B M 15
Lee Adline B F 6
Lee Amelia A. B F 7
Lee Arthur B M 8
Lee Ida B F 17
Lee John B M 12
Lee Judy B F 14
Leigh Andrew B M 12
Leigh Booker B M 18
Leigh Calvin B M 16
Leigh Elizabeth B F 6
Leigh Emma B F 13
Leigh Glasson B M 18
Leigh Harriet B F 14
Leigh Martha Ann B F 10
Leigh Mary B F 14
Leigh Monroe B M 13
Leigh Nelson B M 10
Leigh Newton B M 18
Leigh Patty B F 7
Leigh Richard B M 15
Leigh Rose B F 6
Leigh Sallie B F 12
Leigh Sally B F 12
Leigh Spencer B M 10
Leigh Stephen B M 16
Leigh Willis B M 10
Leigh Willis B M 14
Lester Arena B F 7
Lester Belton B M 17
Lester Callie B F 10
Lester Ellen B F 19
Lester Frank B M 15
Lester Henrietta B F 6
Lester Henry B M 10
Lester John B M 7
Lester Leander W M 9
Lester Sarah F. B F 5
Lester William W M 6
Lester Willie B M 11
Lyon C.E. W M 7
Lyon Cheney E. W M 6
Marshall Anna B F 15
Marshall Emma B F 6
Marshall John B M 5
Marshall Lizzie B F 10
Marshall Mary B F 11
Martin B.M. W F 12
Martin D.V. W M 15
Martin M.R. W F 10
Martin S.S. W F 18
Martin Wm B M 7
Mary Henry E. B M 8
Massey Amanda W F 15
Massey C.D. W M 17
Massey E.P. W M 13
Massey Lacy W M 18
Massey Sam W M 11
Matthews Emma W F 11
Matthews Fanny W F 7
Matthews Maud W F 9
Matthus Dero W M 14
May Anna B F 13
May Mary A. B F 11
May Moroe B M 14
Mays William W M 8
McFarland Allen B M 6
McFarland Jasper B M 10
Mistee John B M 7
Mistee Lizzie B F 5
Money Ellen B F 5
Money Eugenia B F 10
Money Frances B F 6
Money Jeff B M 15
Money John B M 17
Money Nancy B F 12
Money William B M 9
Morris Hillery B M 6
Moss Georgiana B F 14
Moss Mary B F 9
Neel Mary B F 13
Radley Charlotte B F 6
Radley Richard B M 12
Radley Sarah B F 10
Reed Fanny A. B F 7
Reed Lizzie A. B F 6
Richardson Ann B F 17
Richardson Gus B M 7
Roach Lula A. W F 17
Roach Sallie E. W F 20
Robinson Ann B F 10
Robinson Lucy B F 6
Rockett Ella E. W F 6
Selby Carie Lee W F 8
Selby Mary W F 7
Selby William W M 6
Sharp Mollie B F 12
Swearingen A.E. W M 12
Swearingen O W F 7
Swearingen Wiley W M 14
Talbert Henry W M 19
Talbert James W M 9
Talbert Joe W M 11
Talbert Leevy W F 16
Talbert Minna W F 15
Talbert Robert W M 13
Tatum Willie V. W M 5
Tearcy Wess B M 12
Tilghmon James W M 16
Tilghmon Louis W M 14
Tilghmon Marion W M 20
Tilghmon William W M 18
Tim Willie B M 10
Tinnin Ada B F 14
Tinnin Emma B F 18
Tinnin Mitchell B M 16
Tinnin Suly B F 11
Towns Albert B M 14
Towns Annis B F 20
Towns Austin B M 12
Towns Bob B M 11
Towns Burch B M 5
Towns David B M 6
Towns Eliza B F 15
Towns Green B M 14
Towns Jesse B M 8
Towns Jim B M 12
Towns Joe B M 8
Towns Josephine B F 16
Towns Lafayette B M 6
Towns Wash B M 6
Tribble Ben B M 16
Tribble Booker B M 14
Tullis Ed B M 7
Tullis Janey B F 15
Vardeman G.S. W M 7
Vardeman James K. W M 17
Vardeman John T. W M 20
Vardeman W.S. W M 10
Viser Henry B M 8
Viser Lilly B F 10
Viser Margaret J. B F 6
Viser Ruth B F 5
Wade Ann W F 8
Wade Cato? W F 13
Wade Laurence W M 14
Walker Ann B F 15
Walker Ellen B F 16
Walker Henry B M 16
Watson David W M 16
Watson George W M 18
Watson Maggie W F 20
White John Henry B M 7
Wilkes Donna B F 13
Wilkes Henry B M 10
Wilkes Seaborn B M 8
Williams Linda B F 10
Williams Lozzie W F 13
Williams Nelly W F 17
Womble Alice W F 18
Womble Mattee W F 20
Womble Medora W F 6
Womble Oscar W M 5
Womble Walter E. W M 8
Woodward Charley B M 13
Woodward Henry B M 6
Woodward James B M 12
Woodward Victoria B F 9
Young Jack B M 16
Young Julius B M 6
Young Missouri B F 12
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