1878 Coffeeville Precinct District No. 1

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Adams Dela C. W F 11
Adams Emma C. W F 7
Adams Mary E. W F 14
Adams Millie? B F 7
Adams W.B. W M 20
Alexander Mary B F 15
Alexander Miles B F 6
Allen Fannie B F 5
Anderson Ben F. W M 11
Anderson Elizabeth B F 12
Anderson Henry B M 5
Anderson J.T. W M 5
Anderson John H. W M 15
Anderson Jolenia B M 18
Anderson Lemmow? B M 14
Anderson Lucy B F 10
Anderson Wm A. B M 19
Arrington B.M. W M 18
Arrington Mollie W F 7
Arrington Sam W M 5
Avent Ellen B F 12
Barber J.T. W M 16
Barter Hamzy B M 18
Barter Lucy B F 8
Baston Anner B F 5
Baston Walker B M 7
Belcy Ella B F 11
Bell A.C. W F 17
Bell Henrietta W F 11
Bell Jesse W M 6
Bell Rufus E. W M 18
Booker Kate B F 12
Booker Monroe B M 15
Boothe Lurvianier B F 6
Brandon F.L. W F 11
Brandon L.C. W F 14
Brandon N.E. W F 19
Branum Adline B F 13
Branum John B M 11
Broadstreet Annie W F 5
Broadstreet Robert L. W M 12
Brown Amanda B F 8
Brown Amos B M 14
Brown Amos B F 12
Brown Caroline B F 16
Brown Caroline B F 12
Brown Caty B F 15
Brown Cherry B F 12
Brown Dave B M 10
Brown Elis B M 9
Brown Elise B F 9
Brown Elvira B F 15
Brown Etter B F 13
Brown Franklin B M 8
Brown George B M 16
Brown J.T. W M 16
Brown John G. W M 9
Brown Letty B F 6
Brown Lizzie B F 6
Brown Mary B F 10
Brown Moses B M 10
Brown Narcissa B F 8
Brown Ned B M 14
Brown Robert B M 15
Brown Rosa B F 12
Brown Samuel B M 5
Brown Virginia B F 6
Brown W.J. W M 14
Brown Willie B F 8
Cannon Jane W F 6
Cannon Samuel W M 7
Carter Anderson B M 6
Carter Elah W F 6
Carter Henry B M 10
Carter Sylvia W F 10
Chandler Berry A. W M 19
Chandler D.M. W M 17
Chandler Ellen W F 10
Chandler George W. W M 7
Chandler John P. W M 15
Chandler Nicy E. W F 12
Chandler William A. W M 8
Clack Ella W F 16
Clack John W M 14
Clack Laura W F 18
Coffee T.P. W M 7
Dancer Sallie W F 18
Davenport Anna W F 20
Davenport Emma W F 14
Davenport Fannie W F 16
Davenport Florence W F 18
Davenport John D. W F 12
Davenport Sally W F 10
Davidson R.W. B M 9
Davidson S.H. B F 16
Davis F.J. B M 14
Davis J. B M 18
Davis J.M. B M 10
Davis J.T. B M 7
Davis John B M 10
Davis N.C. B F 12
Davis S.M. B F 16
Delk John W. W M 8
Denly Dore Ann W F 5
Derden W F 6
Derden W M 8
Dew Feete W M 17
Dew Nett W F 9
Doyle Charley T. W M 15
Doyle Kate V. W F 11
Doyle Lou W F 17
Doyle Mollie B. W F 20
Doyle William A. W M 13
Duke W.C. W M 11
Edrington George B M 13
Eggleston Lidy B F 10
Eldredge James M. B M 8
Eldridge Elizabeth B F 6
England Emma W F 14
England John W M 6
England John W M 6
England Minny W F 8
England Robert W M 12
England Tiney W F 10
England Willis W M 17
Ferguson John W M 18
Finch May B F 5
Fisher Anna B F 7
Floyd Emma W F 9
Floyd James W M 7
Floyd James W. W M 5
Floyd Luella W F 10
Floyd Mary J. W F 7
Floyd William E. W M 11
Forester Martha J. W F 8
Forester Martin J. W M 15
Forester Robert W M 13
Forester Sarah A. W F 16
Forester William R. W M 11
Fox Isaac B M 16
Fox Isom Lusk B M 9
Fox Job B M 5
Fox Johnny B M 9
Fox Lusaiun? B F 8
Gleason Maggie B F 13
Gleason Mary B F 10
Gore Fannie W F 7
Gore Thomas W M 5
Groves Albert W M 6
Hairston Albert B M 16
Hairston Price B M 9
Hairston Ruth B F 6
Hall B.B. W M 14
Hall Mar J. W F 18
Hall Sarah W F 10
Hambleton Fannie B F 6
Hambleton Mary Jane B F 8
Hanks Amelia J. W F 5
Hanks Anna W F 14
Hanks Elizabeth W F 8
Hanks John W. W M 18
Hanks Mary W F 11
Harbour John T. W M 12
Harbour Maggie F. W F 15
Harbour Mattie A. W F 17
Harbour Nannie E. W F 8
Harbour Willie A. W M 14
Hartain John B M 7
Hartain Sarah B F 14
Hartain Wiley B M 5
Hartain Willie B M 9
Helm Anderson B M 15
Helm Joe B M 6
Helm Sarah B F 8
Helm Willis B M 11
Henderson A.E. W F 7
Henderson Charley W M 5
Henderson L.J. W F 5
Henderson M.A. W F 9
Hilliard Lucy B F 12
Hodnett Eugenia W F 5
Hodnett Fannie W F 12
Hodnett James W M 8
Hodnett William W M 10
Hoskins Harry B M 14
Hoskins Mary Ann B F 16
Hoskins Tilda B F 17
Hunter C.E. W F 16
Hyde James W M 9
Hyde Minnie W F 7
Hyde William T. W M 6
Jackson Armistead B M 13
Jackson Esther B F 11
Jackson Paton B M 8
Johnson Alice B F 8
Johnson Charley B M 10
Johnson Charlotte B F 5
Johnson Dick B M 14
Johnson Hadley W F 7
Johnson Helen W F 15
Johnson Henry B M 13
Johnson James B. W M 18
Johnson Jimmie B M 7
Johnson John B M 19
Johnson Joseph E. W M 9
Johnson Mary D. W F 18
Johnson Mitchell B M 6
Johnson Sally B F 11
Johnson Tish B M 16
Johnson William T. W M 10
Johnston Emma W F 11
Johnston Ida W F 9
Johnston J.A. W M 13
Johnston J.E. W M 9
Johnston Lemial W M 7
Johnston N.L. W F 16
Johnston R.V. W M 14
Johnston Virginia W F 6
Jones Aaron B M 14
Jones Anga B F 7
Jones Anna B F 13
Jones Bennie B M 11
Jones Chalma B F 16
Jones Clack B M 6
Jones David B M 14
Jones Edmond B M 11
Jones Eliza B F 8
Jones Felix B M 12
Jones George B M 14
Jones George B M 10
Jones Harry B M 18
Jones M.J. B F 12
Jones Mariah Louisa W F 10
Jones Muk B F 7
Jones Ruthy B F 16
Jones Sallie B F 16
Jones Willie B M 6
Kelly Alice B F 18
Kelly Dennis B M 8
Kelly Joe B M 7
Kelly Joe B M 12
Kelly Lucy B F 5
Kelly Willie B M 9
Kimble Daniel B M 12
Langham Vany V. W F 7
Langham William T. W M 10
Long Rena W F 16
Lusk Bob B M 8
McConier Frank B M 12
McConier Margaret B F 7
McConier Taylor B M 9
McCrary John B M 9
McFarland Lucy B F 9
McGinnis Alice W F 18
McGinnis Mary E. W F 12
McKibben A.R. W M 14
McKibben K.A. W M 19
McKibben M.M. W M 10
McKibben T.T. W M 12
Mills James W M 18
Mills Jennie W F 8
Moore Corda W F 11
Moore J.L. B M 15
Moore James C. W M 11
Moore John W M 7
Moore Laura B F 14
Moore Sallie K. W F 17
Moore Willie W M 6
Morris L.B. W F 6
Morris M.S. W F 10
Morris W.A. W M 8
Murphree James W M 13
Murphree W.V. W M 14
Nation Sallie W F 12
Nation William W M 10
Nations Julia W F 5
Neal Mary B F 8
Neal Sally B F 14
Nickerson Albert B M 18
Nickerson Ben B M 6
Nickerson Billie B F 16
Nickerson Emma B F 12
Nickerson Jeff B M 11
Nickerson Jennie B F 7
Nickerson Mary B F 7
Osborn Charley W M 14
Osborn Emma W F 10
Parry Ben B M 10
Parry Harriett B F 6
Pate Alice M. W F 7
Pate James W M 8
Pate Louisa W F 6
Pate Minnie A. W F 5
Pate Virginia W F 18
Pate William F. W M 10
Perkins James W M 6
Perkins Mary W F 10
Perkins Sallie B F 6
Person Adelular W F 5
Person Amy W F 11
Person Delia W F 16
Person Matte W F 9
Person Pet W M 13
Person Sarah W F 15
Porter John W M 11
Porter Lega W F 7
Porter Robert W M 10
Porter Willie W M 6
Powell D.J. W M 16
Powell Emma W F 13
Powell John E. W M 10
Pryor Mary W F 19
Pryor Mattie W F 17
Pryor Sallie W F 17
Rayburn Ader W F 9
Rayburn E.J. W F 17
Rayburn Ida W F 13
Rayburn W.A. W M 20
Reed Cela B F 7
Reed Emily B F 5
Reed Lizza B F 14
Riddick Ida C. W F 11
Riddick Jack B M 10
Riddick James B M 7
Riddick Ora W F 6
Riddick Thos. W. W M 9
Roberts Charles E. W M 10
Roberts Lucy A. W F 16
Roberts Magie A. W F 5
Roberts Robert L. W M 8
Roberts Sallie A. W F 20
Roberts Thomas P. W M 14
Roberts William C. W M 12
Roland Anna W F 5
Roland Chedy B F 8
Roland Hanry B M 6
Roland Harry B M 13
Roland Mary B F 9
Roland Robert W M 6
Roland Roland B M 8
Sanborn Eliza B F 11
Sanborn Wiley B M 14
Sausaman Archer W M 8
Schmitz Eliza F. W F 18
Schmitz J.C. W M 16
Schmitz Jacob C. W M 14
Schmitz W.A. W M 6
Schmitz Walter R. W M 10
Schmitz William T. W M 12
Scruggs M.J. B F 5
Scruggs Susan B F 6
Silous Bertha B F 5
Simmons Jacob B M 5
Smith Alice W F 5
Smith G.A. W M 9
Smith James W M 7
Smith Joseph W M 19
Smith Larry B F 14
Smith Lizzie B F 18
Smith Parter B F 8
Smith Ruenna W F 9
Smith Thomas W M 16
Smith Viola May W F 8
Smith William W M 12
Spencer Albert B M 6
Spencer Alfred T. B M 18
Spencer George B M 13
Spencer James B M 16
Spencer Jonnie B M 8
Spencer Judy B F 11
Spencer Liza B F 6
Steele Cler W F 6
Steele E.C. W F 12
Steele M.F. W M 15
Steele Mary W F 9
Swearingen Jam B F 11
Swearingin Arthur B M 6
Talbot Hilary B M 10
Talbot Moses B M 8
Tharpe F.F. W M 5
Tharpe J.B. W F 10
Tharpe M.A. W F 7
Tharpe W.S. W M 15
Thaxton Francis W M 8
Thaxton J.E. W M 12
Thaxton Mollie W F 10
Thaxton Willie W F 6
Thomas Billy B M 8
Thornton Fayett B M 7
Torrance Adline B F 10
Torrance Ella B F 10
Townes Anis B F 18
Towns Dolple B M 5
Towns Robert B M 11
Towns Washington B M 7
Turner Alfred B M 12
Turner Jimmie B M 8
Wadkins Charlie B M 10
Walker C.B. W M 6
Wallace Balee B M 13
Wallace Dolphus B M 17
Wallace Roland B M 15
Wallace Siolphus B M 9
Wallacw Blaq B M 7
Ward Martin B M 14
Wearer James B M 7
Wheeliss E.J. W F 20
Wheless A.J. W M 18
Wheless A.S. W F 16
Wheless Betty B F 13
Wheless Bob B M 12
Wheless Cherry B F 6
Wheless Fannie B F 10
Wheless Frank B M 8
Wheless George B M 7
White Betty B F 15
White Charley B M 16
White Mart B M 12
White Ryland B M 8
White Weir B M 14
William Lorna B F 6
Williams Ada Ella B F 6
Williams George B M 8
Williams Melissa B F 8
Womack J.S. W M 5
Womack W.E. W M 8
Woods Dora W F 7
Woods Fannie W F 11
Woods Laura W F 13
Woods Martin W M 9
Word Adelaide W F 5
Word Bayles W M 19
Word Jennett W F 11
Word Sam W M 16
Word Wollie W F 13
Wyatt Edgar L. W M 6
Wynn William W M 6
Youngblood James M. W M 8
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