1878 Coffeeville Corporation

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Bell Ida B F 11
Berryhill Lilly B F 7
Bland Lula B F 9
Booker Frank B M 5
Booker Margaret B F 9
Booker Ned B M 7
Boothe Charley B M 9
Boothe Margaret B F 16
Boothe Mary B F 12
Boothe Monroe B M 7
Boothe Nanny B F 6
Brannon Loyd C. W M 9
Brannon Samuel L. W M 7
Brannon Xenora W F 10
Bryant Clyde W F 9
Bryant Edgar C. W M 16
Bryant Willie C. W M 14
Carr Carrie E. B F 13
Carr Clara A. B F 16
Carr James C. B M 9
Carr Laura A. B F 11
Carr Samuel G. B M 6
Carragee Bernard W M 15
Collins Albert W M 6
Covington Elijah W M 10
Daukins F.H. B M 7
Devault John W
Fly C.B. W M 18
Fly E W F 16
Fly J.T. W M 15
French Wesley W M 20
Guntharp A.P. W M 15
Haile Dudley W M 11
Hairston Irena B F 13
Harn E.G. W F 8
Harn J.L. W M 10
Harn M.R. W M 7
Harn W.R. W M 7
Hartley George A. W M 11
Hartley L.L. W M 8
Haynes Mary L. B F 7
Haynes Robert B M 12
Haynes Rufus B M 9
Hendricks A.A. B F 13
Hendricks E.H. B F 18
Herron Frank B. W M 15
Herron Genre W F 12
Herron Mallie W F 10
Kelly Clara A. W F 10
Kelly Dora E. W F 12
Kelly E.L. W F 10
Kelly Julia G. W F 17
Kelly Willie W. W M 11
Lester Katie L. W F 5
Lester Mary Bell W F 7
McCracken William B M 15
McCrackin Carmicial B F 12
Miller Wiley B M 12
Mooring J.A. W M 15
Neely Harman E. W M 18
Neely James T. W M 7
Neely Lula J. W F 9
Neely Margaret A. W F 11
Neuberger Charley W M 13
Neuberger Cornelia W F 17
Neuberger Dora W F 6
Neuberger Eddy W M 14
Neuberger Sam W M 9
Newberger Willie W M 11
Powell Elvy B F 6
Powell Filmon B M 12
Powell John B M 15
Powell Wilis Albert W M 7
Powell Willis B M 13
Scurlock Alice B F 12
Scurlock Anna B F 7
Scurlock Isabel B F 14
Strain James R. W M 10
Strain Varina D. W F 16
Tallon William W M 13
Tallon Z.F. W F 14
Tempel Henry W M 7
Temple Frank W M 9
Temple Mary W F 13
Wilson Eda B. W F 5
Wilson Gertie W F 7
Wilson John P. W M 19
Wilson Pattie N W F 12
Wilson Susie W F 9
Wilson W.W. W M 17
Wimberly Walker A. W M 10
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