1878 Air Mount District 5

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age
Armstrong Aaron B M 12
Armstrong Liner B F 13
Armstrong Mat B M 8
Armstrong Robert B M 14
Armstrong Wm B M 17
Bailey Eliza B F 10
Bell Bailey B F 6
Bell Betty B F 10
Bell Dave B M 13
Bell Frank B M 8
Bell George B M 11
Bell Henry B M 10
Bell Joana B F 7
Bell Ket B M 7
Bell Nettee B F 13
Bell William B M 9
Blisset Mettee B F 7
Bolding Anna L.C. W F 12
Bolding J.B. W M 14
Bolding Jeff D. W M 17
Box A W F 8
Box Helen W F 11
Box Ida W F 6
Box Robt W M 13
Box William M. W M 11
Brewer H.H. W M 8
Brewer T.H. W M? 11
Brown Willie W F 6
Bryant Robert W M 7
Bullock Jesse H. W M 14
Chapman Green W M 14
Chapman Permelia W F 16
Chapman Robert W M 18
Conner Charles B M 13
Cotham Ben B M 7
Cotham Hannah B F 19
Cotham Isabel B F 14
Cotham Martha B F 15
Cotham Sirella B F 16
Cox Tena R. W F 7
Davis Edwin W M 8
Davis Wiley S. W M 7
Durrett Lucy W F 18
England D.J. W M 17
England J.L. W M 9
England P.B. W M 19
French Anna W F 10
French Isa W F 6
French Jenesha W F 12
French Julia W F 16
French Lusany W F 14
French Rebecca W F 6
French Susan W F 10
Glass Sallie B F 10
Glass Scurlock B M 8
Hamblet C.E. W F 18
Hamblet E.W. W M 6
Hamblet S.F. W M 20
Harris Andrew B M 5
Harris Linie B F 6
Harris Will B M 8
Henry M.J. W F 17
Hervey L.E. W F 12
Hervey S.A. W F 15
Hervey W.C. W F 8
Holly D.M. W M 17
Holly Leamah W F 19
Holly Ruth W F 15
Hooper Calhoun B F 5
Hooper Eliza B F 11
Hooper Maud B F 8
Hooper Sheefly B F 7
Hooper Thomas B M 13
Hyde James P. W M 6
Hyde Martha A. W F 13
Hyde Mary E. W F 16
Hyde Wm. W. W M 18
Jackson Perd? B M 18
Jackson Will B M 12
Johnson Nelly B F 6
Jones D B F 6
Jones E.M. W F 5
Jones E.R. W F 7
Jones Eder B F 17
Jones Eliza B F 9
Jones G.S. W M 7
Jones Gilliam B M 12
Jones H.S. B M 8
Jones Harriet B F 6
Jones J.R. W M 12
Jones J.W. W M 9
Jones L. B F 7
Jones Lewis B M 8
Jones Mary B F 11
Jones N.E. W F 10
Jones N.W. B M 9
Jones Rebecca B F 7
Jones Richard B M 13
Jones T.R. W M 18
Jones W.W. B M 12
Jones Willian B M 10
Kelly Elizabeth W F 6
Kimble Buck B M 19
King Josephine W F 5
Lester Adolphus W M 11
Lester George W M 15
McCameron Anna W F 11
McCameron John R. W M 16
McCameron Lewis W M 18
McCameron Stephen W M 14
McCampbell Lecvancy W F 6
McCampbell Mary Ella W M 11
McDowell Getsy W F 8
McDowell John W M 6
Melstead W.T. W M 14
Melton A.P. W M 8
Melton A.R. W M 10
Melton Elizabeth W F 8
Melton Jesse W M 6
Melton Samuel J. W M 5
Milstead Nathaniel W M 16
Moor Annie B F 10
Moore Alice B F 16
Moore Alice B F 20
Moore Annie B F 14
Moore Jack B M 8
Moore Walton B M 6
Morgan Eliza W F 9
Morgan F.J. W M 7
Morgan Fluts B M 6
Morgan M.B. W F 13
Morgan W.A. W M 11
Murphree J.C. W M 11
Murphree N.C. W F 8
Nations A.V. W F 6
Nations S.L. W F 5
Nelson Bud W M 16
Nelson Charley W M 16
Nelson Mat W F 18
Nelson Sallie W F 18
Newberry Jane B F 13
Person Emma W F 11
Rayburn Katie W F 9
Rayburn Minter W M 11
Roberson Aubrey B M 7
Roberson Joe B M 5
Roberston J.W. W M 6
Robertson E.J. W F 10
Robertson M.L. W F 12
Robertson P.L. W F 9
Rogers Isaac L. W M 8
Rogers J.P. W M 15
Rogers M.E. W F 10
Rogers W.C. W M 17
Shaw A.W. W M 13
Shaw Cy W M 16
Shaw Frances W F 18
Shaw Isham W M 7
Shaw James E. W M 16
Shaw Jno Y. W M 14
Shaw Mary W F 19
Shaw R.M. W F 13
Shaw Turner W M 11
Shaw Wm W M 12
Slafford Bettee W F 6
Smith Dorah W F 13
Smith Jim W M 13
Spearman Alice B F 13
Spearman Anna E. W F 8
Spearman Charley B M 9
Spearman Colman B M 12
Spearman Edmon W M 6
Spearman Jackson B M 6
Spearman Jackson B M 7
Spearman James B M 11
Spearman John B M 8
Spearman Lane E. W F 10
Spearman Nancy B F 11
Spearman Nancy W F 17
Spearman Nancy B F 9
Spearman Redenford W M 20
Spearman Riley B M 8
Spearman Sophia B F 15
Spearman Thomas W M 14
Starne Fanny E. W F 11
Starns Virgin W F 6
Sumerland Buck B M 15
Summerland Beckie B F 13
Summerland Dicey B F 13
Summerland Edward B M 8
Summerland Fessender B M 11
Summerland Jane B F 14
Summerland Sue B F 17
Tankersley Elizabeth W F 7
Tankersley Ellen W F 11
Tankersley John W M 9
Taylor Jennie B F 6
Taylor Josh B M 15
Taylor Sandy B M 17
Tharp Robert W M 6
Tharp W.E. W M 9
Thompson Andrew W M 8
Thompson Dollie W F 5
Thompson George B M 8
Thompson Mollie W F 10
Thompson P.W. W F 6
Tierce Constantine W M 8
Tierce James P. W M 6
Tierce Lewis W M 11
Vann Daniel B M 11
Vann Ely B M 10
Vann Marthey B F 13
Vann Walton B M 8
Vickery Dora W F 11
Vickery Willie W M 8
Weaver B.L. W M 7
Weaver M.A. W M 15
Wilson Fannie W F 16
Wilson John W M 14
Wilson P.J. W M 18
York Elicia W M 13
York James W M 8
York John W M 10
York Lucy W F 16
York Sallie W F 18
York William W M 20
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