Scoggin/Greenlee Family

My husband's great grandmother was Eliza Winnefred SCOGGIN . She was born 1840 in Winston Co., MS, the daughter of William Harvey Scoggin and Mary Ann Stephens YOUNG. Her parents were married in Winston Co., January 10, 1839.
Eliza was one of twelve children:

(1) Eliza Winnifred Scoggin, born May 23, 1840, Winston Co., MS. She married David Jasper Newton GREENLEE, September 2, 1855, Enterprise, MS. He was the son of Hugh Greenlee and Catharine SHUMAKER (SHOEMAKER) Eliza died May 4, 1935, Wayland, Stephens Co., TX.

(2) Mary Caroline Scoggin, born April 2, 1841, Winston Co., MS. She married Benjamin Franklin EUBANK, March 31, 1857, Clark Co., MS. She died November
5, 1927, Regency, TX and buried Goldthwaite, TX.

(3) Thomas Earl Scoggin, born June 6, 1844, died July 6, 1844.

(4) James Madison Scoggin, born February 4, 1846, Winston Co., MS. He married Catharine Ella BEARD, December 10, 1867, MS. She was the daughter of Moses Beard and Caroline NEWBERRY. He died October 15, 1932, Ellisville, MS.

(5) Lydia Elizabeth Scoggin, born December 10, 1847, Winston Co., MS. She married S Walker LEARD, November 4, 1865. This was his second marriage, but I have no information concerning the first marriage. Lydia died May 13, 1935, MS.

(6) Henry Polk Scoggin, born November 17, 1849, Winston Co., MS. He married Martha Josephine GALLASPY, February 6, 1873, Winston Co., MS. She died 1956, MS.

(7) William Franklin Scoggin, born August 10, 1851, Winston Co., MS. He died September 10, 1851, Winston Co., MS.

(8) Laura Melissa Scoggin, born February, 1853, Winston Co., MS. She died October 5, 1856, same Co.

(9) John William Scoggin, born May 10, 1856, Winston Co., MS. He married Ella Blackburn, MS. He died 1898, MS, buried Decauter, MS Cemetery.

(10) Almedia Marie Scoggin, born December 6, 1857, and she died February 6, 1859, Winston Co., MS.

(11) Samuel Andros Scoggin, born December 31, 1858, and died February 16, 1859, Wayne Co., MS.

(12) Annie Mae Scoggin, born January 21, 1862, and died February 10, 1862, born and died in Wayne Co., MS.

David Jasper Newton Greenlee was called Jasper as a child and was referred to by younger generations as DJN Greenlee. He was born in Pickens Co., AL.
He served in the Civil War from MS. He died in 1875 in Newton Co., MS and is buried at Hickory, MS.

I will be happy to exchange information concerning this family. Those Scoggin children that lived to be grown had large families and I have records for them.


Dortha Greenlee





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