Settlement of James Phagan Estate

In the matter of the settlement of the
Estate of James Phagan deceased
Probate Court November term 1849.

This cause coming on for hearing on the report of sale and exhibits therewith filed of James B. McLellomnd administrator of the estate of said James Pagan deceased. And it appearing to the court that the said administrator in pursuance of the directed order made at the August term of this court A.D. 1849 thereof did after due notice on the 22nd day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-nine between the hours prescribed by law at the courthouse in the town of Louisville in Winston County Mississippi proceed and sell at public auction all of the land described in said directed order in the manner and upon the terms therein directed and prescribed wherein the same was struck off and sold in lots and parcels as follows. To wit: Lots one (1), five (5) and eight (8) block one (1) in the South East square in the town of Louisville were struck off and sold to Samuel Harris for the aggregate sum of Four Hundred and Ninety dollars. Lots two three & four (2,3,& 4) in block (1) in the South East square of said town were struck off and sold to John W. Phagan and Thos. F. Holmes at the aggregate sum of Five Hundred and five dollars the undivided one half interest in lots six seven eight & nine (6,7,8, & 9) in block four (4) South-East square of said town was struck off and sold to Murphy Vaughan at the sum of twenty two dollars. Lots three and four (3 & 4) in block five (5) South East square of said town with the following described land. To wit: The North West quarter of the North East quarter of section thirty four, township fifteen, range twelve excepting the acres belonging to Uriah Davis and excepting one acre belonging to Robert Wright at the aggregate sum of One Hundred and Seventy dollars was struck off and sold to El.iza D. Macon. Ten acres in the North corn……

Research Notes

This document was transcribed from Winston Co Probate Records 4A 1849-1851 pg 207 by Richard Shelby.  This was attached to other documents and may be incomplete.  Please confirm by checking the original record.





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