Will of James Hendrix(cks)

The probate court of Winston County Mississippi, the State of Alabama Tuscaloosa County in the name of God. I James Hendrix being sound in mind do think proper to make this my last will and testament. First I resign my soul to God who gave it. Second I wish my body decently buried. As to my property I dispose of as herein set forth. After the judgment of my just debts I will and dispose of as here set forth to my beloved wife Jane Hendrix. Four hundred and fifty dollars in money and one Negro boy the name of Robert and one Negro girl by the name of Mary and also the household and kitchen furniture. Three of the choice cows and calves. All my stock of hogs and all the provision that may be on hand and all the gain on hand at my death. And at the death of my beloved wife this property and money to be equally divided among my heirs if any there be. My watch I will to John J. Hendrix above an equal portion. All the remainder of my property I wish to be divided between my heirs viz. Henry C. L. Hendrix, William B. Hendrix, James J. Hendrix, John J. Hendrix, Eleanor Jones (Jones was scratched out and Evans written), Nancy Vance, Margaret Vanlandingham, and my money if any there be in like manner to be equally divided between my above named heirs. All the property that I have give or may give I wish no charge brought up after my death. I claim the right to give what I please. And I hereby constitute and appoint my beloved and trusty sons viz, John J. Hendrix and Henry C. L. Hendrix my executors to carry out this my last will and testament as above written in testimony whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this the 5th day of October eighteen hundred and forty eight in presence of witnesses three
James Hendrix

James D. Bell
Lemuel Boswell
Andrew Herman





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