Isaac Leatherwood

Submitted by: Judy so others can connect, she has been researching the Leatherwood/Woodruff surnames for about 30 years, Judy is also looking for Shepperds in Chocotaw County. Her Leatherwood-Woodruff line moved onto AL just before and after the Civil War. Contact Judy

My copy has the notation:

copied from the old Minute Book of Enon Baptist Church, WinstonCounty, Mississippi. This record is in the possession of the present Church Clerk.

Obituary Notice

Died at his residence in Winston County Mississippi, June 25, A.D. 1860. Brother Isaac Leatherwood aged 57 years, 4 months, and 2 days. Brother Leatherwood was born in Spartanburg District, South Carolina, in the year 1803, was married to Delilia Woodruff his surviving widow, August 24, 1820. Joined the Baptist Church at Bethel S.C. December 1825. Brother Leatherwood was ordained a Decon in the Baptist Church at New Bethel, Ala. in 1828. Which office he filled with honor to the day of his demise. Brother Leatherwood was a regular messenger from his church to all the associations and religious meetings to the day of his death. The Baptist Church at Enon desiring to bear testimony to the worth of our departed Brother and indurringly to record our sympathy and the sence of the great loss that the church has substained in the death of Brother Leatherwood we have unaminously adopted the flowing resolutions.

Resolved; that in the death of Brother Leatherwood we feel the church has lost a useful and efficient Officer and member, the neighborhood a good and honorable citizen, his children a pious and exempliary Father and his wife a devoted and kind husband.

Resolved; that in the death of our departed Brother we feel that our ireparable loss is his eternal gain and would console his family and friends by bringing to their minds that blessed hope of blessed imortatlity beyond this veil of tears and that while we the surviving relatives and friends are deploring the  los of our departed Brother and friend that our hearts are comfrted in believing he is gone to receive that reward prepared and promised to all the faithful followers of Jesus.

Resolved; that we the members of Enon Church desire to bear part in the sympathizing with the bereaved widow and the children of the deceased feeling that we as a church are bereaved of our most efficient member while they are doubly bereaved, yet our Heavenly Father in his wisdom has seen good to call our Brother from the troubles of this world, we feel that it is our duty to be resigned to His holy will, and we would commend each one to live prepared to meet our departed Brother in the time of ultimate glory where sickness, sorrow, pain and death are feared and felt no more.

Resolved; that the foregoing preamble and resolutions be made a matter of church records that a copy of the same be furnished the widow of the deceased and that one be sent to the Tennessee Baptist with the request that they be published. Also one to Spartanburg District, South Carolina for publication.

Church (Amos Woodruff)

            (J.R. Bozeman)

            (L.C. Robinson)

            (A.C. Stone)

            (J.B. Peteet)

The bolded words are the misspellings in my copy--whether they were the mistakes of the transcriber or original, I don't know.

Isaac Leatherwood was the husband of Rebecca Delilah Woodruff, daughter of Josiah and Margaret McCravy Woodruff, and the father of Alexander Marion (my great-great-grandfather), Cary, James, Calvin C., Elizabeth, Rebecca Jane, John, and Nancy. He is buried at Old Enon Cemetery at Claytown, Winston Co., MS.





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