Estate Settlement of G. R. Conner

Estate Settlement of G. R. Conner, minor

In the matter of the settlement of the estate of G. R. Conner minor

The first annual account of John L. Conner guardian of the person and estate of G. R. Conner a minor having been filed and presented for audition and allowance and the court having audited and examined the same and caused it to be properly stated and being now satisfied that the same is in all things correct and that all the charges therein contained for which allowance is craved are fully supported by proper and valid vouchers.  It is therefore ordered that said account exhibiting a balance of fifty seven dollars & 62 cents due by said guardian to his said ward is and the same is hereby allowed and ordered to be recorded.

Research Notes

This document was transcribed from Winston Co Probate Records Book 4B 1849-1851, pg 539 by Richard Shelby.






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