Letters of Guardianship - F. M. Parks

The State of Mississippi
Winston County.

By the Probate Court of said county.

Be it remembered that at a term of the Probate Court of Winston County, begun and held at the court house thereof on the 2nd Wednesday in May A.D. 1858 Thomas F. Holmes having entered into bond with sufficient security as directed by law, he was appointed guardian of the person and estate, real and personal of F. M. Parks minor heir and child of William Parks and heir at law of William Parks, deceased.

And the said Thomas F. Holmes is hereby authorized and required faithfully to execute his office and trust as guardian aforesaid to deliver into the office of the clerk of the clerk of the court aforesaid within three months from the date hereof an inventory on oath of all the estate real and personal of the said infant. Also annually as whenever thereunto required by lawful authority to render a just and true account of his guardianship and to do and perform whatever of him as guardian aforesaid shall be required by the statute which ---- ---- or hereafter may be made and provided in this behalf.

Witness:  The honorable Nathan Tabor, Judge of Probate court of said court at the court house thereof the 2nd Monday of May AD 1858 and seal of said court.
Issued the 12th day of May A.D. 1858.

The State of Mississippi
Winston County.  I, William G. Hudson clerk of the Probate Court of said county do hereby certify that the last foregoing order petition, bond and letters of guardianship were duly recorded on the 5th day of June A.D. 1858.

William G. Hudson, Clerk

Research Notes

This document was transcribed from Winston Co Probate Records 1858-1859, pgs 325, 327 & 328 by Richard Shelby.





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