Edward C. Wells

Choctaw Plaindealer, March 3, 1917

Double Killing: Kit and Ed Wells, killed by John Ed Sides:

As a result of an altercation which took place just west of the courthouse last Monday night about 9 o'clock, Kit and Ed Wells are dead and John Ed Sides who did the killing is a fugitive from justice. Only two shots were fired, the first takin effect in Ed Wells, after which he ran perhaps fifty yards and fell mortally wounded and died in a few minutes. The second shot struck Kit Wells and he was killed instantly, never speaking after the pistol fired. Immediately after the shooting, Sides went to his home, secured his horse and headed south, going into the home of his father, but later leaving there and has not been heard from since. Sheriff Dobbs and his deputies made a search for him that night but without any success. The relatives of the Messrs. Wells were notified shortly after the killing, and they came to town, and the bodies were prepared for burial and carried to their homes, the funeral taking place Tuesday. As the Grand Jury is in session this week and the matter will undergo judicial investigation, we refrain from commenting upon the horrible affair. The entire community was shocked and deeply deplores the awful tragedy.

Picture of Lennie Belle Hood Wells

Picture of the Children of Edward C. and Lennie Belle Wells

Research Notes

Kit and Ed were the sons of Walter Duffy Wells and Nancy M. Childress, born and raised around Choctaw and Winston Co. MS.  Ed was born Feb 1880 and Kit was born Sep 1873. They had eight other brothers and sisters. Ed married Lennie Belle Hood born May 1887 Choctaw Co. MS.  After Ed's death, she remarried to a Gordon, and is buried at South Union Church Campground in Choctaw Co., under the name Belle Hood Gordon.

Source:   Carol Wells





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