Perkinsville Cemetery

Conn, Sadie W. b. 04/21/1918, Mother [Wife of Stanley Donald Innabnit] 

Innabnit, Florence b. 11/12/1882 d. 10/20/1964 [Wife of John N. Innabnit]

Innabnitt, Georgia b. 05/22/1895 d. 12/28/1972 [Wife of William Hiram McArthur]

Innabnit, John H. b. 08/07/1904 d. 02/08/1947, In Memory Of

Innabnit, John N. b. 08/25/1872 d. 12/16/1944 [Husband of Florence Innabnit]

Innabnit, Mary N. b. 8/13/1886 d. 06/26/1911 [Wife of J. N. Innabnit]

Innabnit, Mildred b. 05/20/1909 d. 05/11/1995, In Memory Of

Innabnit, Stanley Donald b. 11/09/1915 d. 09/19/1981, Farther, All Things Change But GOD Remain
[Husband of Sadie W. Conn]

McArthur, William Hiram b. 07/20/1888 d. 01/06/1953 [Husband of Georgia Innabnitt ]

Smith, Joe W. b. 08/31/1942 d. 04/02/1991 [Husband of Linda R. Smith]

Smith, Linda R. b. 01/31/1949 [Wife of Joe W. Smith]

Stark, John H. b. 08/13/1837 d. 09/17/1920, CO C 20 MISS INF CSA

Stark, Eliza Frances b. 02/13/1848 d. 02/19/1925 

Triplett, Dell Charppell b. 12/02/1896 d. 01/08/1950 [Wife of Nimrod David Triplett] 

Triplett, Hannah b. 07/04/1851 d. 09/17/1891 [need inf re Wife of ygp8315

Triplett, John Q. b. 10/21/1851 d. 01/01/1882 {MASON} The mists of night are dispersed in the light of
a glorious dawn [Husband of Susan L. Triplett]

Triplett, Nimrod David b. 09/16/1972 d. 01/22/1941 [Husband of Dell Charppell Triplett]

Triplett, Susan L. b. 07/19/1857 d. 01/12/1943 [Wife of John Q. Triplett]

Triplett, Sallie d. 06/07/1916

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Located at in Fearns Springs

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