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35th Mississippi Infantry

Company "I"
Dixie Rebels, organized April 1862
Name Rank
WATSON, Oliver C. Captain
STEVENS, John F. 1st Lt.
ESTES, William E. W. 2nd Lt.
BALL, Laurel M. 3rd Lt.
WOODWARD, B. Frank 3rd Lt.
BLAIR, Geoge W. 4th Lt.
WATTS, Thomas 1st Sgt.
BLAIR, David Sloan 2nd Sgt.
CROW, W. Thomas 2nd Sgt.
WATSON, Simeon C. 3rd Sgt.
BARNETT, A. Lafayett 4th Sgt.
GREGG, Charles H. 5th Sgt.
NORTON, Lemerel J. 4th Sgt.
CULBERSON, John Thomas 1st Cpl.
STONE, Andrew C. 2nd Cpl.
HUDSPETH, John M. 3rd Cpl.
CAPERTON, S. Henry 4th Cpl.
ADCOCK, J. P. Private
ALLEN, Charles E. G. Private
AUSTIN, J. L. Private
BANES, G. W. Private
BANES, S. A. Private
BARMORE, Thomas B. Private
BEALL, Thomas A. Private
BENNETT, William R. Private
BERT, John Private
BLAIR, Mark Private
BOZEMAN, A. Campbell Private
BOZEMAN, Jeff R., Jr. Private
BREWER, J. Leonard Private
BROOKS, Russell Private
BROWN, Jack M. Private
BUCKNER, Warren J. Private
BURROUGHS, Anthony Private
CADE, Robert D. Private
CANNON, Joseph F. Private
CLARK, Milton Private
CLARK, William H. Private
COLEMAN, Daniel G. Private
COOK, Charles Private
COOK, George W. Private
COOKRAM, Abner M. Private
COULTER, E. Dick Private
COWSERT, T. S. Private
CROW, George L. Private
CURTIS, John A. Private
DENNIS, John H. Private
DORRELL, W. P. Private
DURHAM, A. H. Private
EDWARDS, Jasper N. Private
ELLIS, Felix U. Private
ESTES, Thomas A. Private
ETHRIDGE, Van Private
EUBANKS, J. L. Private
EUBANKS, William Private
FARISH, C. H. Private
FARISH, Joseph G. Private
FERGUSON, Joseph R. Private
FOSTER, George W. Private
FOX, J. Strait Private
GARNER, James P. Private
GIGER, William Private
GREGORY, Thomas W. Private
HAMITER, William C. Private
HARKINS, J. T. Private
HIGGASON, Alonso Private
HISAW, Jesse Private
HISAW, John W. Private
HOLMAN, Lafayette, M. Private
HOUSTON, A. Jack Private
HUDSPETH, John M. Private
HUDSPETH, William J. Private
HUGHES, James W. Private
INMAN, C. Private
INMAN, William Private
ISHY, F. M. Private
ISHY, Jerry M. Private
JACKSON, H. J. Private
JOHNSON, Barnett Private
JOHNSON, John B. Private
JOHNSON, Thomas Private
KELLY, A. G. Private
KELLY, J. C. Private
KELLY, T. E. Private
KELLY, Wade H. Private
KELLY, Wesley D. Private
LAMKIN, James Private
LAMKIN, William Private
LEATHERWOOD, J. Spences Private
LEWIS A. Bert Private
MALONE, General M. Private
MARTIN, William Private
McLEOD, C. Thomas Private
McLEOD, John t. Private
McMILLAN, James F. Private
MILLER, William Private
MITCHELL, Benjamin B. Private
MITCHELL, John C. Private
MOORE, Thomas Private
MOORE, W. C. Private
OWENS, Jackson J. Private
PEE, Jasper N. Private
PERMINTER, Thomas Private
PERMINTER, Wat. Private
PHIPPS, Anderson Private
PHIPPS, Jesse Private
PORTER, James Private
PORTER, Jesse Private
QUARLES, Ephraim Private
QUINN, J. Black Private
RICHARDSON, George W. Private
ROBINSON, J. Private
RYAN, James Private
SHEDD, W. T. M. Private
SHERROD, Wilson Private
SHUMAKER, George W. Private
SHUMAKER, Henry C. Private
SHUMAKER, Peter Private
SINGLITON, John O. Private
SMITH, E. Catlin Private
VOWELL, Van Private
VOWELL, Vinyard Private
WATSON, Obediah, T. Private
WEBB, J. Wiley Private
WOODWARD, I. C. Private
WORTHY, Littleton Private
YATES, W. Private

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Research Notes

This material was part of the Winston County MSGenWeb site when I assumed the county coordinator role in 2004.  I do not know the source or the transcriber.  This is not a complete list of all CSA units. Some of the names here vary from other sources.  Please use this material with caution and confirm it from primary sources.

If you find any errors in this transcription, please contact me.



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