14th Mississippi Regiment

Casualties at Fort Donelson, TN February 1862 

From the report of Major W. L. Doss.  Printed in Official Reports of Battles published in 1864, pages 157 - 159.  Report can be viewed as part of the Making of America project at the following web:


Co. A—Wounded.—T. A. Miller, G. J. Everett, J. P. Watts, G. M. Hill, Wm. Rogers. 

Co. B—Wounded—H. S. Jack, C. C. McCracken. 

Co. C—Killed.—J. J. Clark, J. G. Watt, G. T. James, R. M. Bell.  Wounded—J. E. Davis, J. F. Merchant, J. H. Montgomery, W. H. Petty, Lieut. F. Duquereron, L. L. Cooper, W. H. Peebles, W. H. Hogan, Joe White, T. T. Wetherly, Willis Cooke, Wm. H. Pierce, Corporal McNatt, J. W. Hardy. 

Co. D—Killed.—Amost Carter.  Wounded—N. Harris, Lieut. Wm. M. McGowen, T. King, C. Hodgers, J. Carter, C. D. Brashier, R. Herring. 

Co. E—Killed.—Capt. F. M. Rogers, Private Elliott.  Wounded—Sergeant J. G. Crump, Sergeant Nabers, Privates Clarke, Nash, Nash, Hamack, Bickerstaff, Simms, Green.  Missing.—Carter, Allison. 

Co. F—Killed.—Dudley Truman, N. B. Holmes.  Wounded.—Lieut. Stephens, Private S. Boggett, J. G. Moore, J. P. Webb, N. Moore, Tom Moore, Tom Crow, Joe Ingram, James La, John Woodall, John Kirkpatrick.  Three missing, names not given. 

Co. G—Killed—L. Murphy, Sergent J. L. Perkins.  Wounded—Capt. J. L. Craigler, J. S. Tucker, T. Donoho, J. T. Peters, J. E. Reeves, A. J. Rolling, J. M. Rollins, P. W. Selby, B. L. Smith, James Stallings, W. H. Ward. 

Co. H—Killed—Sergeant B. F. Bearman, Private McInis.  Wounded—Washington Jones, J. N. Alexander, W. T. Fisher, R. L. Hill, James Horden, J. D. Addy, R. L. Mayes, Corporatl Barnes, Jos. Fairchild, G. M. Marcy, Capt. S. J. Gohlson.  Missing—Robt. West, Wm. West, H. Coats, Wm. McDowell. 

Co. I—Killed—J. J. Johnson, J. L. Sadler, Patrick Barrow.  Wounded—James Brock, James West, W. L. Stewart, W. Kendal, W. Moss, J. T. Johnson, Joel Butler, William Beales, James Tyrone. 

Co. K—Killed—J. F. Williams.  Wounded—H. C. Howard, A. Kirk, --Sappington,   --Witherspoon, --McCowan, R. Reagh. Missing—Buckingham. 

Total—killed, 17; wounded, 84; missing, 9.

W. L. Doss,

Major commanding 14th regiment Mississippi Vols.





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