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Date: February 16, 1999
NAME: Dr. Gary Zuk

I am trying to learn the religious affiliation of U.S. District Court Judge Peter RANDOLPH. Judge Randolph died on 1/30/1832 and is interred in the family plot "Elmridge" in Wilkinson County. Any assistance or suggestions is greatly appreciated. 

Date:February 21, 1999
NAME: Dorothy C. Lewis

Reubin CASSELS = Mary Katherine SOJOURNER
Their daughter was: Susanna CASSELS = Elbert Burton MCNEIL
One of their daughters, Mary Olivia MCNEIL = Byrhrall DAY
Bythrall DAY was the son of David DAY & Mahala Arsisla BYRD
David DAY was the son of Jonathan DAY & Cecealia OGLESBY
I need information about all these surnames, particularly information prior to their arrival in Mississippi. Jonathan Day originally lived in Amite Co., then later in Wilkinson. He received a land grant in Amite County on Beaver Creek in 1808. Daniel McNeil owned land in both counties.Both Jonathan Day & Daniel McNeil had lived in Georgia. I have no earlier information on either the Cassels , Sojourners, or Oglesbys. 

Date:March 24, 1999
NAME: Fred Petty

Searching for info on Sylvanus and Malinda Jane Fly Petty family. Lived in Centreville, MS (Wilkinson County). Married in Wilkinson Ct. 26 OCT l852. 

Date:25 Mar 1999
NAME: Pat Marburger (need new email address)

Seeking information on Henry Bennett born ca 1790 Wilkinson Co MS died 1833 LA, married Mary "Polly" Palmer 1809 Baton Rouge LA. Mary died1834 LA. 

Date:March 27, 1999
NAME: Charlene

I believe Hugh A. Moore (born Ireland) brought his wife, Mary/Polly to Wilkinson Co. Ms. @1820 until around 1830. He took his cotton crop to New Orleans to sell and was returning by riverboat when he was robbed, killed and thrown overboard. His widow and children returned to Roan Co., Tn. where they had lived previously and had family. Any proof of this would be greatly appreciated. 

Date:April 09, 1999
NAME: Pat Verner

John Woodbridge Hughes was my great grandfather b July 14, 1844 in Centreville, MS. He married Amanda Tennessee Cobb (b. December 5, 1849) on January 24, 1867 in Centreville. My grandfather, William Walter Hughes was b. January 12, 1868. I would appreciate any additional information 

Date:April 13, 1999
NAME: April 13, 1999

I am searching for info on my family-- my Father was James Nevels- he died at the hand of his 3rd wife in Sept 1971. His parents were Ruth and Marlin nevels....He was living in Gloster/Centreville, Ms. when he was killed. 

Date: April 22, 1999
NAME: Melissa Fleming

Smithland Plantation
Looking for information on Smithland Plantation. I am interested in finding out who owned it in the early 1800s. I know that it was owned by the Commercial Bank of Natchez at one time. Who owned it before then? Why did it go bankrupt? What happened to the slaves? 

Date:April 24, 1999
NAME: Bob Foster

I am researching the following FOSTERS known to have been in Woodville, Wilkinson Co. circa 1830-1845:
George A. FOSTER & Sarah FOSTER and their children Joseph A. FOSTER, Albert G(allatin) FOSTER, and Louisa Rebecca FOSTER.
Other children in this household were Henry A. FOSTER, Charles John FOSTER, Lucinda FOSTER, George FOSTER, Jr., William Wilson FOSTER and Juliana "Jula" FOSTER.
According to best available evidence to date this family relocated from Franklin Co., TN to Wilkinson Co. around 1830. George A. FOSTER was an immigrant from England and a shopkeeper as were his sons Joseph and Albert. They all operated businesses in Woodville and possibly Natchez. I believe George FOSTER died in 1833, Joseph A. FOSTER died in Nov., 1834, Albert G. FOSTER probably died in 1843 and Sarah died around 1837.
Other useful family links:
Albert G. FOSTER m. Sarah Jane NEWMAN of Natchez in 1835.
Louisa Rebecca FOSTER m. Peter ANDERSON in Madison Co., MS in1846.
Henry A. FOSTER m. Martha Ann DAVIS in 1836 near Livingston, Madison Co., MS.
I am looking for any and all information about this family, especially information pertaining to Sarah FOSTER'S maiden name and the descendants of any of George and Sarah's children.

Date:April 24, 1999,
NAME: Bob Oglesby

Am looking for information on William Oglesby, b abt 1780. He is listed in the 1820 census in Wilkinson County. Had a report that he was buried in the Woodville City Cemetary. How can I get confirmation of this. William married Elizabeth.
Only known children are Sabert Oglesby, b abt 1802, Adams Co, Ms. and Moses Oglesby, b. 1808 d. 1873, Franklin Co, Ms. Reportably, William's father was James Oglesby, no information available. We believe James and Sabert, Sr. were brothers and came from Scotland. Will share information that I have. 

Date:February 21, 1999
NAME: Curtis F. Hartsfield

I am looking for information on the family of William F. Dyson. I have found out he was very involved in the Whig party in Wilkinson Co.In the 1840 census he was shown with his wife and at least two daughters. One of these daughters, Eliza, married a Haslem from Franklin Co. Eliza marries again a year later to a Marson Holbrook of Franklin Co. Their first child was Ellen D. Holbrook. She married A William A. Bruce in Adams Co. in 1864. By 1900 She was in Arkansas with a son, William Harrison Worthey.He is my great grandfather. I would like to find out where he came from and what happened to him after the 1840 Census. 

Date: February 23, 1999
NAME: Sandra Gilbreath

CASON SURNAME-I would appreciate hearing from anyone with ANY information at all about ANY of the CASONS of Wilkinson Co. and the surrounding area.
My ancestor , ELIZA CASON , was born 14 March , 1804 , in South Carolina.She was married in Wilkinson Co. on 20 April 1820 , to JOHN HODGES , JR. I have NO clues as to which CASONS in the immediate area she belonged to , but she MUST have been connected to at least one of them. Thus far, my attempts to place her in the families of THOMAS and LEWIS CASON , both in Wilkinson Co. around this time period, have not panned out, though I believe she must have been related in some way.I have seen 2 other CASON names in the early !820's court minutes of Wilkinson Co. ---BOSDALE CASON and BAGLE CASON . both very unusual names. Does anyone have any information whatsoever on these 2 CASONS? If so , please contact me. Thank you so much for any help you can give me. 

Date: February 23, 1999

Searching for records of Major Francis Mayes who was married to Hettie Barbara Foster. Their daughter, Martha Cordelia Mayes, was born ca. 1810 and married Benjamin Clarkson Stuart. Ben and Martha lived near Woodville, Miss. where they raiseD twelve children including 5 sons who fought for the Confederacy during the civil war. My great-grandfather Francis Temple Stuart was one of the five sons who fought in the civil war. Francis married Mary Eliza Mcelwee after the war and they also raised 12 children while farming near Woodville. Also searching for the parents of Benjamin. Have found a Temple Stuart in 1790 census of La. and thought perhaps Ben and Martha named the first born son Francis Temple after their two fathers but have been unable to find anything else on Temple Stuart. Will appreciate any help in this matter and will be happy share any of my extensive Mississippi family history information. 

Date: February 26, 1999
NAME: Allen & Betty Johannes

We are looking for information on the JETER family of Wilkinson, CO. MS. We have the marriage date 22 April 1813 of Argulas JETER to Polly PHIPPS. We have family in NC with the name Argulus/ Argulas and have never come across it before such as this. If anyone has any information on these families please contact us 

Date:February 28, 1999
NAME: James Arnett

I am searching for information on the PHIPPS and MCMILLAN families. WILLIAM PHIPPS (b.bef.1819 in MS) married REBECCA MCMILLAN (b.bef.1819)in 1818 in Wilkinson Cnty,MS. Children: LUCINDA PHIPPS (b.abt.1819 in MS) SARAH LITCH PHIPPS (my great grandmother)(b.abt.1824 in MS); ELIZABETH PHIPPS (b.abt.1825 in MS); DAVID PHIPPS (b.abt.1834 in MS); WILLIAM PHIPPS JR (b.bef.1834 in MS); and MARY ANN PHIPPS (b.abt.1835 in MS). Does anyone have any information on Rebecca McMillan, her date of birth, place of birth and her parents names? William Phipps' parents were HENRY PHIPPS (b.abt.1777) and PHEBE CARTER. Henry Phipps parents were JOHN PHIPPS and SARAH LEE. Does anyone have the origins of the Phipps family? I think they were from SC. Will exchange information. 

Date:February 28, 1999
NAME: James Arnett

Need info on SAMUEL MAY, living Wilkinson Cnty,MS 8/6/1801. He along with RICHARD MAY (don't know this relationship) witnessed the will of JOHN DAVIDSON of KY, probated 8/6/1801. Married MARTHA FUQUA 4/13/1805 Adams Cnty,MS. Child: THOMAS JUSTIN MAY, b.3/10/1814. SAMUEL died before 5/1/1814 in MS (county unknown). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 

Date: March 21, 1999
NAME: Mary Anne Humphreys

Looking for any information on Josephine Cory who married Cicero Humphreys in 1858, Wilkinson County. Would like to hear from anyone who can tell me ANYTHING about Josephine, her mother and father and her siblings. Was told she had a sister named Carrie (?) who married a Willie Neyland....would like to confirm this. Would appreciate any information of this ggrandmother.. thanks 

Date: March 14, 1999
NAME: Joyce Chandler

I am looking for information concerning my great- grandfather, Robert Norwood. I know a Robert Norwood was born in Wilkinson County, Mississippi January 2, 1841. "My" Robert Norwood married in Louisiana in 1863 and I am trying to trace him back. I need to know the names of Robert Norwood's (of Mississippi) children and/or the name of his wife. If you have ANY information, please respond. 

Date: March 18, 1999
NAME: Cyndie Broussard Townsend

I am trying to find information on Thomas W. West. The only thing I have been able to learn about him is that he lived in Wilkinson County. He died in Wilkinson County sometime BEFORE the marriage of his daughter Martha Octavia WEST to Lewis Henry DAVIS on 02 Jun 1833. I found the following exerpt from the "Woodville Republican" newspaper.
volume 1, page 96
June 8, 1833,
"Married on Thursday evening last by the Hon. A. S. Randolph, Mr. Lewis Davis to Miss Martha Octavia West, daughter of the late Thomas W. West., all of this county."
If you have any clues on this family I would really appreciate the help. 

Date: March 01, 1999
NAME: Helen and Bob Tullos

Jesse Thompson b. 1820/21 Wilkerson County, son of Archibald (Asa)b.1790 N.C. Moved on to N.W. La. and on to Trinity County Tx. Any clue greatly appreciated. 

Date: March 1,1999
NAME: Marian P. Foster

Searching for anyone with info on Benjamin rawlins/Rollins born 2 July 1788, married Elizabeth Coats 27 Dec 1810 Wilkinson Co., MS. Their son Martin shot Jeff Rawlins 15 Apr 1851. Are these two related? At LDS History Center, found James B. Rawlins listed as Jefferson Rawlins father. Is the same Jeff as one above? Need names of Benjamin's & Elizabeth's children other than Martin & daughter Clarissa; date of Benjamin's death & more info on trial for Martin & the verdict. 

Date: March 03, 1999

I'm looking for information on the WYOMING plantation. My ancestors lived there during the 1800s. It was located near the junction of Dunbar and Bayou Sara creek. Looking for the descendants of the owners, possibly Ernest Demps and ? Morgan. 

Date:March, 1999

Looking for information on the descendants of Hal TYSON b 1829 and wife Mary ? b 1847. They lived in the South western section of the county and their daughter Daphne is my GGgrandmother. Some of their children are Able b 1875, Bessey b 1863, Caroline b 1866, Charlotte Tyson, Robertson b 1877 and Edith. 

Date: September 30, 1998

Thomas Lovelace married Barbara Smith, dau of Zachariah Smith, before 1800. They owned the land that is now Fort Adams,MS,and resided there until their deaths. Their children married into the families listed. I have names and dates of the second generation, but am interested in sharing and learning more. 

Date:September 29, 1998
NAME: Gwen Vaughn

Searching for a Jasper Pennington born about 1925-1928 , to Absolom Pennington. Older children were --Isaac, Jacob, Absolom JR, William, Susanna, & Nancy Ann. Believe all to be born around Wilkerson, Co. Thank You for any info you may have! 

Date: Sept. 27, 1998
NAME: Connee Kroeger

My ancestors, John STEPHENSON and Lydia ALLEN married in Wilkinson Co. on 3 Oct. 1805. Lydia was the daughter of William ALLEN and Keziah ANDERS. Who was John's father? Since he married there at age 24, surely he was with a family. John and Lydia moved to St. Helena Parish, LA after they married, and then on to Orange Co., TX in the 1820's. Children were: Kesiah, William, Gilbert, Miles, John Allen, James, Elisha, George W., Robert, Lydia (my ancestor), Amanda, Elijah, Louisa, Ezra, and Warren. 

Date:September 7, 1998
NAME: Garry Scott

I am searching for information on my great grandfather's parents. His name is "Francis Marion Scott SR". He was born in Woodville, Mississippi. on August 29, 1845.!!! I am trying to find out his mother and fathers name,date of birth, place of birth, etc.!!! If you can help me, please let me know !
Thanks, Garry Scott 

Date:September 9, 1998

Looking for information on Meleta ROGERS who married Benjamin HUFFMAN in Wilkinson County, on April 14, 1836. 

Date:September 14, 1998
NAME: Constance

Am searching for information about Laurence Bennett Nickens and Emily Moore, Married Wilkinson County in 1857. Any information about these people would be greatly appreciated including marriage information. Thank you for your help. 

Date: August 12, 1998
NAME: Wylma

I am a descendant of the LEWIS family. I have the following information and am seeking additional information on the following people.
John South Lewis b. 25 Feb 1780 in Washington Co., VA d. 29 Feb 1848 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS he married Nancy Brown 28 Mar 1818 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS
His nephew:
Dabney F. Lewis married Ann E. Mayes 02 June 1835 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS.
Thanks for any help you can give. I will be glad to share. 

Date: July 19, 1998
NAME: DeLyle Eastwood

John Thomas Netterville married Tereza Lanehart and they and their children are listed in the census for 1860,1870 and 1880.They were my great grandparents on my mothers side I believe that John Thomas was the son of Jeremiah Netterville and Mary Owens Mathis and the grandson of William Netterville and Esther Nealy (charleston SC) and I traced the family back to Dowth,Meath Co,Ireland 1340-. Tereza's father was Jacob Lanehart and her mother was Mary Coates or Coats . Jacob Lanehart was in the 1840 census in Wilkinson Co.and had other children including Rebecca (who also married a Netterville). I don't know his middle name and am not sure if he was the son of Adam Lanehart and grandson of Frederick Lanehart? or John Lanehart.?  I thought my grandmother said he was from PA. I would like to have more detail. I think that the Nettervilles were well off before the Civil War and I know they were well educated. Would appreciate any information and would be happy to share what I have. 

Date:August 9, 1998

My grandmother, Sarah Ann Bell of Wilkerson County, b. ca1815 m.Quirlus Ginn on 28 May 1834 in West Feliciania Parish, La. He was s/o Jesse Ginn and Mary McLaughlin. Their marriage was witnessed by John Bell and Joseph Ewing. Sarah and Quirlus are in Wilkerson Cty, Census 1840 and 50, and Sarah was in 1860 Census. 1830 Census there shows James C. Bell, John Bell and William H. Bell having female the age of Sarah. 1830 W. Feliciania Census shows Jessee Bell with female her age. Looking for Sarah's Parentage, Siblings, burial records, etc.. Thanks for any help; 

Date: August 9, 1998
NAME: Johnie Wilson

Researching William Oliver Floyd b. 5-1870, in Wilkinson co. ms..d. 5-1947, in McComb ms...he married Homer Leona Jones, in Amite co. on 2-26-1891..they had the following children:...Nannie b. 1891....Johnie C. b. 1893...Robert Monroe b. 1895.. Bertah L. b. 1898...Mary Beatrice b. 1904...Ethel I.b. 1906..Henry L. b. 1908.. Also Thomas Floyd was the father of William Oliver...Thomas was born abt. 1810, in ms...His 2nd wife was Bertha Owens...some of Thomas' children'...Thomas N...b. abt. 1858...John J. b. abt. 1867..William Oliver b.1870...Thomas lived in Wilkinson co. 1880...need help with this line 

Date: July 3, 1998
NAME: Toddy


Date: June 26, 1998
NAME: Madge Harris

Looking for any information about family members: George Jonte married to Minerva Oglesby in 1835 Wilkinson Cty. MS and George Jonte married in Wilkinson Cty. MS on Dec 24th, 1863 to Mary E. Norwood, daughter of Elias Norwood and Catherine Chandler who resided at Richland Plantation near Norwood, East Feliciana, LA. 

Date:June 24, 1998
NAME: Barbara Franz

I am trying to find info on Ithamar Andrews, who claimed land in what is now Wilkenson Co. in 1778. He had a son Justus. I am trying to find out if these two men came from Hartford, Conn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.(see query of Aug.31, 1997, and please note new e-mail address 

Date: June 10, 1998
NAME: A& P Heinle

LOOKING FOR INFO ON: Stephen Compton, listed in 1792 Wilkinson co. census. Am trying to find the connection to Maryland (family oral history says they came from maryland.) son, stephen Compton lived in Jefferson county, Ms. appreciate anything! 

Date: June 9, 1998
NAME: Jimmy Johnson

Robert MCCRARY/MCCREARY, a early county resident--Seeking any info--Was he brother to Mathew MCCRARY of Lawrence Cty. 

Date:May 20, 1998
NAME: Carolyn Davis Whitmire

Whitmire - Durden
One of my husband's +greatgrandfathers was Jesse WHITMIRE, born 1789. He married Nancy DURDEN 3 Feb 1809 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS. First banns posted 18 Jan 1809. Does anyone know how I might obtain a copy or any information on their marriage? 

Date: April 17,1998

Am researching the following families in Wilkinson Co.: PARKER, William F., father of Julian F.); ASHLEY (John D. Ashley family); DAY (Jonathan Day family). I would like to exchange information with anyone researching these families-I am trying to complete the families of each generation and find the parentage of the above mentioned progenitors. 

Date:May 8, 1998
NAME: Pat Glisson

Looking for parents of Ezra BYRD and/or Rhode MARLER/MARLOW. Belive Ezra born in Wilkinson Ct., MS in 1797. We know he married Rhode there--have proof. Can you help? Thanks. 

Date:6 Mar 1998
NAME: Margie L. Luke

SMITH, Zachariah & wife, Frances PRESTWOOD were m. 10 Sep 1756 at Anson Cty NC; both died at Wilkinson Cty, Zachariah d. 1812 & Frances ca 1820/24. Daughter, Sarah, b. 1768 @ NC, m. Thomas Foster; died 1837 at Adams Cty, MS. Would like any records, census, other data on Zachariah SMITH and family during their years in Wilkinson Cty. 

Date: 24 Feb 1998

Representing Wildblood researchers in England, Australia and Germany, I hope you might run into some information on Fannie Taylor, who married William Tillman Wildblood on December 23, 1891 in Wilkinson County. They apparently settled in Louisiana, where William was born. One Wildblood is known to have been born in Mississippi, Anna H., in 1840 or 1845, also in Wilkinson County. She married Dr. John Charles Schotel. They lived in New York and Alexandria, LA, and are buried in Pineville, LA. We are extremely interested in Anna's parents, whom we cannot identify. 

Date: 28 Feb 1998

I have information on the Robin White family which lived on Buffalo Creek. I am interest in locating more about the White family and the Lewis Coon Family which lived near there. Robin White came to Wilkinson County in 1776 with Coon and settled there. I am interested in comparing notes and dates. Thanks. 

Date: 30 Jan 1998

Looking for information on Benjamin L. Coon who married Louisa M Paginnette in Wilkinson County, MS June 26, 1851. Any information on either names will greatly be appreciated. 

Date: January 24, 1998

CARTER - Curtis
I am looking for the parents of Nancy Ann Carter b. April 29, 1786 somewhere in the Natchez Dist.  She married Richard Curtis March 10, 1809 in Wilkinson Co. The couple later moved to Pike Co.  The Richard Curtis family bible can be found in the Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records Vol. 18 pg. 148-9.  Possible candidates are Charles Carter, Nathaniel Carter, or Isaac Carter. 

Date: January 14, 1998

I'm interested in starting a Family Tree(research) of the (surnames)Mitchell's and Parker's of Centerville/Woodville (Wilkinson), MS.Please add my query to your list of researchers. 

Date: January 11, 1998

i am looking for some lost relatives of mine. they are from pinckneyville (wilkinson co.) miss. the names are gussie scott, charlotte scott, matthew riley, and henry walker. it was about 8 or 9 of them but these are the ones that i know of. henry walker is my great Grandfather and he moved to louisiana. he faught in world war 1 and married rosie hawkins. to 11 hids together. 

Date: December 11, 1997

I am seeking information on the following surnames:
William Monroe "Roe" SOUTHERN m.Lillie Olivia ASHLEY, SOUTHERN, Bremer b.23 May 1892, Rosetta, Wilkinson Co.,Ms, d.28 Aug 1962, buried Centruies Memorial Cem., Shreveport,La. Children:
1. Carter (m)
2. Normie (m)
3. Ossie (m)
Twin 4. Clarence James b. 15 Nov 1911, Winnsboro, La d. 9 Oct 1969 Shreveport, La m.20 Sept 1932, Jessie Lee VICE b.23 Jan 1917, Monore, La, d.abt 1934 or 1935 Shreveport, La, buried Monore, La, cause unknown.
Twin 5. Ernest Flowers (m) b. 15 Nov 1911, Winnsboro, La
Twin 6. Leo (m)
Twin 7. Cleo (m)
Also, Jonathan DAY b. abt 1770, m. Miss TRICE. William PARTIN b. 1809 son: Oren PARTIN b. 9 May 1829 d. 27 July 1890, buried Shropshire Cem., Wilkinson Co., Ms., m. 17 April, 1851 Temperance "Tempy" SHROPSHIRE dau. Verona Alice PARTIN m. 29 NOV 1987 Thomas Curtis ASHLEY dau. Lillie O. ASHLEY.

Date:December 1, 1997
NAME: Ron Griffin

C. C. (Charles Cornelius or Cornelius Charles) GRIFFIN and E. E. (Edith Elizabeth) MCKAY were married in Scott Co on 31 Mar 1876. In 1900 they were living in Wilkinson Co with children Sarah E., Freeman M., Henry H., Mary R., and Sadie G. GRIFFIN. Daughter Sarah married a HAYNIE at the Macedonia Church in Wilkinson Co. Cornelius and Edie were living in Lauderdale Co in 1910. Cornelius was a Minister of the Methodist Church. I would love to hear from anyone having knowledge of this family. Trying to determine if the Rev. Cornelius GRIFFIN was kin to me. 

Date: November 17, 1997
NAME: Linda

Would like to exchange information on the families of Thomas McCREA and his wife Elizabeth HUMPHREYS MOORE McCREA and Elizabeth's sister Mary Ann HUMPHREYS SMITH wife of Merrill SMITH. Elizabeth and Mary Ann are the daughters of Jehu Philip HUMPHREYS and his first wife Sarah CARNES. They are found in Wilkinson Co. on the 1860 Census. Believe Thomas McCrea possibly the son of Thomas Hill McCrea and that Merril Smith may be the son of Peter Smith of same county. Any help will be appreciated. 

Date: November 10, 1997
NAME: Nick Griffin

I would like to correspond with anybody researching a William S Griffin or John B Jones. They both were attorneys in Wilkinson Co in the 1830's. TIA Nick Griffin 

Date: October 29, 1997
NAME: Sandra Gilbreath

PLEASE-Doesn't ANYBODY out there have a connection to the LANDRUMS ofMississippi , and specifically the LANDRUMS of Wilkinson Co.? If so PLEASE contact me so we can share information. I'll be eternally grateful ! 

Date: October 29, 1997
NAME: Sandra Gilbreath

I am searching for any information at all regarding the WOODSIDES of Wilkinson Co. My ggg-grandmother, JANE WOODSIDE(s) was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1795, according to her tombstone located in East Feliciana Parish, LA. She was married to REV. SAMUEL MCCORMICK DAWSON in Wilkinson Co. on May 2, 1819. JANE's parents names were THOMAS and JANE WOODSIDE(s) of Wilkinson Co. Known siblings of Jane's were: THOMAS WOODSIDE (s), Jr., WILLIAM WOODSIDE (s), ROBERT WOODSIDE (s), SAMUEL WOODSIDE(s), ALEXANDER WOODSIDE(s), JOHN WOODSIDE(s), NANCY WOODSIDE(s), and SARAH WOODSIDE(s). We think these WOODSIDE(s) came to Wilkinson Co. from the area around Greenville , S.C. If anyone has ANY information on the WOODSIDES of Wilkinson County, their ancestors, and/or their descendants, please contact me. I will be happy to share my information with you. Thanks. 

Date: October 29, 1997
NAME: Kevin Lazarus

I am looking for any info on the Lazarus name from the Woodville area.  I have one ancestor that lived in the area, Claude Crisler Lazars that I am trying to trace back. His father was John Thomas Lazarus and I don't know when they came into the area or where they were from. Any help in this would be appreciated. 

Date:October 24, 1997

NERSON, Isaac d. Oct 1809, Wilkinson Cty, MS. He married Ellen FOSTER 5 Jan 1802, Adams County; they had 5 children. Need parents, birthdate/place, anything on Isaac NERSON. Any information or help greatly appreciated. Will gladly pay for time, copies, etc. and help anyone out here in LA. Thanks! 

Date: September 18, 1997
NAME: Doris Reese Ryan

Jordan Jasper REESE. Searching for his grave site in Amite Co. on his "homeplace." Born, 1846, Va.; mar. 1869 in NC Elizabeth Catherine WINN, dtr. of Thomas and Martha Ann WALLER WINN; moved to E.Feliciana Parish, La.; then Amite Co. where they raised family & he died, 3 July 1891. He served CSA. Children: William Henry; Charles Jasper; Edward Morris; Gertrude A.; James Jordan; Jent Reuben; Annie; and Mollie REESE. Homeplace was bet. Centreville and Liberty. Would like to correspond with those researching this family and those who shed light on gravesite.
Elizabeth mar. (2) Nicholas WELCH and is also bur. private cem. Where? Glad to share info. 

Date: September 21, 1997
NAME: William Davison

Researching Richard Davidson Family - Richard Davidson is recorded to have been from Kentucky and joined the army on March 26, 1804 and resigned on June 30, 1807. As to when exactly Richard settled in Mississippi is not known, but records show that he was a resident of Wilkinson County, MS in 1809 when he bought 1000 arpents of land on Bayou Sarah, Natchez District. On December 13, 1810, Richard Davidson, a Presbyterian, was married to Eliza Noel Pintard an Episcopalian, by a Catholic Priest at Chateau Gai, West Feliciana, LA After their marriage they settled in or near Pinckneyville, Wilkinson Co., where Richard practiced medicine and owned a plantation. They were reported to associate with the James Alexander Thom family of Wilkinson Co. Any help with would be appreciated, need Richard Davidson's parents, sibs, descendants, James Alexander Thom's parents, sibs and descendants. 

Date: September 2, 1997
NAME: Marcy Frantom

I am trying to find more information on an ancestor who married in Woodville, MS in 1809 or 1810. Her father was John Frantom born about 1750 in Inverness, Scotland and mother was Penelope Hays. I do not know her first name, but she married Abram Quinn. Thank you so much. 

Date: September 1, 1997
NAME: Beryl Browning

Looking for info on William M. BLANCHARD (b. Jun 1851 in TN) who married Sarah ???? (b. Jun 1874 in TN). William and Sarah had two children born in MS, Wilkenson County, I believe. The children are Nettie Eujanie BLANCHARD (b. 24 Jul 1892) and Robert BLANCHARD (b. Sep 1895) I believe both of these children were born around Fort Adams or Port Gibson, but this is a guess. I would appreciate any information about them to confirm this or provide any further info. Thanks very much for your help. 

Date: September 10, 1997
NAME: Carol Renner

Interested in David McGraw, Sr. who was on the 1820 Pike Co. census. In "Source Records from Pike Co.,MS 1798-1910," a law suit mentions Hance Hamilton VS Darling McGraw, executor of the estate of David McGraw, Sr. deceased. Would like to find more information on the McGraws in Pike Co. and if Darling (who was from Wilkinson Co.) was David,Sr.'s son. Very interested in swapping details with others interested in this family. 

Date: September 17, 1997
NAME: Javan Michael DeLoach

There were two DeLoach families who went to Wilkinson County in the early 1800s. Ruffin DeLoach and his wife Abba Mercer were the first, and they were shortly followed by Ruffin's cousin, Jesse DeLoach and his wife Polly Bridgers. 

Date:September 18, 1997

I am trying to find any information I can on Josiah Knight and Kate Brannan from 1840 through 1860. They may have been married, I don't know. Something was written about them in the Woodville Chronicle during this time period. They have some pertinence to me, I'm told, but not through my name. I need to know who they were, what they did and where they went. Anything you could help me with would be greatly appreciated. 

Date: September 3, 1997
NAME: Bettiann White Lloyd

James Alfred FAUST (s/o Mitchell S. FAUST/Margaret Murrath COX), b 11 Jun 1820, Amite Co., MS; m 23 May 1843, Wilkinson Co., MS to Rachel Adelia SCUDDER, b abt 1827, WIlkinson Co., MS. James and Rachel had the following children: (1) Rachel; (2) Mitchell Scudder m Francis SLOCUMB; (3) Samuel Scott m Eunice JACKSON; (4) Anthony; (5) Eugenia m Joseph McKinney SMITH; (6) Lonnie; (7) Julia Ann m Elbert Melton BOSTICK; (8) Margaret m Jim BEARD; (9) Pete. All of the children were born between 1844 and 1863. Who were Rachel Adelia SCUDDER's parents? Who did Rachel, Anthony, Lonnie and Pete marry?
If you have any further information on, or connect to, this family, would love to hear and share with you what I can. 

Date: September 9, 1997
NAME: Linda May

I am looking for information on surnames Flowers, Beattie, and Leake. My family was originally from out around Cold Spring (close to Buffalo Bayou). I have a good amount of information regarding the Leakes but am missing quite a few dates. My main interest right now is Beattie which is my daddy's family. I can only go back to my great-great-grandfather, Dave Beattie. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am looking for information regarding the Leake-Flowers-Beattie families. I am related to the Leakes through my great-grandmother Vera Arline Leake who married John Earl Flowers on March 05, 1908. I am related to the Beatties through my grandfather, Henry J. Beattie who married Ernestine Eugenia Flowers in Wilkinson County, Ms. Any info will be greatly appreciated. 

Date: September 7 1997

I am looking for information on the parents of Huel Dalton. Huel was born in 1872 in the south western area of Wilkinson County. His fathers name is Hiram Dalton and his mother Louise ( Butler ?). I need information on the wife of Huel Mary Blakes born April 15, 1873 from the same area. Mary Blakes mother is Daphne Tyson and her Father is Hamp blakes. Mary and Huel had eight children - Louise, Hamp, Isiah, Emma, Huel, Beatrice, Sarah and Hiram. The 1920 Census show that Louise was 18 and Hiram was 7. Their son Hamp moved to Chicago sometime before 1928 and they never saw him again. I hope there is children and grandchildren of Hamp Dalton out there somewhere that will get back to me. I would also like information on the Draughter family that started out in West Feliciana Parish but lived in Wilkinson County. The oldest member that i know of is Philip Draughter. Philip Sr had a son Philip Jr. and Eugene. Philip Jr. had two boys- Kirmet and Lawrence. The Draughters lived in an area called Forest Hill. The Daltons lived on Wyoming plantation. I've entered this information in the World Family Tree and would love to hear from someone.I've got more information to share. 

Date: August 31, 1997
NAME: Barbara H. Franz

Looking for info on Justus Chadwell born abt. 1809, son of John Chadwell and Elmira Louise Andrews, daughter of Justus Andrews. John and Elmira married in Miss. about 1807. Elmira later married Amos Richarson. Justus married Charlotte Harson, daughter of John Harson and Ellen (Nell) ???.Justus and Charlotte married in Wilkinson County Miss. in 1832. In 1839 there is a marriage for Justus Chadwell and Mary Robb in Wilkinson Co. By this time Charlotte is living in Lafouche Parish Louisiana married to William Avant/Evans of Wilkinson County Miss. Charlotte had a sister Clemency who married George Avant/Evans. I will be glad to share any information I have on these families. 

Date: August 21, 1997
NAME: Shirley McCluer

Would like to communicate with any descendant of Daniel O. Williams who married the daughter of Samuel Lacey before 1840. She was b. in 1813, her father died in 1814, probably in Wilkinson Co. I don't know anything else about the family. There was a Daniel O. Williams in Hinds Co. in 1850, but since I don't know the daughter's first name, I don't know how to identify the family. 

Date: August 18, 1997
NAME: Paul Timon

Researching surname TIMON.
John TIMON, b. abt 1800 in Germany, d. Apr 22, 1848, Wilkinson Co., MS. In 1840 he married Mary Ann JACKSON, b. abt 1816, d. 1853. Their children were Francis TIMON, Victoria H. TIMON, Lewis W. TIMON, Alonzo N. TIMON and Josephine TIMON, all born at Fort Adams, Wilkinson Co., MS. 

Date: August 17, 1997
NAME: Julie Garito

I would like to correspond with anyone who knows of the following families in Amite, Wilkinson, and Issaquena counties between 1810 and 1860. They are Gaulden, Richardson, Robison, Ewell, and Huggins. Would be glad to share. 

Date: Jul 29, 1997
NAME: Roberta Hofmann

Researching BUSH, BRUCE, SLACK families who were in Wilkinson County as early as 1805. Intermarried with Nugents, Cains, Browns, Goodins, Lewis', and Slacks. 

Date: July 15, 1997
NAME: Virginia Ewing

George Perry, Sr., son of Job Perry of Sumter co. SC, moved to Wilkinson county in the early 1800s, along with his brother in law, Elijah Price and his mother, Jemina Perry. George Perry, Sr md. Nancy Rogers, probably in Sumter, SC. Their children were: John, Huldah, David C. Perry, Elizabeth, Margaret, George, Jr., and Amos. John md. several times, last wife, Nancy Anders; Huldah md John Cavin; David C. died in 1836, do not have a wife for him; Elizabeth md. William Truax; Margaret md Joseph E. Price, son of Elijah and Margaret Perry Price, George, Jr. md Matilda Truax; Amos md 1st, Samantha Hollbrook. Joseph E. Price dau., Mary Price, md John Jamison they are the parents of: Permelia C. Jamison who md. William Chesterfield Ashley and Nancy Elizabeth Jamison who md. Jonathan Alexander Day. This line has just been accepted by the DAR. 

Date:July 11, 1997
NAME: Carol Renner

Interested in DARLING MCGRAW who married MARGARET MEEK on 13 August 1808 in Wilkinson Co. URIAH MCGRAW was bondsman and petitioner of the Orphan's Court for permission for Darling and Margaret to marry. Darling was born c1788 TN and Margaret was born in 1786 York Dist. SC. Darling MCGRAW came from Montgomery Co.,TN. Looking for the tie to the Fairfield Dist.SC MCGRAWS. 

Date: June 28, 1997
NAME: Thomas R. Curtis

I am researching the Curtis, Courtney, Stampley, Cole families. A large party headed by Richard Curtis Sr. moved to the Natchez district in 1780. Richard Curtis Jr. founded the first Baptist Church in the Mississippi territory in 1791 at Coles Creek, later called the Salem Baptist Church. The founding members were Richard Jr., William Curtis, John Jones, Benjamin Curtis, Ealiff Lanier and Margaret Stampley. Later he helped form the second Baptist Church near Beaver Creek, Ebenezer Baptist Church. Land records show land claims on Beaver creek between 1802 and 1808 by John Courtney, William Cole, William Curtis, James Cole, Mark Cole, William Curtis and Richard Curtis. I would like to share information with anyone doing research on these families. 

Date: June 21, 1997
NAME: Cyndie Broussard Townsend

Hugh Howard DAVIS m. Mary Beauford CAGE 25 Apr 1860, in Wilkinson County, Miss. Mary Beauford CAGE was the daughter of Polaski CAGE and Mary VENTRESS, born 20 Aug 1832 in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. The Hugh Howard DAVIS' had one child that I know of, John Cage DAVIS, who moved to Louisiana and became a Steamboat Captain. John Cage DAVIS married Minnie Lee BARNETT ca 1890. They had three children. Gladys DAVIS b. 1892 in Mississippi, Albert DAVIS b. 1902 in Louisiana, Mildred DAVIS b. 1906 in New Orleans, La.. I would be very interested in sharing information with anyone. 

Date: June 16, 1997
NAME: Barbara Prestridge

Researching John Lewis KUHN(COON), Sr., b 24 Sep 1757 in Orangeburgh Dist., SC, d Dec 1822 in Wilkinson Co. He m Mary FANNON abt 1781 and they had the following children: Anna m Harris RAWLS; Jasper S. M. m Sarah FENNER; Jacob m Nancy Jenet SMITH; Margaret m 1) Austin COATS 2) Asa ANDERSON; John Lewis, Jr. m 1) Malinda SWAYZE 2) Elizabeth WHITE; Charles August m Elizabeth McNEELY; David Fannon m Charlotte KILGORE; Mary Ann Elizabeth m 1) Edmund P. ALLEN 2) Thomas Pike SCUDDER. 

Date:June 16, 1997
NAME: Barbara Prestridge

Researching Jacob CORLEY and Margaret BROWN who m in Wilkinson Co. on 20 Feb 1811. Margaret is believed to be the dau of Joseph BROWN. Jacob is the son of Jeremiah CORLEY of Barnwell or Lexington Dist., SC. After Jacob's death, Margaret m Charles HOOVER. Margaret BROWN and Jacob CORLEY had the following children: Nancy m 1) Jacob MOAK 2) William (Bill) REEVES 3) Hezekiah WOODALL; Sarah Elizabeth m Middleton Monroe MOAK, Wyatt; Mary Ann m Patric WALLACE; Keziah. 

Date: June 10, 1997
NAME: Sandra

My ancestor,Burton Landrum, was married to Eliza Westberry in Wilkinson Co. on 01 Nov.1832.Burton must have died sometime before 1846,as Eliza married William D.Allen on 12 Nov.1846, also in Wilkinson Co. Could anyone tell me who the parents of Burton and Eliza were?Does anyone know what the probable route of migration was for these two family groups prior to moving into Wilkinson Co.? Any info about these families would be appreciated.I'll be happy to share any info that I've obtained also. 

Date: June 9, 1997
NAME: Kraig Ruckel

Looking for these surnames in Wilkinson County:

Date: June 8, 1997
NAME: Barbara Prestridge

I am looking for information on my father's family. My father was William Pickett McCrea, born in Woodville, Mississippi, March 1, 1892 to Thomas Joseph McCrea. That is all the information that I have. I do believe that his mother's name was Zelda.
They later moved to Louisiana, Franklin, New Iberia, and Lafayette. He had a sister Mary Elizabeth, born when and where I do not know. My father was a twin. His twin brother died at age three. 

Date: May 29, 1997
NAME: Janice Billy

Looking for any information on David T.W. Cook who was born in NC or SC. Spent time in Mecklenburg Co.and Currituck Co. NC and York Co., SC before coming to West Feliciana to take part in the "Second Battle of Baton Rouge" in 1810. Took part in the "Battle of New Orleans" in 1812. Spent time in Natchitoches, LA as well as Sabine Parish,LA and then to Wilkinson MS by 1815. He married Lydia Northern in Currituck Co.,NC around 1800's and had children Charlotte Cook, McKinney Cook and John David Cook. In 1812 he married Elizabeth Collinsworth and had at least one son, James Collinsworth Cook. She died in 1813. In 1815 he married Caroline Matilda Nelson, no known children. In 1840 he married Sarah Godley, no known children.
David T.W. Cook was reportedly a doctor, who played the fiddle and liked to have fun. Would like to know more about any member of this family :-). 

Date: May 29, 1997
NAME: Nick Griffin

Would like to correspond with anybody researching a Robert GRIFFIN that married a Jane ROBINSON in 1808 in Wilkinson Co, Ms. 

Date: May 29, 1997
NAME: Nick Griffin

Would like to correspond with anybody researching a Thomas O JONES, b-1805 Wilkinson Co, Ms. Married a Delia WALKER in 1844 in Conway Co, Ar. and settled in Navarro Co, Tx. by 1850. 

Date: May 29, 1997
NAME: Nick Griffin

Would like to correspond with anybody researching a Lewis JONES, b-abt 1775 in Edgecombe Co, NC. Married a Patsy CARLSILE in Edgecombe Co, NC> Their children were born in Elbert Co, Ga, Wilkinson Co, Ms, and Perry Co, Tn. Children were:Hardy, Reuben, Lewis C, Thomas O, James C, Jane H, and Rebecca. The family finally settled in Conway Co, Ar. 

Date: May 28, 1997
NAME: Robert

Looking for information on family of T. H. Oswald and Lucy Hanna Oswald. Family lived in Woodville, Wilkinson county. Lucy b. 1826, d. after 1877, T. H. died 1877. Any help will be appreciated. 

Date: May 25, 1997
NAME: Tammy Collins

I am looking for the Family that owned the Wyoming Plantation in Wilkinson County - Woodville, MS. This will greatly help me in the search for my own family history. My family were slaves on the Wyoming Plantation. The Church and Cemetary on the Plantation are both named Cherryfield. My grandmother's name was Louise Dalton (maiden name). Her mother's name was Mary Butler (maiden) Mary married Huron or Hiram Dalton in the late 1800's. Mary's mother was a slave. Her name was Daisy Butler. I am thinking that the name Dalton or Butler belonged to a white family who owned the plantation or there is a "Record of Sale" to or by this family regarding my GG Grandmother Daisy. Any information will me greatly appreciated. Will share all info I have. 

Date: May 21, 1997
NAME: Penne Patterson

I am searching for information on the Pressler family in Wilkinson Co. MS. There is a Peter Pressler Sr., Peter Pressler, Joshua Pressler, and Simon Pressler listed at various times in WIlkinson Co.
Peter Sr. m. Jael Pressler (Jael died at the home of her son Joshua age 106yrs) They had Joshua
Catherine Marsellus McNulty (m. Ephriam Marsellus, William McNulty)
Ann O'Connor (m John O'Connor)
and probably Peter
others ???
Joshua Pressler m Rebecca Burk 25 - Nov - 1810 in wilkinson Co.
They had
others ???
Simon Pressler m Amelia (Milley) Burk 21 - Dec - 1808 in Wilkinson Co.
They had
James M.
and lived at least some of the time in Concordia Pa, Louisiana. Somewhere in this family was Lovica M. Pressler who married Walter Morrison (of Assumption parish La) Jan 13, 1848. Walter Morrison was my gg grandfather. Any connections between these families is greatly appreciated. Additionally, any information on the Burk family is needed. Will exchange any information that I have. Thanks. 

Date: May 21, 1997

Seeking information onf Robert Jarrot MCNEIL and Ophelia LONGMIRE. Do not have a date of death on Robert. A newspaper clipping from "The Woodville Republican" stated that Robert was interred at the family cemetery White's School House. This clipping is not dated. Robert and Ophelia had several children: Jeffie Olivia McNeil born 3-19-1889, Robert, Ora (Nora) and Myrtle.

Date: May 14, 1997
NAME: Nelson L. Dawson

Rev. Thomas S. Dawson, b. 1858 d 1891 m 1881 Amite Co; to Lula Parlee Whittington. He was licensed to preach in Fall of 1889 in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Woodville, Wilkinson Co. Last known church that he pastored was Cedar Grove Church, Amite Co. Info taken from his Bible dated Nov. 1890. Thomas' parents were William M. H. Dawson and Maria Pipkin Tabor (b. E. Feliciana Parish, La) Maria died in home of Thomas S. in 1883 near Cedar Grove Church. Would like more info on him and his ministry.
Lula Parlee Whittington b. 1867 d. 1936 was dgt of James Monroe Whittington & Rebecca Elsie Helmer. After Dawson died she married James (Jim) Polk Foreman (Forman) 1891. Would like info on Helmer family. Elsie was dgt of Tom Helmer and Evaline Jackson. James Monroe Whittington was son of William Elam Whittington and Elizabeth (Betsy) Jackson. 

Date: May 8, 1997

I am looking for information on Henry W.Miller. I believe that he was sheriff of Wilkerson County in the late 1800's. He was married to Eleanor (Parton?). Thank you. 

Date: May 7, 1997
NAME:Pauline Brandy

Seeking info. on parents of Rebecca TABOR who marr. 14 Feb 1833 Wilkinson Co. to David LOUDON, and then marr. 20 Feb 1837 St. Helena Par., LA. to John W. ROWND. Who were her parents?

DATE:April 28, 1997
Name: JoAnn M. Pape

McCollister (McAllister) - Nettles
Seeking information on son of John and Nancy Nettles McCollister (mcAllister). John and Nancy Married in Wilkinson Co. 1807. Looking for anything on son James, b c 1816 in MS. Birthdate, etc. 

DATE:April 23, 1997
Name: Deanna Cooley

I am searching for information of Hannah Davis married to Joseph Rawls around 1850 or l860. She and her husband lived in the Wilkinson County Area;probably around the present Highway 61 area. 

DATE:April 17, 1997
Name: Jerry Ellis

I am looking for the parents of William Franklin Heathington(hethington) and Henry Edward Heathington these boys were left orphans in the 1860s and lived with Anthony B. Seals in Dickson Co. Tn in the 1870 Census William was born in 1853 and Henry my great grandfather was born in 1863 in Wilkinson Co. Ms. or perhaps Adams Co Ms are maybe over in La. they don't know all we have is family records of them living on the Mississippi River and them saying That John Heathington and Nancy Seals there parents Also they list a Wesley Seals and a Hal Seals as uncles Can anyone help?

DATE:April 17, 1997
Name: M. Newton

ANDREW KAIGLER, JR. and wife KATY COPPLEPOWER moved to Wilkinson County, MS from Williamson County, TN ~1815 with son WILLIAM KAIGLER and wife ELIZABETH BEASLEY KAIGLER. Daughter of the latter named ADELINE KAIGLER married DR. ROYAL HARRIS then moved to St. Mary's Parish, LA. Any info? 

DATE:April 17, 1997
Name: Brett Hope

Isaac E. Ogden died 1835-36, probably Wilkinson county. He left minor children George T. Ogden, Margaret A. Ogden, Rebecca Ogden and Melissa Ogden. Elizabeth Ogden, widow of James Ogden, was left dower land in Wilkinson County, bounded by lands of Robert Norwood and Wm. Tigner, when James died, probably 1830-1835.
John Hope was appointed guardian of Isaac's children. Anyone know this family, and their relationship to John Hope?
John Hope married Keziah Elliott Apr 18 1818 in Wilkinson County. Any info on John, Keziah and descendents needed. 

DATE:April 12, 1997
Name: Carolyn Switzer

Jeremiah NETTERVILLE b. 23 Nov 1777 in Charleston, SC married Mary Owens MATHIS about 1800 in Charleston, SC. I am related to their son Jesse Mathis NETTERVILLE b. 26 Jan 1814 in Wilkinson Co., MS.
Jeremiah NETTERVILLE's parents were William NETTERVILLE and Esther NEALY. I need info on Mary Owens MATHIS' parents and siblings. I also need Mary's birthdate and birthplace; marriage date and place; specific date of death (The year was 1852 and buried in what cemetery in Wilkinson Co., MS.)

Samuel LEAKE b. 1816 in Adams Co., MS married Lydia WHITE b. May 1830 in ?MS on 4 Oct 1846 in ?MS. I am related to their son Alexander Boyd LEAKE b. 26 Jun 1851 in Wilkinson Co., MS.
Samuel LEAKE's parents were Frederick A. LEAKE and Mary Ann RABB. I need Lydia WHITE's parents and siblings. Also need death and burial info on Samuel and Lydia as well as marriage place and Lydia's birth place.
Anyone out there researching these families? Willing to share info. Thanks.

DATE:April 12, 1997
Name: Carolyn Switzer

Thomas BRANNAN b. 30 Sep 1795 in ?SC married Martha Patsy WHITE b. 22 Sep 1800 in ?NC/SC (King's Mountain area) on 27 Aug 1823 in Wilkinson Co., MS. Patsy's parents were Robert "Robin" White and Mary Hux (d/o John Hux and ??wife of King's Mountain).
I need parents of Thomas BRANNAN, his birthplace and siblings. I am related through their daughter Catherine Harriet BRANNAN b. 18 Sep 1838 in Wilkinson Co., MS.
Anyone out there researching this family? Willing to share info. Thanks. 

DATE:April 12, 1997
Name: Carolyn Switzer

William E. KNIGHT married Dorcas ALEXANDER 13 Mar 1821 in Wilkinson Co., MS. I am related to their son Josiah (Joe) KNIGHT b. 25 Mar 1825 in Wilkinson Co. ,MS.
I need parents of both William E. KNIGHT and Dorcas ALEXANDER as well as birthdates, birthplaces and death and burial info on William and Dorcas. I also need info on their children and their descendants. Josiah (Joe) is the only child I have listed.
Anyone out there researching this family? Willing to share info. Thanks. 

DATE:April 1, 1997
Name: Kate

John Gilbert practiced law in Wilkinson, Franklin, Jefferson Co's in the 1830's. I am looking for information on his family ancestors; contact with descendants. 

DATE:March 29, 1997
Name: Don Etheridge

I am searching for any info on a Jane Waters who married Henry Etheridge June 16, 1853 in Wilkinson Co. Jane is on the 1850 Wilkinson Co. census, 30 yrs old, in the household of Mason Saunders/Sanders, a wealthy planter from N.C. Listed directly under Jane Waters is apparently a child of hers Priscilla 5 years old. Jane and Henry Etheridge are listed again in Wilkinson Co. census for 1860. Henry says that he was born in Virginia and is a carpenter. Is anyone familiar with this family? 

DATE:March 17, 1997
Name: Barbara

I am searching for decendents of Archibald Clark listed in Green Co. MS. 1820 Census, Wilkinson Co. MS. 1830 Census, Clarke Co. Ms. 1840 Census.
I do not know if this reflects only one person. 

DATE:March 11, 1997
Name: A.J. Brewer Stewart

Seeking information about the family of Owen Jasper ELLIS and Martha Charlotte (Sharlot) BARNES who m in Wilkinson Co, 25 June 1805. Who were Martha Charlotte's parents? How was William BARNES related? Ransom ELLIS, s/o Owen and Martha ELLIS, m Sarah HOWELL. Who were Sarah's parents?

DATE: February 5, 1997
Name: Nancy Dostal

Looking for info. on RICHARD OGDEN, son of DANIEL OGDEN and ELIZABETH NUGENT. Richard lived in Adams and Wilkinson Co., Mississippi around 1800.

DATE: March 5, 1997
Name: Nick Griffin

I am researching the following names in Wilkinson Co: Griffin, Lewis Jones, Robertson or Robinson in the 1800 to 1830 era. 

DATE: February 28, 1997
Name: Pauline Brandy

I am researching the Humphreys family of Wilkinson Co., Miss. I am a descendant of JOHN PHILLIP HUMPHREYS b: c1798-1802 SC, who we believe had a brother JAMES HUMPHREYS. Their father was possibly Nathaniel Humphreys of Cheraw SC.
JOHN PHILLIP HUMPHREYS (often "Jehu P.") came to the area about 1833. He had a son Nathaniel b: 22 Feb 1826 by his first wife. On 9 Dec 1833 John P. Humphreys married Mrs. Elizabeth Coon (believe she was a White) They are listed on Wilkinson Co. Census records and John P. Humphreys d: betw. 19 Nov 1850-Jul 8 1851. He was drowned in the river by three of his slaves who were tried, convicted, and executed. He had a large number of children. I am descended from his son NATHANIEL HUMPHREYS b: 1826 who married EMILY JANE JACKSON. Did Emily Jane Jackson have a father or brother named JOSEPH JACKSON? Does anyone have any information on the Jackson family? Nathaniel and Emily Jane Jackson Humphreys obtained land in Pointe Coupee Parish, La. and had a large number of descendants still living there today. Will gladly exchange information.

DATE: February 18, 1997
Name: Sherman Jumper

Seeking info on descendants of an elusive "MR. JUMPER", who died October 25, 1845 in Pike County, Mississippi. He was a native of South Carolina. What was his given name? Did he have a wife and family. Identified only as "Mr. Jumper" in THE REPUBLICAN (Woodville,Wilkinson County, Mississippi)newspaper, he removed to Wilkinson County about 1820 where he lived until two years before his death. Believe he is a grandson of John Conrad Jumper, a German immigrant who settled near present-day Columbia, SC.
Was there a possible relationship between "Mr. Jumper" and Elizabeth JUMPHREYS, who married Lewis A. YARBOROUGH in Wilkinson County in 1837? 

DATE: February 14, 1997
Name: Carl Grissett

My Great Grandfather Mitchel L. LaSalle, d.o.b. unknown was from Wilkinson County, married Susan Lavana Bills, d.o.b. unknown, on 9 June 1868. One child, Mary Amelia LaSalle, born 10 Sept 1869.
Amelia LaSalle, sister of Mitchel L. LaSalle, B September 10 1869 Wilkinson Co.
Any help wouuld be greatly appreciated. 

DATE: February 6, 1997
Name: Laura Hair Duffy

Seeking decendants of John D. Ashley b. 1747 S.C. d. 1832 Wilkinson Co. m. Elizabeth Sanders, daughter of George Sanders and Agnes Kelly John D. Ashley and Elizabeth Sanders Ashley's children were:
Elizabeth b. 1788 m. William Nettles
Mary b. 1790 m. William Hickman
Sarah b. 1792 m. John Wade
Susanna b. 1794 never married
John b. 1797 m. Maria Cotton
Thomas b. 1800 m. Sarah Day
Hiram b. 1805 m. Martha B. Sanders
Jane b. 1810 m. Jonathan Day
Hester b. 1816 m. Levi Hastings

I am researching ADAMS, ASHLEY, BASS, BRYANT, COTTON, DAY, LUSK, PERRY, SANDERS, STEEL/STEELE, WHITTINGTON and allied families in Amite and Wilkinson Co.'s all were their before statehood and most were from North or South Carolina. I am looking forward to Sharing family information. Thank you . 

DATE: February 4, 1997
Name: Hershel Walker

I am researching my BELL family background, and I know that it starts in Wilkinson County. I am looking for any information about WILLIAM BELL who appears in Wilkinson County in 1816. My paternal grandmother was a Bell from the Manghum, Richland Parish, La. area to which some of Mr. Bell's descendants moved around 1859. 

DATE: February 2, 1997
Name: Cheryl

Alford Jackson B: 1808SC married twice. He had 25-27 children. his first wife died (possibly Wilkinson Co, MS) and he married Martha (Grimmett) Sims widow of Richard Sims of AL. Most of Alford's children by his first wife were born in Wilkinson Co., he and Martha's 13 were born in Pontotoc and Lafayette Co's.
Need info on Alford's Parents, first Wife's name and place of death and and info on mis marriage to Martha. 

DATE: January 31, 1997
Name: Shirley

I think the Samuel Lacey in Wilkinson Co MS in 1805 may be the same Samuel who was in Charleston SC, father of Thomas Lacey, b. 1775, maried in 1800 in SC. There was a Thomas Lacey in Jefferson Co. MS from 1802-about 1813, then was in Catahoula Parish, LA. I think he is the father of my g g grandmother, Martha Lacey. I am hoping to find someone else who is working on the same family. 

DATE: January 30, 1997

My grandfather Edmond Allen Cox b. 18 Sept,1878 was probably born in Wilkinson county, but I have no data on it. I do know his son Lynn W. Cox was born in Wilkinson in 1902. My grandfather was supposedly born on the Cox estate (fairly large) but I don't know where it was. Edmond Allen Cox married in later years in Louisiana, but I need information on his marriage at the time he lived in Wilkinson County. Thanks. 

DATE: January 30, 1997
Name: Lesa Foster

The family of Rev. Moses Hadley and Ann Robert moved to the Wilkinson in an emmigration of approx. 97 people from the Robertville, South Carolina led by Captain Peter Robert.
At least two daughters married Ogdens, trying to see if any of the Ogden-Hadley marriages resulted in birth of Rebecca Ogden, born in 1820, 16 years after the Hadleys helped settle the Woodville area. 

DATE: January 21, 1997
Name: Lesa Foster

Can someone shed some light into an unknown family area?
Rebecca Ogden was born in 1820, Fort Adams, Wilkinson county, Mississippi. Her father was Issac E. Ogden, mother Mary Ogden, maiden name unknown.
Trying to find any additional information on parents or siblings. Many Thanks 

DATE: January 17, 1997
Name: Roy Sutton

 I am searching for information and location of the original Columbian Springs near Ft. Adams and Woodville. (1800 - 1830). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: January 18, 1997
Name: Ron Bullock

My ggg-gf was William P. Chambers (b. 1806 in Wilkinson Co.), and I believe that his father was Isaac Chambers, probably a brother of Jacob and John Chambers from that county. Israel Chambers who married Rachel Hope may have been the son of Jacob Chambers and Elizabeth Hope, m. 1809, Davidson County, Tennessee. Israel Chambers had a brother named Adam Hope Chambers, who married Sarah Sims in 1834, Wilkinson County. Elizabeth Hope may have been sister to Adam Hope of Wilkinson county and Davidson county, Tennessee. Also, Jacob Chambers married Martha Hope 1843 Wilkinson county. Any information on these families will be appreciated.

DATE: January 14, 1997
Name: Gary Rose

Checking on decendants of John C. Lainhart (Bedford Co Va). According to documents that I have his son Adam Lainhart moved to Wilkinson County Mississippi around 1779. John was my 6th great grandfather and I would be very interested in talking to any of Adam's people. John also had a daughter named Catherine who married Josias Cofer in Va. I have also seen the name spelled LANEHART (even in Ky it is spelled both ways).

DATE: January 10, 1997
Name: Cody Hart

I am researching my father's military history. In 1944 he was stationed in Centreville, MS. My sister was born in the Centreville hospital in 1944. My sister and i are trying to find the most we can about the army base in Centreville. Such as: It's name, primary mission & etc. Our father was an MP on the base there.

DATE: January 7, 1997
Name: Marlene Wilkinson

Wright - Griffin - Orrell
Need parents of Holden WRIGHT, born PA or NJ ca 1792, died 14 Aug 1868 Terrebonne Parish, LA, married Nancy GRIFFIN, born 8 Aug 1801, died 14 OPct 1852. She was the daughter of Abraham GRIFFIN and Elizabeth (HAMPTON) ORREL, They were married in Wilkinson County, 24 Sep 1822.. Holden also purchased land jointly with Roland GILES 2 Feb 1822 with their residences as Adams County, MS. By Sep 1826 Holden WRIGHT and Abraham GRIFFIN were in Terrebonne PARISH, LA. Holden and Nancy had: Elisha, John, Maria Elizabeth, Abraham, Martha, Holden Jr., Thomas, William, Mary Jane, George, and Laura Joanna. Help appre. 

DATE: January 1, 1997

I am searching for information on the Phipps and McMillan families. William Phipps (b.bef.1819 in MS) married Rebecca McMillan (b.bef.1819) in 1818 in Wilkinson Cnty,MS. Their children were: Lucinda Phipps (b.abt.1819 in MS); Sarah Litch Phipps (my great grandmother)(b.abt.1824 in MS); Elizabeth Phipps (b.abt.1825 in MS); David Phipps (b.abt.1834 in MS); William Phipps Jr. (b.bef.1834 in MS); and Mary Ann Phipps (b.abt.1835 in MS).
Does anyone have any information on Rebecca McMillan, her date of birth, place of birth and her parents names? William Phipps' parents were Henry Phipps (b.abt.1777) and Phebe Carter. Henry Phipps parents were John Phipps and Sarah Lee. Does anyone have the origins of the Phipps family? I think they were from SC.
Will exchange information. Thanks. 

DATE: December 27, 1996

I am seeking information on William D. Armstreet born Ms l814 and his wife Jane born Ms l812. They are in Natchitoches Parish (later Sabine) in l840. William D. is surely a member of the Armstreet family found earlier in Adams and Wilkinson Co's, but I need a marriage ecord. No luck in the Adams and Louisiana sources I've had Access to. Thanks for any help you can give me. 

DATE: December 22, 1996
Name: Phillip J. Speed

Looking for ancestors and decendants of Jacob W. Enlow, born 9 Oct 1837 in Wilkinson County, married to Nancy Tyler and Lydia S. Dawson, son of Jesse Enlow and Emaline Lusk. Would like to know more about Jacob's parents and grandparents, relations and particularly history. 

DATE: December 4, 1996
Name: Theodore R. Brown

Wanting to find out if there is any information on the Scott or Veal families. Both are the names of African-American families that orignated from the Woodville, Mississippi area. I am hoping that this would have been the name of a family or slave owner in the area that lead me to more information.
As it stands now the trail seems to end with ancestor by the name of Sherrod (also spelled Sherwood, Shared) Scott. Shared Scott and my Grandmother, Idelle Keller-Veal, were laborers on the Stewart Farm per the 1880 census. My Grandmother was previously married to a Preston Veal.
Any leads will be greatly appreciated. 

Date: November 20, 1996
Name: Edgar Farrar Goldberger

Issic Davis Stamps is my Great Great Grandfather. I am looking for information about his family. His Uncle was Jefferson Davis. Issic is buried at the Rosemont Plantation in Woodville. He was Capt of Co E, The Huracain Rifels, 21st Mississippi, KIA July 2, 1863, Gettysburg. His father in law was Benjemin Grubb Humphreys(my 3X Grandfather). I am also Looking for information on the Humphreys family. Thanks 

Date: October 15, 1996
NAME: Debbie DeFoi

Searching for any info on: Andy ZEAGLER/ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER [b.cir 1835] and Mary Jane DAVESON had three children: Susann A.[b. 1858, Amite Co.], Albert and Alex. Susann m. William Monroe LINDSEY [b. 1861] possibly lived in Wilkinson Co. They had 10 children, including: Susie Estelle [b. 1888, Amite Co.]. Susie LINDSEY m. Walter Jerome BATES [b. 1880, Franklin Co.], they had 10 children. (Walter BATES' parents are said to have been: Merlin BATES and Mary E. RYALS.)
Of the 10 children of Susie LINDSEY and Walter BATES, their daughter, Annie "Gladys" BATES m. Benny M. FOSTER 1936 in Amite Co. They lived in Amite and Polk Counties. Benny's parents were Martin Luther FOSTER and Ida Mae PONDER. (Martin may have had two brothers: Jessey and Henery. Martin had two more sons: Marvin and Howard FOSTER by his second wife Audrey _____.)
William Washington BROWN [b. 1814 in TN]m. Louisa (MCGRAW or) HOLMES [b. in TN; parents of Ireland or Scotland] and moved to MS and possibly lived in these areas: Sardis and Guedis Springs of Tate Co. MS/Panola Co./Lafayette Co. It is said they raised or raced horses and became quite wealthy. They had eight children and moved on to Arkansas. Their son, Christopher Columbus quot;Lum" BROWN [b. 1858 in Tate Co.], said to have been a bugler in the Civil War.
Any help will be appreciated.
Date: October 5, 1996
NAME: Vicki McNamara

Looking for Hon Judge James WALKER, or any related WALKERS. had a plantation south of Woodville. Also looking for CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM COLE who married DELIA GOFF. Have information on decescendants. If anyone has info please email me. Thank you in advance.

DATE: 6 Aug 1996
NAME: Brett Hope

Researching these family names that lived in Wilkinson County c. 1800 - 1870. Particularly interested in Adam Hope, Nathaniel D. Hope, William G. Hope, John Hope and any descendents of George Bell Newell and William Newell. Caroline Dupuy, Hiram Frayard and Adaline (Dupuy?) Newell Frayard are all related to William Newell.
Jacob Chambers m. Elizabeth Hope in Tn., moved to Wilkinson County had son Adam Hope Chambers. 

DATE: 4 Aug 1996
NAME: John Cain

Interested in corresponding with others interested in the family of William Cain who arrived in Wilkinson County MS Territory in 1806.
He had many descendants in both Amite and Wilkinson counties. Names: Allen ... John ... James ... Archibald ... Andrew ... Elijah, etc. Intermarried with Cason ... Cox. Reply to email above or snail mail to: John E Cain; 4601 Concord Drive; Garland, TX 75042 ... telephone (214) 276-0157. 

DATE: 11 July 1996
NAME: Elaine Randall English

I am researching the Day and Randall families in Wilkinson County and would like contact with other researchers of same name. Would like to trade information. Time periods from early 1800's to present. 

DATE: 10 July 1996
NAME: Virginia Cottrell

Seeking info on ancestry, parents and siblings of Elizabeth HARVEY b. c1784/94 GA according to census records.
I have no clues to the identity of her family. In 1813 she married Anderson GLOVER in Wilkinson Co. MS. Apparently he died and she married James Alexander ARDREY 17 Feb 1822 also in Wilkinson Co. (He was from York Co. SC and had first been married to Eliza SUTEN of Adams Co. MS. They had one son, James Madison ARDREY).
Elizabeth and Alexander ARDREY had sons:
John N. ARDREY b. c1824 Wilkinson Co. MS
George W. ARDREY born and died in Wilkinson Co. MS
William ARDREY
Robert Dixon/Dickerson/Dickinson ARDREY b. Sep 1833, Wilkinson Co. MS ( R.D. was my gr grandfather)
Thomas ARDREY b. c1837 Point Coupee Parish, LA 

Date: Aug 25 1996
NAME: Bill Gremillion

Hugh or James Hugh Nelson probably owned 144 acres in Adams County by 1804 and died in Wilkinson County late 1823. His widow, Frances Glass Nelson, is named as co-adm'x in the 1-1-1824 Woodville Republican. He may have been the Hugh Nelson named in the roster of Neilsen's Regiment which arrived at the Battle of New Orleans on the day of the battle.
Other NELSONs believed in the area then or earlier are Peter, James, John, Christopher and Patrick.
Any NELSON information at all greatly appreciated.

Date: September 15, 1996
NAME: Ima White

Seeking information on William Baker, born ca 1805 Ms., married Sarah (mnu) Bryant, a widow with at least two children-James Franklin and Nathan, Nov. 17, 1831 in Wilkinson County, Ms. Census records of Chicot County, Ar. in 1850 show Sarah was born ca 1800 in SC. William and Sarah Baker had two children Harriet md. Jacob WELCH and Elijah. Does anyone have information on these families? 

Date: September 21, 1996
NAME: Ron McCrory

Seeking more information on the McCrory's of Wilkinson County. I am particularly interested in: Thomas McCrory (listed in Wilkinson County Deed book 1803-1817 in land transfer to "D. McCrory; Wm McCrory who maried Polly Hubert in 1823; and Jennett McCrory who married Needham. Marsh in 1813 [both marriages in Wilkinson county] This is all the Wilkinson county information I have been able to locate.
The names Thomas and Wm both appear in early 1800's records in Alabama. I am trying to learn if they are the same people or what the connection may be? 

Date: September 22, 1996
NAME: Carole Spencer

Searching for parents of Joshua W. KELLY m. Susan T. RICHARDSON 26 May 1846 Adams Co. Resided in Wilkinson Co. Died before 26 March 1847 when daughter Mary (Molly) Kelly was born. Joshua was killed at a racetrack. Possibly brother to Zachariah Kelly who is buried in Woodville Cemetery. 

Date: September 22, 1996
NAME: Carole Spencer

Johanna MCCREADY wife of John McCready in Wilkinson Co. by abt 1820.
John d. 15 May 1837. Johanna d. after 1860. Johanna was b. ca 1791 VA.
Who were her parents--O'Coner/Conner/Connor? 

Date: September 22, 1996
NAME: Carole Spencer

Charles W. SPENCER m. Sarah Elizabeth MCCREADY 23 Sep 1841 Wilkinson Co. Charles d. before 1845. One child, John W. Spencer b. 14 June 1842.
Who were the parents of Charles W. Spencer? 

Date: September 22, 1996
NAME: Carole Spencer

Searching for descendants and info on William SPENCER and Mary Ann BLACKBURN m. 13 July 1821 Wilkinson Co., MS. 

Date: September 24, 1996
NAME: Sue Abruscato

Three Dixon brothers settled in Amite Co., ca 1809. David was married to Sylvia Boothe, John was married to Henrietta Boothe, and Ephraim was married to Sarah Boothe. Sylvia, Henrietta, and Sarah were daughters of Daniel & Priscilla Boothe of Orange Co., NC. Joseph Boothe also a son of Daniel & Priscilla, settled in Amite. Would love to find anyone researching these families, have much to share. Collateral lines: Gordon, Murphy, Shaw, Toler, Kirkland, Harrington, Henderson, Caston Lea, Anderson, Longmire. Families settled in Amite, Wilkinson, Adams, Simpson, and Hinds. 

Date: Septembe 24, 1996
Name: Sue Abruscato

Am researching the family of Willis Murphy/Murphrey and Priscilla Dixon. Willis, Wiley and Mary Murphy were put under guardianship of Richard Murphy in 1809 Amite Co. Who were the parents to these children. Richard was born in Duplin Co., NC in 1762, finally settled in Simpson Co., MS. Mary Murphy was married to Theodore Dorsett. The Dorsett's and Murphy's settled in Sabine Co., TX in 1825. Priscilla Dixon was the daughter of David Dixon and Sylvia Boothe. Possible children of Richard Murphy: Mary who married James Brooks in 1818, Daniel Murphy who married Cay Graves in 1809, Eleanor who married Jon Perry in 1819, and Lavina who married John Peak in 1810. Would love to hear from anyone researching these lines. Families settled in Amite, Wilkinson, Adams, Simpson, and Hinds. 

Date: October 1, 1996
NAME: Blanche Wilkinson Green

I am researching the family of John Wilkinson d.1823-4 /Jane Scudder Wilkinson. Their son Thomas married Epsy Anderson, daughter of Harriet and Daniel D.Anderson. John was born in Va.,Jane in Tenn., and Daniel D. in Sumter cty.,S.C. All came to Wilkinson County about 1810. Other family members by marriage to heirs of above were J.Johns, S.D. Wilkinson,Jr., W.Irwin, Timon, Woodruff. Any information would be appreciated. 

Date: October 2, 1996
NAME: Velta Gillis Hord

Need help in locating any information about Steven SIMMONS b. 1797 GA. d. Nov.1879, Caldwell Co. Texas, married 26 Sept. 1818, Wilkerson Co. MS. to Anna STROUD b. 1797 S.C. d. ? where ?. Steven SIMMONS served in war of 1812 at age of 13 as a drummer 1812-1813 from Woodville, MS. Listed on the 1850 Quachita Co. Parish, LA. with Anna and following children; Martha Ann 20, b. MS., Martin 18 b. MS., Caroline 13 b. LA., Amanda 12 LA., Anna Elizth 8 b. LA. Family not found again until 1870 Caldwell Co. Texas.