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Posted Queries (2000)

Douglas O. Culpepper Sunday, March 19, 2000
Searching for a list of John NESMITH's children and his relatives who were living in Wilkinson County in the early 1800's.  John NESMITH died in Wilkinson in 1826.  Did he have a son or nephew named Samuel M. NESMITH who later shows up in the West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1850 census?  Any information on John NESMITH or Samuel M. NESMITH is requested.
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Gene Sunday, July 30, 2000
Looking for info on Sarah CRESWELL of Woodvile  b.abt 1861 m. Ernest Montagne  of Vermillion Parish,LA.
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Shannon M Hill Sunday, July 30, 2000
I am looking for information about W P CHAMBERS and his descendants. He was born in Wilkinson County, MS in 1806, married an Elizabeth GARBOROUGH in 1826 and later migrated to Southeast Arkansas to the community of Troy.  He was a doctor and minister. I would like information concerning  W P CHAMBERS and his ancestors and Elizabeth GARBOROUGH and her ancestors. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Bill Stewart Sunday, July 30, 2000
Searching for information about Rosie OWENS who was born in Centreville, Wilkinson County, MS in 1882 and died Tangipahoa Parish, LA in 1944. She had brothers named Dink and Moffet and a sister Kate. She married John P. STEWART, born Meadville, Franklin County, Mississippi March 1877, died Tangipahoa Parish, LA June 1964. She was previously married to and divorced from a MCGRAW, first name unknown, with whom she had one child, Malva. John and Rosie had four children, Freddie, John Lafayette (known as Tucker), Claudia, and Charles. Any information will be appreciated.
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JW Fleshman Sunday, July 30, 2000
My ancestor, Ephrim FLESHMAN, lived and died in Wilkinson County, MS before 1833.  Will appreciate any help you can give.  He was a farmer.  Thanks a bunch.
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Cheyrl Hill Sunday, July 30, 2000
Am looking for Earl HILL, Centerville, MS.  His daughter was supposed to be postmistress in Centerville.  Earl took care of his grandmother.  He was the nephew of my GGF, James Franklin HILL.  I am trying to find James' parents and siblings.  He was born 1873 in Adams county, married Mary Melissa COON of Wilkinson County in 1894.  I know that Centerville
straddles the county line of Wilkinson and Amite counties, but am not sure which side of the line Earl lived on.  I don't know Earl's daughter's name.  Thanks
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Ann Haygood Bauman Sunday, July 30, 2000
Am searching info on James B. HAYGOOD and Mary J. COLLINS who were married in Wilkinson County in 1827.  Any thing would be appreciated.
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Joyce Hansen Tuesday, July 11, 2000
Looking for death date and anything else for Henry HUDSON, buried in Woodville, Wilkinson County, MS.  He died about 1957-1959.  His grave site visited by a relative but they no longer have the information.  He was born abt 1881 in Louisiana.  He was married twice in Louisiana.  This from census records.  It's reported he is buried in the Netterville Cemetery on Fire Tower Rd.  I can't find a cemetery by that name.  Thank you.
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Barry Fox  Tuesday, July 11, 2000
Looking for information on my gg grandfather, Israel Franklin CHAMBERS, born about 1820 in MS.  I know there was an Israel CHAMBERS and Rachel Hope CHAMBERS in Wilkinson County so I am trying to establish a connection.
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Gloria Ann Rodgers Tuesday, July 11, 2000
I am trying to find out information about my GGF, William T. ROGERS who supposedly shot a man by the name of  POOLE for making a lewd remark about his daughter. The brothers of Mr. POOLE  in retaliation shot my GGF. This happened sometime around 1887 to 1900. Not sure of date.  If anyone knows anything about this long ago incident would you please contact me.  William was married to Lizibeth C. Forbes Rogers and they had children Thomas West and Hurd West, twins,  James Edward, Charles, Alice, William Alonzo,  Hugh and Alice G. Rogers.  I think that my GGF may have had a sister named Elizabeth who married a Gottleit Lindenmayer.  I will appreciate any information that someone can provide to me.  Also, I have heard that there might still be a daughter of  William Alonzo Rogers and his wife, Cuba Jones
still alive in Woodville named Edna.  I am not sure.  Thanks.
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Joy C. Tuesday, July 11, 2000
Looking for any information on Israel MERSHON and family, living in Wilkinson Co., 1850.  I am interested in the schools in this county where he may have taught.  Thank you.
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Ed Phipps Tuesday, June 19, 2000
Looking for information on Franklin Marion (Frank M.) PHIPPS born 1844 Wilkinson County and his wife Mary Jane McCLEARLY, also born 1844.  F.M. PHIPPS' father was possibly Richard PHIPPS who was married to Sarah Jane ADAMS, both born around 1820 in Wilkinson County.  Thanks.
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Micheal Oglesby Tuesday, June 19, 2000
Looking for any information on Elijah OGLESBY. May be son of James OGLESBY listed as an early Wilkerson settler (Second Creeek-1793).   He married a Sarah LONG born 1806 possibly in Wilkinson County.  Thank you very much.
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Francis P. Hughes Tuesday, June 19, 2000
Matthew M. HUGHES was a yankee who was visiting relatives in wilkinson county near the
Jefferson County line when the civil war started. He joined or was conscripted into a
jefferson county light artillery battery commanded by a Capt Harper and later Capt. Putnam Darden.  Matthew served until dec 1864 when he was captured in the battle for
Nashville, Tenn. I am looking for the relatives names (HUGHES) who likely came from
County Kildare, Ireland in the 1820 -1850 period.
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Kim Douglas-Martin & Craig Martin Tuesday, June 19, 2000
I am seeking any info on my great-grandfather Caesar DOUGLAS (aka Elias DOUGLAS) who lived in Centreville, MS until 1978.  Thanks.
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Ron Rogers Tuesday, June 19, 2000
My great great Grangmother, Anna Jane WHITE was born in Woodville around 1814. She was daughter of Hays Grahm WHITE & Sarah Hart ROGERS. Anna owned propety in Woodville thru Civil War. Any info on Anna, her parets or uncle Benjamin ROGERS all of Woodville would be greatly appreciated.
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Cheyrl Hill Tuesday, June 19, 2000
Looking for information on James Franklin HILL, m. Mary Melissa COON in Wilkinson County.  I am looking for James' family, in particular his parents - but any family would be nice.  I know there was a James HILL who was a dentist in Woodville, Wilkinson, MS, in the 1850's, and there was also a Harry HILL.  Don' t know how or if they're related, but it's the best info I've had so far. Can anyone help with any information?  Thanks.
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John E. Godwin Tuesday, June 19,2000
William Kinchen GODWIN husband of Bathsheba Cook GODWIN died in Centreville
MS in late 1800s probably 1890s.  Am searching for burial site and/or date of death.  Any information on Wm Kinchen GODWIN or his relatives would be greatly appreciated.
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Julie Threadgill Tuesday, June 19, 2000
I am searching for information on the STEVENS family of Wilkinson County Mississippi. Louis Elmo STEVENS is my grandfather and Isa Myrtle BROWN is my grandmother. They lived in Gloster. Isa is the daughter of Ferd Franklin BROWN and Ella Jane COBB. Louis and Isa had 11 children:
(1)Louis Wren Stevens DOB 10/21/18
(2)Elton Marcus Stevens DOB 5/30/20
(3)Leamon Franklin Stevens DOB 12/12/21
(4) Audra Elice Stevens DOB 4/21/23
(5) Ella Joyce Stevens DOB 2/14/27
(6) Stanley Lee Stevens DOB 1/10/29
(7) Francis Marie Stevens DOB 2/20/31
(8) Bobby Gene Stevens DOB 2/1/33
(9) Barney Wall Stevens DOB 11/6/35
(10)un named baby died 2 days after birth born 1937
(11)Elsie Oleta Stevens DOB 2/5/39
 My grandparents are believed to be buried in Mount Carmel Methodist Church Cemetary.
 If anyone has any information please please contact me.
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Leslie Pierce Royce Saturday, May 13, 2000
Looking for family members of this couple: Jon PERRY who married Eleanor MURPHY on 26 April 1819 in Wilkinson Co., MS.  I have a possible daughter, Jemima PERRY b. 1818/1819 who married in 1835, Amite Co., MS. to Robert S. CALLENDER b. 1810, E. Feliciana Parish, La.; son of Stephen CALLENDER/Betsey SIMPSON. Anyone with these surnames or anything on the family of PERRY/MURPHY information please reply. Share what I can. Thank you.
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Kevin Lazarus Saturday, May 13, 2000
I am looking for any info on LAZARUS, WALKER or GELLIS surnames that lived in Woodville.  I have several listed on my website that are direct relatives of mine and would welcome any new information that may be available.  Thanks.
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Sandra Gilbreath Saturday, May 13, 2000
My gggreatgrandmother's brother was tried and convicted of a murder which took place in Wilkinson Co. in 1835. An abstract of the case was found in the book , "Residents of the Mississippi Territory, Book 2A", compiled by Jean Strickland and Patricia N. Edwards. My attempt to find the record of the court case at the Wilkinson Co. courthouse was futile.
I was told that records existed only from about 1855 and later.
I would appreciate any input from anyone knowing details about the workings of the justice system in MS back then.  Was there such a thing at that time as a life sentence or a sentence of any number of years less than life for a murder conviction?  Or was hanging usually the punishment?  If he was in jail for a 2 year interval, would it have been a jail in Wilkinson Co., or a state penetentiary?  Does anyone know where the state pen would have been in Mississippi in the 1830's and 1840's?  Would there possibly be any surviving records of inmates from way back then?  The defendant's family (the family of my ancestor) was a prominent Wilkinson Co. family , so I don't know if even back then, publicity could be minimized according to who you knew, etc.  Any help on how I might go about researching this would be appreciated. I have already written to the state archives in Jackson concerning any trial records, or newspaper accounts, and they gave me no more than I already had.  Thank you.
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Alton Boyd Saturday, May 13, 2000
Request information on family of William Leon COLE of Wilkinson Co.  Married Lora Ola DAY (of Amite Co.) in McComb, about 1904.
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Alton Boyd Saturday, May 13, 2000
I would appreciate any information on:
(1.) the relationship of the Wilkinson Co. Jonathan DAY (about 1770-1837) to Robert DAY and the Amite Co. Jonathan DAY (1796-1870).  Were they blood relatives?
(2.) the Wilkinson Co. relatives of the younger Jonathan DAY, his wife Eliza Ann, and their children(and their spouses), especially their son Iverson(1837-1893).
(3.)who were the parents, and the siblings, of the Wilkinson Co. Jonathan DAY?
Am eager to see photographs of ANY of these people.  Will be happy to share any of my material.
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Oz Barns Sunday, April 16, 2000
There is an 1823 Wilkinson County court record titled "John Brown vs. John BARNDT.  Interested in any information concerning John BARNDT. Any ties to VA or the Carolinas ?  Any info. appreciated.
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Sandra Gilbreath Sunday, April 16, 2000
I am searching for any information on Thomas CASON, JR. of  Wilkinson Co.I know that he was born Sept. 18, 1770,and that he was in Wilkinson Co. in the early 1800's, along with his father, Thomas CASON, SR. Could anyone tell me more about ThomasS CASON, JR.? Who did he marry? If he had children, what were their names?  I am trying to connect my ancestor, Eliza CASON, to this family. She was born in SC on March 14, 1804, and was married to John HODGES on April 20, 1820, in Wilkinson Co.  However, I do not know anything about who her parents or siblings were.  Thanks so much for any help.
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I am seeking information on Patrick SULLIVAN, early Wilkinson Co. pioneer, who had original grants to property on Cole Creek and Second Creek. I have that he was married to Mary DOYLE and had a daughter Mary SULLIVAN born about 1780 who married John KENNARD, son of Joseph (Cephas) KENNARD and Sarah PARRISH.  It looks like Patrick was in Wilkinson Co. at or prior to 1777. I find his name on deeds and census, but no references to family except his grandchildren through his daughter Mary. Is there a will. Where were he and his wife born? Parents?
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Betty Southard Sunday, April 16, 2000
Searching for information on ECKERT and DAVIDSON families.  John B. DAVIDSON and Mary O. ECKERT were married in Woodville, Wilkingson, Co. in 1869.  Any information will be appreciated.
Thank you so much!  The above are gg grandparents of mine.
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Henrietta Eccles Carrana Sunday, April 2, 2000
Searching for information on Benjamin and William ECCLES, brothers who were in Wilkinson County from 1813 through 1831 (these years I have documented).  Benjamin was a deputy clerk of the court before 1822, and was appointed clerk of the court in 1822.  I have found William Eccles married to Eliza Ann Carraway in 1820.  Any information on these two gentlemen will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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On 30 October 1863 a C. C. GORE enlisted as a Private in the 8th Regiment, Co. B, Duff's Reg't, Mississippi Cav. at Pittsboro, Miss.  Records show his residence as Pittsboro, Calhoun County, Miss.  His Regiment surrendered at Citronelle, AL and was paroled at Gainesville, AL
on May 12, 1865.  On February 3, 1867 a C. C. GORE married a Sallie L. PALMER in Wilkinson County, MS. On March 25, 1867 a C. C. GORE married Frances M. TANKERSLEY in Yalobusha County.  I am sure that Frances M. TANKERSLEY is my grandmother.  Can someone out there tell me about the other C. C. GORE and which one was in the Civil War?   Thanks.
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Sherrye Justus Sunday, April 2, 2000
Trying to locate anyone with information on John JUSTUS who married Lucy GAINES in Wilkinson Co., Ms. Dec. 30,1820.
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Evylene Canup Sunday, March 19, 2000
I am descended from Zacheriah SMITH and Frances Prestwood SMITH.  Frances
died at Woodville in 1789 and Zacheriah SMITH died there in 1812. I am searching for a will on Zacheriah SMITH.  Please inform me on the right procedure to obtain a will.  Thanks.
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Sharon Sunday, March 19, 2000
Robert HAMMETT and William HAMMETT are listed on the 1813 Wilkinson Co., Ms Tax List.  Robert died ca 1826 in Wilkinson Co.  I want to know if there is a connection between these two HAMMETTS and Obediah Dodd HAMMETT, born in 1805 in Ky, S/o William and Anna Oliphant HAMMETT, married Mary Ann BARLAND in 1835 in Jefferson Co., MS.  Obediah HAMMETT had a brother named William.
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