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VILES, Thomas 

page 77
NANCY VILES, SAMUEL DAVIS, HENRY HUNTER JUN. & JOHN GRAVES,  ----sum of three thousand dollars,  3 April 1809.  NANCY VILES & SAMUEL DAVIS administrators  for the estate of THOMAS
VILES, deceased.

page 78
April term,  1809   letter of administration to NANCY VILES & SAMUEL DAVIS, for the estate of THOMAS VILES, who died intestate.   [note to side of letter--  Dd. S. Davis, 24th June 1809.]

page 79
April term, 1809,   inventory of THOMAS VILES deceased.

Negro man, EDWARD and wife MARY, with 4 children. appraised, $1600
2 old cows & calves
5 middle aged cows with calf
one cow and yearling
1 dry cow
6 three  year old heifers
2  two year old heifers
4 one year old heifers
1 old bull
1 three year old bull
2 two year old bulls
1 old ox
1 pr. young oxen
20 head of hogs & shotes
1 feather bead & beadding
1 feather bead & beadding
1 mosquito bare
1 cotton wheel
1 flax wheel
6 chairs
2 small trunks
3 pr cotton cards
20 pieces earthen ware  heefty? cracked
13 pieces pewter ware
9 pieces tin ware
1/2 doz knives & forks
1 pockett knife
3 pieces leather
looking glass
hone & razor
1 rifle gun lead powder & pouch
1 hand saw
10 lb feathers
1 walnut table
1pr saddle bags
1 sadle & bridle
2 ploughs 2 cotters [collars at the sale]  & 3 cleveres
4 hoes
3 axes,
2 ox yokes
1 lock hain/chain
1 lot of shoe tools
1 pr iron wedges
1 fraw
10 head of gees [geese]
4 augers 1 drawing knife & 2 hachetts
2 smoothing irons
2 ovens 1 pot & hook
1 kittle & rack
1 claw hammer & flesh fork
1 bell & 5 bottles
1 pad lock
2 gallons tare [tar]
1 wool wheel & cart & Boday [body?]
1 churn piggan & pan

Debts due the estate at the time stated under neath.
HEAVENRIDGE & DAVIS, $10,00, payable in August next
JOSEPH JOHNSON note $96.00 payable 1st January 1810
JOSEPH JOHNSON not $350.00 payable 1 Jan 1811 sworn to & subscribed by the appraisers, SAMUEL DAVIS, adm't, in open court.

page 80
NANCY VILES, widow and administratrix of THOMAS VILES deceased and being duly sworn says that she has with the assistance of Samuel Davis the administrators carefully and diligently made and returned a true and just inventory of the goods chattels both real and personal of the deceased THOMAS VILES this twenty ninth day of June one thousand eight hundred and nine.  NANCY [her mark] VILES, SAMUEL DAVIS.
ROBT. SEMPLE  Justice of the quorum

sales returned by SAMUEL DAVIS, Administrator.
August the 17th 1809.  Agreeably to advertisement was offered for sale and sold as this copy shews.  viz belonging to the estate of THOMAS VILES deceased. 

JOHN HEAVENRIDGE  1 feather bed & furniture
Col. HENRY HUNTER 1 feather bed and furniture
Doct. JOHN F. CARMICALE, 1 cotton wheel
JAS. HUNTER, 1 flax wheel
Col. HENERY HUNTER 6 chairs
Col. HENRY HUNTER  2 bunks 3 prs cotton cards
Col. HENRY HUNTER  1 lot sundries earthenware knives and forks pewter ware & tin ware.
JAS.   HUNTER  1 table
GEORGE JAMES 3 ps leather
JAS.  STEEL  to ring glass & cases and rasors
GEORGE JAMES 1 rifle gun, pouch powder & lead
JOHN BELL 1 handsaw
JOHN HEAVENRIDGE 1 bag 10 lb feathers
JOHN BELL  1 saddle & sadle bags & 2 bridles
Col. HENRY HUNTER 2 plows 2 collars & 2 clevices
WILLIS DAWSON  3 hoes 3 axes 1 pr. wedges & 1 frow
JOHN HEAVENRIDGE 1 pr smoothing irons
GEORGE JAMES 4 augurs 2 hatchets 1 flesh fork drawing knife 2 false collars & 1 hammer
GEORGE JAMES  1 log chain
JAMES STEEL  1 set shoe tools
Col. H. HUNTER  2 heel screws
MICAJAH DAVIS JNR.  1 pad lock
JAS. STEEL  1 bell
Col. F. KIMBREL  2 ovens 2 pr hooks, 1 pot & 1 kettle
Col F. KIMBREL  1 churn 1 piggin 1 pot rack
JOHN HEAVENRIDGE  1 cart 1 ox yoke I stan
JAS. STEEL  11 head of geese
URIAH  McGRAW  28 head of hogs
RICHARD DAVIS  3 oxen & 1 yoke
RICHARD DAVIS  2 cows & calves
RICHARD DAVIS  cows and calves with others of 1-2-3 & 4 year old and an old bull in all 28 head
[page torn]**ucted by SAMUEL DAVIS administrator.

Wilkinson County, MS Territory,  Inventory and Accounts,
Volume one.  1808-1816
Microfilm #0877094

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