List of Educable Children at
Perrytown (1933)

Wilkinson County, MS

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 List of Educable children 1933 Perrytown School Dist. 2nd section 1933

Perrytown School Dist.  Race: White


Perrytown School Dist.  Race: White

ASHLEY, D. M.       Melvin        15  M R1 c  Rosetta Miss
                    Lula          11  F R1 c    "
                    Wanzie         9  F R1 c
                    Robert Earl    6  M R1 c
ASHLEY, Cage        William Norris 7  M R1 c
                    Cage Jr.       6  M R1 c
ASHLEY, S.          Clyde         10  M R1 c
ASHLEY, Tean[sp]    Lavelle       11  M R1 c
                    Lois           9  F R1 c
BLAYLOCK, D.        Kenneth        9  M R1 c
                    Mildred        6  F R1 c
(These 2 children are my father's siblings.)

CAVIN, E. F.        Elwin         12  M R1 c
                    Katherine      9  F R1 c
CASTORE, Barney     Addis Lee      7  F R1 c
                    Barney Jr.     6  M R1 c
ENLOW, A. C.        Theola        15  F R1 c
                    Lizzie        18  F W8 c
                    Bu*tore       20  M W1 c
ENLOW, Dudley       Audrey C.      6  M R1 c
FLOYD, Gay          Inez           7  F R1 c
                    Oris Lee       6  M R1 c
HOLDER, J. H.       James          7  M R1 c
HAZLIP, J. R.       Elton         11  M R1 c
                    Murriel        9  F R1 c
                    John Dugger    7  M R1 c
                    Louise         6  F R1 c
(This is my 1st cousin, twice removed and his children.)

HAZLIP, Byron       Byron Jr.      9  M R1 c
HAZLIP, J. H.       Gene?          6  F R1 c
HAZLIP, J. H.       Florence      18  F W11 c
                    Kathalene     16  F R1 c
                    Barney        20  M W1 c
HAZLIP, Willis      Joe            8  M R1 c
                    Francis        7  F R1 c
                    Bryant         6  M R1 c
JOHNSON, Tommy      Earline       15  F R1 c
                    Wanzie        10  F R1 c
                    Claude        21  M W8 c
JOHNSON, W. F.      Beatrice      21  F W2 c
                    Bernice       17  F R1 c
                    Louise        13  F R1 c
                    Sidney        10  M R1 c

KING, Henry             Robert   18  M W11 c  Rosetta
                        Ray      16  M W11 c
                        Edwin    10  M R1  c
(Edwin is my father, and this is his grandfather and
his two uncles.)

LYLE, Henry             Cecil V.  6  M R1  c
MURRAY, S. F.           Morris   18  M R1  c  Rosetta
                        Maxwell  15  M R1  c
                        Freda    13  M R1  c
                        J. D.     6  M R1  c
NETTLES, G. M.          Berlin   13  M R1  c
                        Theola    7  F R1  c  Rosetta
OGDEN, B.               Jim      17  M R1  c
OAKS, Clarence          Clarence Jr. 12  M R1  c
PERRY, Shad             Elvin    20  M R1  c
                        Pharoah  17  M R1  c
                        Davis    16  M R1  c
                        Donnis   13  F R1  c
                        Mary     11  F R1  c
                        Celia     9  F R1  c
                        Ruby L.   7  F R1  c
                        Shad Jr.  6  M R1  c
PERRY, Harper           Fred L.   6  M R1  c
                        Vera      9  F R1  c
                        Ruby Mae 12  F R1  c
PERRY, Nolan            Lion     13  M R1  c
                        Myrtle   12  F R1  c
PHIPPS, Clarence        Blanche  11  F R1  c
                        Horace    9  M R1  c
                        Geneva    6  F R1  c
STOKES?, Charley        Donley Lee 9 M R1  c
STURDIVANT, F.          T. J.    18  M R1  c
STURDIVANT, Carl        Johnie Mae 6 F R1  c
WISNER, John            Fannie    9  F R1  c
                        Helen     7  F R1  c
                        Bessie    6  F R1  c
WHITE, Vern?            Juanita  10  F R1  c
                        Aliva?    8  F R1  c
                        David     7  M R1  c
                        Myrtle    6  F R1  c
WEST, Ella              Velma    17  F W9? c

This is all I pulled from Perrytown School District, and I believe these
2 pages were all there was to Perrytown District.


Reason for withdrawal from school:
W1  - Work at home.
W2  - Employed away from home.
W3  - 2-1/2 miles from school. (No transportation.)
W4  - Completed school course.
W5  - Excused by trustees.
W6  - Mentally Incapacitated.
W7  - Physically Incapacitated.
W8  - Marriage.
W9  - Suspended or Expelled.
W10 - Under age.
W11 - Other or unknown cause.

Status in school:
R1 - Regularly enrolled in school.
R2 - Enrolled; irregular attendance.

Relation to Compulsory School Laws:
C. - Subject to compulsory school attendance.

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