Early Settlers of MS Territory
Wilkinson County, MS

Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing

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Note from Transcriber:

LDS Fiche # 6051448

When MS became a state, the settlers were required to prove their right to the
land claims in the county, either by British, Spanish or USA grant, proven by
occupancy.  The person had to prove, by witnesses, that he was 21 or the head of the household, living on the land, with some improvements and raising a crop there on 27th Oct 1795.

The first name on this list, is the name of the person applying for the deed,
the Second name is the person who received the original grant, the number is the acreage involved, last is the location of the land.

I am not sure where the waterways below are located but the people were in
Wilkinson county at one time.



Jesse Bryant  Joseph Erwin  160  Wells’s Creek
John Chambers  Isaac Erwin  640 Well’s Creek  occupancy  30 Mar 1798
Isaac Corey  Isaac Corey  200 Wells’s Creek
David Drennon  David Drennon  174  Wells Creek
Elisha Eastes  Elisha Eastes  640  Well’s Creek
Lewis Evans  Sylvester Staute  500f  Well’s Creek  Spanish  5 may 1795
Wylie Atkins  Wylie Atkins  100  Wells’s Creek
Caleb Worley  Caleb Worley  238  Wells Creek

rep David Williams dec.  John Calwallader, William, Mary, and Ann Williams
1,000f  Grove Plantation,  British  20 Feb 1776


Nathaniel Evans,  David Lejeune  100f  near Loftus Cliffs  Spanish  24 mar 1789
Daniel Ogden  Henry Roach  250f  Near Loftus Cliff  Spanish  23 June 1788
Daniel Ogden  Henry Roach  250f  near Loftus’s Cliffs Spanish 23 June 1788
Henry Roach  David Lejeune  100f  near Loftus’s Cliffs  Spanish 24 Mar 1789
Henry Roach  David Lejeune   100f  near Loftus’s Cliffs  Spanish  24 Mar 1789
James Sterrett and Nathaniel Evans  David LeJeune  100f  near  Loftus’s Cliffs
Spanish 24 Mar  1789
James Sterrett and Nathaniel Evans  Henry Roach  350f  near Loftus’s Cliffs
Spanish 23 Jun 1788
James Sterrett and Nathaniel Evans  Henry Roach  350f Near Loftus’s Cliffs
Spanish 23 June 1788


Thomas N. Green  Margaret Stampley  100 Boyd’s Creek  British  1 Sept 1777


Charles Boardman  Abner Pipes  112f  Fairchild’s Creek Spanish 2 Feb 1793
Jonathan Jones    John Curtney   400f   Fairchild’s Creek  Spanish   6 Mar 1789
Ebenezer Rees  Charles Howard  400  Fairchild’s Creek occupancy  30 March 1798
James Wade  James Wade  400f  Fairchild’s Creek  Spanish 15 Mar 1788
Abraham Scriber   William Bird  225  Fairchild’s Creek  occupancy   30 Mar 1798

The waterways below are in Adams or Jefferson county, I think, but many of the people where
mentioned in the various records I have copied on Wilkinson county.  <ve>


Parker Bolls  David Adams  200 Cole’s Creek  23 Oct 1777
Joseph Bullin  William Curtis  640  Coles Creek  occupancy   30 mar 1798
Robert Cochran Robert Cochran  1,000f  Cole Creek  Spanish 9 Apr 1790
Mary Cole  Mary Cole,  Cole’s Creek  Mar 30 1798
Solomon Cole  Solomon Cole  200f  Cole’s Creek  10 Jan 1794
Richard Curtis   Richard Curtis  200f  Cole’s Creek  Spanish 25 Mar 1795
Richard Curtis  Richard Curtis  400f  Cole Creek Spanish  25 Jan 1795
Buckner Dardin  Buckner Dardin  300  Cole’s Creek
Richard Dardin assignee of William Newman  William Newman  500 Cole Creek
Abraham Ellis   Richard Ellis  1,850 Cole’s Creek  British  16 June 1779
John Ellis  William Joiner  500 Cole Creek  Jun 16 June 1779
John Ellis  Benjamin Curtis  400f  Cole’s Creek  28 Feb 1795
Margaret Ellis wife of Abraham Ellis  John Lusk  150 Cole’s Creek  British 16
June 1779
Michael Fake  Michael Fake  152  Cole’s Creek
George Fitzgerald  John Farquhar  360f  Cole Creek  Spanish  Sept 1784
Abraham Green & Everard Green  Jacob Stampley  350f Cole’s Creek  8 Apr 1791
Thomas M Green  Henry Roach  200 Cole Creek  occupancy    no date given
David Greenleaf  Daniel Perry  400f  Cole Creek  Spanish 25 Feb 1788
Daniel Harrigil  Daniel Harrigil  100  Cole’s Creek
Hugh Matthews  John Stampley  350f Cole’s Creek  Spanish 25 Jan 1794
John Minor  John Stampley  400f Cole’s Creek Spanish 25 Jan 1794
Stephen Miller  Patrick Sullivan  400f Cole’s Creek  Spanish 5 Feb 1793
leg rep Charles Percy  William Horn  500 Cole’ s Creek  British  19 Nov 1777
Nicholas G. Ridgley  Wlliam Curtis   400f  Cole’s Creek  Spanish 29 Feb 1795
Henry Stampley  George Stampley   400f Cole’s Creek  Spanish 20 Feb 1788
John Stampley John Stampley  200f  Cole’s Creek  Spanish 20 Jun 1793
Stephen Terry Stephen Terry  640  Cole’s Creek
David Sims  assignee of John King  John King  640  Cole’s Creek
William Stampley  William Stampley  640 Cole’s Creek  occupancy  30 March 1798
Jacob Stampley  Jacob Stampley  250f Cole Creek Spanish 20 Mar 1795
James Simmons  James Simmons  640  Cole’s Creek  30 Mar 1798
Marshall Stroud  Marshall Stroud  173  Cole’s Creek
Marshal Stroud  Marshall Stroud  173  Cole’s Creek
James Truly  James Truly  355a  Cole’s Creek occupancy  30 March 1798
Andrew Watkins  Patrick Sullivan  345f Cole’s Creek  Spanish  20 Jun 1790
Littleberry West  Thomas Nicholls  290   Coles’ Creek occupancy  30 March 1798
Anthony Hoggatt James Oglesby  500f  Second Creek  Spanish  20 Jan 1793


Anthony Hoggatt   Rebecca Dove 71f  St. Catharine Creek Spanish  20 June 179
William Adams  John Adams  201 St Catharine Creek occupancy  30 March 1798
Adam Bingaman  Adam Bingaman  858f  St Catharine  Spanish   May 15 1789
Gerard Brandon  William Brocus  600f   St Catharine  Spanish  29 Feb 1788
John Collins John Collins 200  St Catharine’s Creek  British 20 March 1778
John Ellis  Zaccheus Routh  400 St Catherine  Spanish 6 Mar 1788
James Foster  Zachariah smith  240f  St Catharine  Spanish 5 may 1786
George Overacker  John Lusk  157f  St Catharine 29 Apr  1784
George Overaker  John Lusk  157f  St. Catharine  Spanish  29 April 1784
John H. White  John H. White  300f  St Catharine  Spanish  3 Dec 1794


David Calliham  David Calliham  217  Second Creek
Samuel Phipps  Samuel Phipps  370f  Second Creek  occupancy   24 Sept 1793
Margaret Ellis  John Lusk 150 Second Creek  British 11 Oct 1777
William Ellis for wife Margaret   William Case  300 Second Creek  British  9 Oct
Benjamin Farar   Evan Cameron  150  west side Second Creek  British 22 July 1776
Benjamin Farar for wife Mary  Richard Ellis  1,000f  between Second Creek and
White Cliffs  British 16 July 1779
Benjamin Farar  Michael Hooter  450 Second Creek  British  21 Sept 1772
Richard Butler   John Hartley     200 Second Creek   British  12 Nov 1778
James Hoggatt    Rebecca Dove   279f  Second Creek 20 Jun 1795
Philander Smith  Philander Smith  500f Second Creek  Spanish  6 Ma 1788
Joseph Sessions  James Perry  100 Second Creek  British   9 Oct 1777
Abram Ellis  Abram  Ellis  1,000f  Second Creek Spanish 16 Feb 1789
Daniel Clark  Rosalia De Grandpre  1,153f  Second Creek  Spanish 13 Aug 1787

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