Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Court Minutes - 7 July, 1823

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page 42
7 July 1823
Thomas H. Prosper presiding Justice
Edmund McGhee associate Justice
Hugh Connell Sheriff
Lemuel Miles deputy clerk

Lemuel Miles took oath as deputy clerk,

Jurors sworn in for the term:
1. Francis Keller
2. Thomas C. Land
3. Abram Iler
4. Philip Noland
5. James C. Weakley
6. Jeremiah Downs
7. Zachareah Smith
8. George Moss
9. James Buford
10. John Smith
11.  James Woodsides
12. Thomas Dawson
excused  the following jurors from attending at the time for good cause
Lewis Mathews
Walter Stewart
Joseph Brown

Jurors fined for none appearance:
James Mays
Zachariah Walker

Post Administrators vs Wm Quine and Joel Glass judgment confesses by William Quine for amt of  note and interest  stay of execution thirty days.

page 43
Thomas Adkinson office of John S. Wilson  vs James Seals   judgment for amt of note and interest

J. L. Counselle vs Fugua and Shaffer  ordered that  summons to Com.  T. Lewis Eaq. commanding him to bring--the docket of J. Dillahunty, former Justice of the peace---in order to exhibit to the court the original records in this case

William F.J. Nicholson appellant, vs James K. Cook Appeller  dismissed at appellees cost.

John S Wilson vs Robert Brayden  judgment for amt of note and interest

Thomas Kelsey vs John Hudry  a juror withdrew, continued by consent

William Low [use of] T. Keller vs Thompson and Johnson
tried by jurors below:
1. T.C. Land
2. Abram Iler
3. Philip Nolan
4. James C. Weakley
5. Jeremiah Down
6. Zack Smith
7.  George Moss
8. James Buford
9. John Smith
10. James Woodsides
11. Thomas Dawson
12..  David Berry

J. S. Counselle vs Fugua and Shaffer   nonsuit

page 44
John Hudry vs John J. Harrison  death of defendant, case continued against heirs

John Dorsett vs Densis Norman and McGeehee  continued

Jerediah Walds vs Walter and Ginn  judgment of the sum of which the judgment was rendered being greater than the Justice had cognizance of .

John Hudry vs Kelsey F. Nugent continued by consent
court adjourned until 10 oíclock tomorrow morning.

Tuesday 8 July 1823
Thomas H. Proper presiding Justice
Edward McGehee Esq associate Justice
Hugh Connell sheriff
Benjamin Eccles clerk

John Brown vs John Brandt  case heard by jurors
1. Thomas C. Land
2. Abram Iler
3. Philip Noland
4. James C. Weekley
5. Jeremiah Down
6. Alexander Ardry
7.  William Calliham
8. Davl Keith
9. D. B. Pinson
10. Jones Johnson
11. Zack Cantfield
12. John Smith
plaintiff fined the sum of forty dollars and court cost.

page 45
William T. Noland use of Jacob Lewis  vs Edw and Ginn
Jury called
1. Abram Iler
2. James C. Weekley
3. Jeremiah Downs
4. Alexander Ardry
5. Wm. Calliham
6. Danel Keith
7. Daniel B. Pinson
8. Jones Johnson
9. Zack Cantfield
10. John Smith
11. Thomas C. Land
12. Francis Keller
find for the defendant the sum of seventeen dollars with cost of suit.

Thos Ackinson  vs William Dorsett plea withdrawn and judgment by default

Koontz and Conwell use of Lea  vs Geo W. Carter  judgment. by default for the want of a plea

Thomas Keller  vs W. H. Gualden  judgment by default for want of a plea

Charles McMicken vs Thomas Seals  judgment. by default for want of plea

David Bailey vs Betsy Ann Landrum judgment. by default

Posts admt. vs Berry and Laneheart  judgment by default

Ira Bowman vs David Glover  judgment by default

page 46
Jas L. Smith vs Jno. H?  Gildart same jury as in case Noland use vs Ginn
found for the plaintiff for the amount of the debt and accessed his damages to be four dollars,  twelve and one half cents.

Thomas Banks vs Wade H. Richardson
Jury called:
1. Abram Ilee
2. James C. Weekley
3. Jeremiah Down
5. Alexander Ardry
5. Wm. Calleham
6. Danl Keith
7. Danl B. Pinson
8. Jones Johnson
9.  Zach Cantfield
10. John Smith
11. Thomas C. Land
12. Francis Keller
find for the plaintiff the sum of thirty four dollars thirty one cents

John Stamps vs Edmíd Allen  plea withdrawn, judgment by default

John Stamps  En der vs same  continued by consent

Wilson & Norton vs Hugh Connell  judgment by default

Fielding Davis en der vs Henry Andrews  judgment by default

Posts Admt vs Walden & Quine  judgment by default

page 47
Posts adm vs Quine and Glass judgment by default against Joel Glass for want of a plea

Stephen Jones vs Adam Laneheart judgment by default

John Hudry vs Henry Scott  exceptions taken for the insufficiency of bail

James Fairfare vs Micajah Frazier   whereupon there came a jury, to wit;
1. Abram Iler
2. James C. Weekley
3.  Jeremiah Downs
4. Alex Ardry
5. Wm. Calleham
6. Daníl Keith
7. Dan.l B. Penson
8. Jones Johnson
9. Zach Cantfield
10. John Smith
11. Thomas C. Land
12. Frances Keller
fined the plaintiff forty nine dollars sixty two cents.

Jos G. Smith vs James Wilson  continued on affidavit of defaults counsel.

Wm. A. Coe vs Geo Huff  plea withdrawn, judgment by default

Jas. G. Smith vs Beverly Dennis  dismissed

Jno Augustus vs Phipps & Wright,  continued by consent

John Hudry vs Henry Scott  dismissed at defendants cost. stay of execution sixty days

page 48
post adm vs Saml Downs  & Aron B. Wilson   plea withdrawn judgment. by default

Miller for Aspinall vs Isaac Williams  judgment by default

Jno. S. Wilson vs Robt. Wiseman  plea withdrawn judgment by default

P.P. Schuylee Spencer Kirkham   came a jury to wit
1. Abram Iler
2. James C. Weekley
3. Jeremiah Downs.
4. Alexander Ardry
5. William Calleham
6. Daníl Keith
7. D. B. Pinson
8. Jones Johnson
9. Zach Cantfield
10. John Smith
11. Thomas C. Land
12.  Francis Keller
found for the plaintiff the sum of  twenty nine dollars thirty one and one forth cents.

N. H. Bryant  vs Geo B. Collier  dismissed at plaintiffs cost

Hodges use of Wilson  vs Cason & Old  continued on the affidavit of one of the defendants, Bosdale Cason.

Tillotson use of Tillotson vs Hampton & Stamps judgment against plaintiffs for cost

page 49
Jon S Lewis vs Benjamin F. Palmer  attachments.   jury to wit:
1. Abram Iler
2. James C. Weekley
3. Jeremiah Downs.
4. Alexander Ardry
5. William Calleham
6. Daníl Keith
7. D. B. Pinson
8. Jones Johnson
9. Zach Cantfield
10. John Smith
11. Thomas C. Land
12.  Francis Keller
a juror withdrawn and causes dismissed.

Jno Hudey vs William McNulty  attachment quashed

following persons appointed inspectors of the ensuing election in Aug, election districts.
Fort Adams
Jeremiah Downs
Samíl W. Lewis
William Yerby

Moses Liddell
Wm. M. Lindsey
Reese C. Fleeson

Mount Pleasant
Jno G. Richardson
Hiram Singleton
William Hatfield

Col. C. Groomís district
N.C? Raymond
Jno W. Seymore
Francis Gildart

Sixís Ferry
Jesse Deloach
Wm. Thompson
Asher P. Slocum

page 50
Ordered by the court that Elijah Field have leave to erect a market place under the oak tree on the public square, provided the same is kept clean and subject to any future order of the court.

court adjoined until ten tomorrow morning?

Wednesday 9th July 1823
Thos.H. Proper presiding justice
Edward McGehee associate justice

Jesse Rea vs Waide & Hull  judgment of non pros

Geo. b. Collier vs John Brandt  dismissed and judgment. against Collier for cost

Geor B. Coller vs Luke Truman and son,  dismissed and judgment against Collier for cost

Henry N. Bowling appointed constable for the Fort Adams district in Capt Mayes beat.

Tax Collector of Wilkinson county to pay over to Charles McMicken, sixty dollars thirty cents for amount he was over charged for the years 1819 and 1820.

Ordered that the account of Wm.C.Cage amts to six dollars to allowed.

page 51
the following people were paid for accounts submitted to the court:
Betsey Ann Landuem   four dollars
B. C. Raymond  three dollars
Smith and Lang  twenty eight dollars fifty cents
Hugh Connell sheriff eighty four dollars ninety two cents
Elijah Field  six dollars
John Harson  one dollar
John Murch one dollar
Mark Wood  thirty dollars
C. C. West  two dollars fifty cents

tavern licenses granted to :
Ezekiel Boatner
Thomas Aspinall

Plat and survey returned to court on the prison bounds of Wilkinson county, ordered recorded

accounts to be paid
Isaac Chambers  $91.00
Benjím Rollin  $4.50
Joseph J. Scott  $5.50
Thomas Cason  $3.00
John S. Lewis  $150.  page 52
court adjourned.

26th July 1823 special term convened for the trial of slaves
Hon Thomas H. Proper presiding justice
Charles Stewart Esq, associate justice
Hugh Connell sheriff
Benjamin Eccles clerk

Order that George H Gordon Esq be appointed to defend Lewis, charged with the murder of  Wm. Sojourner unless the representatives of the deceased think proper to employ other counsel

The state vs Lewis a slave  ordered brought into court

ordered that Negro Charles who is confined in jail be brought into court to testify in the case of state vs Lewis a slave.

Jurors selected:
1. James Collingsworth
2. Spencer Kirkham
3.Adam Hope
4. Daniel B. Pinson
5. James Bailey
6. James Martin
7. James Harp Jun  [could be Haig]
8. David Bailey

page 53  25 July 1823
9. Field P. Hunter
10. Isaac Clark
11. Willis Powell
12. Job Foster
found the prisoner guilty

The state vs Wm. H Coe
ordered the dependent be discharged from custody on payment of cost the prosecutor having withdrawn his information against him.

the state vs Jim a slave   prisoner brought into court, pleads not guilty
George H. Gordon Esq appointed to defend Jim a slave charged with the murder of his master, William Sojourner
 case continued until Monday morning 10 oíclock, prison returned to jail

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