Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Court Minutes - Monday, 6 January, 1823

Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing

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Wilkinson county, Mississippi court minutes 1822-1824
LDS microfilm # 0877088
page 20
Monday 6th January 1823

present:  Thomas H. Proper presiding Justice
Charles Steward and Edward McGehee Esquires as associate Justices,
Hugh Connell sheriff and Benja.  Eccles, clerk

Read letter appointing Charles Steward, Esquire appointed associate Justice, signed by Walter Leake, governor, and John A. Grimball secretary of state.  30 June 1822.

page 21
recorded: Charles Steward took oath of office,.  Sworn to before T. H. Proper & T. H. Proper signed the 14 July 1822.

Benjamin Eccles appointed clerk of court ordered to be recorded together with his bond, Know all men by these present that we, Charles Stewart and Edward McGehee associate Justices of the county court -----snip----hereunto set our hands and seals this 5th day of November 1822.  signed by Th. H. Proper presiding justice

page 22
Benja Eccles, having taken the oath and providing bond was appointed Clerk of court 6 Nov. 1822, signed Th. H. Proper C.T. W.C.  11 Nov 1822

Benjamin Eccles, Wade H. Richardson and William H. Ruffin promised securities in the amount of $5,000 bond.

page 23
the bond was presented, and oath taken before Th. H. Proper, presiding Justice, 5 Nov, 1822

page 24
Robert B. Hammett  vs. Peter Isler dismissed at appellees cost.

ordered tavern license approved for Needham H. Bryan
ordered tavern license be approved for Nathan E. Raymond
ordered tavern license be approved for Andrews C. Woods
ordered Tavern license be approved for  Arthur Daniel and Dorgate B. Thompson
ordered Tavern license be approved for Christian Curt
ordered Tavern license be approved for John Anderson

The following Jurors were drawn:
1. Wm. C. Davis
2. Henry Quine
3. James Woods
4. Wm. Ellis
5.  George Perry
6.  Wm. Bell
7.  Isaac Malof
8. Jesse Teakle

page 25
9.  Arthur Daniel
10.  Wm.Fenner
11. James Bailey
12.  Wm. McCorey
13.  George Coolman
14.  Henry Nickelson
15.  William Cain

ordered petition of Peter Koonrod for a Tavern license be rejected.

ordered petition of John Brande for Tavern license be rejected

Joana Vining  vs Isaac D.Ogden  dismissed at dependents cost by consent of parties

ordered fine imposed on Benjamin N. Rogers a defaulting juror at last court be set aside.

ordered Tavern license be granted Izra Byrd.

ordered that Samuel M. Lawson be appointed constable Beaufords beat

ordered that M. T. DeGeaffensecd be recommended as county treasure.

page 26
Tuesday morning 7 Jan 1823
Present: Thomas H. Proper presiding Justice
Edward McGehee associate Justice
Hugh Connell Sheriff
Benjamin Eccles Clerk

Thomas Seals for John L. Wilson  vs Elizabeth Richardson  judgment by default

Wilson and Norton vs John Bryan  judgment by default

ordered that the county treasure give bond in the amount of $10,000.

Ordered that the clerk of court ascertain as soon as possible---the amount of money the former clerk received for tavern lic.

ordered that George B Collier be appointed as constable for Captain Browns beat upon his entering into bond as required by law.

ordered that Jas. J. Peall and Thomas Lovelace, Trustees of the poor be accepted and that John S. Lewis and William Eccles be appointed to fill the vacancies.

C. C. West vs Martin Brosnaugh  judgment by default, final against principal and security of amount of note and interest together with ten present damages.

C. C.West vs Martin Brosnaugh  judgment same as above

page 27
ordered that the different rates be established for the regulations of the
different Taverns and Inn keepers in Wilkinson count
breakfast $0.37
dinner     .50
Supper . 37 1/2
Lodging one night  .25
feeding horse all night .75
single feed  .37 1/2
1/ pint F. Brandy .25
1.2 pint Whiskey .12 1/2
drink of whiskey  .06 1/4
drink of foreign spirits  .12 1/2
bottle of Madeira wine  2.00
claret 1.00
all other wines  1.00
1 pint whiskey toddy  .25
1 pint foreign sp.  toddy  .371/2

court authorizes the assessment of a tax equal to one half of the state tax for county purposes viz one half for the use of the poor.  subject to the disposition of the Trustees of the poor. and 1/4 for the purpose of erecting a clerks office of brick on pursuance of an act of the legislature, Feb 7th 1821.  other fourth for current expenses of the county

Ordered that Wm. T.Lewis  a justice of the peace in the town of Woodville be directed to the bond and security of George Pondexter in appeal prayed by him from a judgment of said Justice of peace against him in favor of George Huff.

ordered that the order made yesterday rejecting the petition of Peter Koonrod be rescinded and that a Tavern license be granted to him.  by paying the sum of $30.00

ordered the court that order made yesterday rejecting the petition of John Brandle rescinded and that a Tavern Lic. be issued on paying $30.00

page 28
be granted to him on paying $30.00

order that the account of Daniel Slack for work done on the court house
amounting to Two Hundred and five dollars thirty six cents be allowed

ordered that the account of Connell and Livinson amounting to twenty five dollars fifty four and one half cents be allowed

order that the account of Daniel Slack for making for two dollars be allowed

ordered account of C. C. West of fifty six dollars and twenty five cents be allowed

ordered that account for Stackhouse and Pritcher for seventy three dollars twenty seven cents be allowed

ordered that the sum of ten dollars be allowed the clerk of the county for blank books furnished his office as per accounts filed.

court adjourned by   Th. H. Proper   Pres. Justice

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