Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Court Minutes - July, 1822

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Wed 3 July 1822
special term of court for trial of Negro Dave and other persons
present:  James Carraway  Chief Justice, Jeremiah Noland, and Charles Stewart
Esquires, associate judges.
the state vs Dave  for murder.  Prisoner brought into court
page 8
State vs Negro Dave
Prisoner arraigned and pleaded not guilty

Thurs. 4th July 1822
present:  Charles Stewart, Moses Liddell, Jeremiah Noland, Esquires
State vs Dave
jurors sworn in:
James Wilson
James Leech
Dudley Rutledge
Robert B. Hammett
Benjamin Collier
Jacob Chambers
Reese E. Fleeson
Berry M. Mayes
Jeremiah Netterville
John C. Quick
Levi Crow
Joshua D. Driggs? Duggs?
He was found guilty.  No details of the trial were given in these records. [That
is probably available in other records]

Wade H. Richardson, Arthur Richardson, Chasteen Olds and Isaac D. Ogden fined
twenty dollars each. as defaulting jurors in the case of the state vs. Dave
page 9
It appearing that Jeremiah Noland was not commissioned as a Justice  and the
finding of the jury  is set aside and a new trial ordered.

Monday, 23 July 1822
special meeting to appoint inspectors for insuring election.
present:  James Carraway Esq, Chief Justice; Charles Stewart and Moses Liddell
associate Judges
appointed inspectors of the ensuring election on the first Monday and day of the
month and say following in August next.
mentioned to wit:
for Fort Adams
Lemuel W. Lewis
Jeremiah Noland
C. A. Hall

U. Grooms district
Phelix E. Steven
James C. Gillespie
Nathan E. Raymond

Lex’s  Ferry
Wm Thompson?
Jesse Deloach
Solomon Hopkins
page 10
Mount Pleasant district
Moses Gordon
John H. Davis
John Jones

Woodville district
Geo. B. Neville
David Calliham
William M. Lindsey

Monday Oct 7th 1822
present: Thomas H. Proper Esq, chief Justice
Charles Stewart Esq, associate justice
Isaac Dillahunty, clerk
Hugh Connell shff

ordered by the court that county surveyor or some other person properly qualified proceed as soon as practicable to lay off  the prison bounds of Wilkinson jail so as to embrace the greatest accommodation for prisoners confined in it. and not to exceed 10 acres

on petition of sundry citizens of the Fort Adams district that Jeremiah Downs be appointed a justice of the piece for Capt. Stephen Mayes district on beat in said county to reside at Fort  Adams.

ordered that Isaac E. Ogden be appointed one of the constables of the county in said district.
page 11
Isaac Dillahunty one of the Justices of  the peace tended his resignation.

petition of citizens of Woodville in Capt. Brown’s district on beat ordered by court that William T. Lewis be appointed a Justice of the Peace in said district and reside in district

ordered that Elias?  Kaigler,  John Conner [Comer?] , Jared C. Beasley, John G. Richardson, Benj. Rogers, John A. Shaw and Samuel Nichols on defaulting Jurors be fined ten dollars each.

state vs Negro Dave
ordered Nicholas Dorsey Esq appointed prosecutor and Robert M. Gill Esq.
appointed to counsel of defendant.
pleaded not guilty
jurors elected:
Thomas B. Dougherty
Isaac D.Ogden
William Ogden
Edmund Vining
John Anderson
Jeremiah Harris
Daniel  Stack
Alex Ardry
Rupel H. Lewis
John H. Durant
Alex Cockrane
Daniel Bartlett
page 12
Tuesday 8 Oct 1822
Court met according to adjournment present the same justices of yesterday
The state vs. Negro Dave
Jury called to wit:
1. Thomas B.Dougherty
2. Isaac D. Ogden
3. William Ogden
4.  Edmond Vining
5.  John Anderson
6.  Jeremiah Harris
7.  Daniel Stack
8.  Alex Ardry
9.  Rupel H. Lewis
10.  John H. Durant
11.  Alex Cochrane
12.  Daniel Bartlet

Negro Dave found guilty and sentenced to hang, on the 1st of Nov., 1822
page 13
Ordered by the court that the account of Nicholas Dorsey of  twelve dollars be allowed

Ordered by the court that the account of Benjamin Eeckes amounting to twelve dollars be allowed.

Ordered by the court that the account of Benjamin N. Rogers amounting to twelve dollars be allowed.

Joshua D. Driggs licensed to run a house of public entertainment on bond of $500.
page 14
Wednesday, 9 Oct 1822
court met: present:  Thomas H. Proper Chief Justice
Edw’d  McGehee, associate justice
Isaac Dillahunty, Clerk
Hugh Connell  Shff

Edw’d McGehee appointed associate Justice . signed by Walter Leake, Governor of the state.
page 15
Walter Leak took oath of office:  8 Oct 1822,   signed C. C. West J P

Ordered Nicholas Dorsey Esquire be allowed his account of Twenty Dollars for
prosecuting Negro Dave.

Ordered that Edward Felters be allowed $6

Ordered that Connell & Severson of Twenty Three dollars and fifty five cents be

Ordered that Hugh Connell sheriff and Jailer be allowed fifth dollars and twenty

Ordered that William Hammett Jailer of said county be allowed fifty dollars.

Joana Vining vs Isaac D.Ogden   case continued

Joana Vining vs Isaac D. Ogden ordered by the court that the defendant be
page 16
Jesse H. Cartwright and Kinchen Holliman furnished securities of two hundred and
fifty dollars each  and Isaac D. Ogden in the amount of  one thousand dollars for
charge of Bastardy.

Sam’l Nicholson  vs M. Wicker  judgments for $14.62 besides cost.

Charlteen Old  vs  John Steven  judgment for amount of note and interest with

Thomas Kelsey vs John Hudey  the appellant [Kelsey] did not appear and judgment
by default against him. in amount of note and interest, plus cost of suit and ten
percent damages.
page 17
William Adams vs. George F. Randolph, Appellant did not appear and judgment by
default against him in amount of the note and interest plus cost of suit and ten
percent damages.

Jesse H. Cartwright vs A. Ardry   continued

Peter Jeter vs R. B.Hammett   continued

Fugua and Shaffer   vs  J. S. Counsette  continued

Wm Thompson vs W. Low   continued

Thomas Kelsey vs John Hudry  continued

Jesse Delvach vs John A. Daley judgment for one dollar and fifth cents besides
cost of suit.

ordered that Bardale Cason be allowed twenty dollars

ordered that George H. Godon be allowed nine dollars

ordered that Lemuel Miles be allowed Six dollars

ordered that William Haile be allowed Three dollars

ordered that John L. Bruce D. C. be allowed one dollar and seventy six cents
page 18
Ordered that Trask and Felters be allowed thirty dollars and seventy five cents

ordered that Isaac Dillahunty be allowed six dollars also another five dollars
be allowed and another 20

ordered that John M. Wilson be recommended as a fit person for the office of
notary public for the town of Pinckneyville in Wilkinson county

ordered R. M. Gill be allowed twenty dollars for attending the Negro Dave

Ordered that Hugh Connell sheriff of Wilkinson county be allowed twenty four

ordered by the court that Charles B. Haynes be recommended as a fit person for
the office of Justice of the peace for Capt. Haynes beat.

Ordered by the court that account of the Clerk of county court amounting to one
dollar be allowed

The state vs Negro Dave, motion in arrest of judgment and reasons filed.
motion in arrest of judgment be overruled on the grounds that the court had no
??  in as much as the motion was made after sentence of death had been passed by the court on the criminal.
page 19
ordered by the court that the clerk of this court have leave to remove his
office to any place he may consider most secure within the limits of Woodville.

ordered by the court that Zambian C. Reymond be appointed a constable for Capt Browns beat upon his entering unto bond with good and sufficient security agreeably to law.

order court adjourned:  Th. H. Proper

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