Wilkinson County, Mississippi
Court Minutes March & April, 1822

Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing

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March 4th 1822
On this day county court began and was held at the court house in the county of
Wilkinson.  Present were:  Moses Liddell, Edw. McGehee and Jerr’h Noland,
Isaac Dillahunty  clerk
Hugh Connell shffs.

Ordered by the court the following persons be appointed commissioners for the
roads in their respective beats:

Company       beat
1 Kellers-- John G. Richardson
2. Coles-- James Reid
3 Hadley---G. Poindexter
4. Holliman---James L. Trask
5. Mayes----John Norwood
6. Bufords---William Bell
7. Ellis-----N. E. Raymond
8. Owens----Jesse Deloach
9. Haynes---Willis Murphy
10. Brown--- John L. Bruce
11. Gowers--- John Joor

Philip Tigneau? Figneau?  jailed for debts on suit brought by Wm. Lolliman

John Coulters
Field & Ardry
Joseph Ardry, insolvent debtor, confined to jailed.
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Joseph Ardry  released on his oath a prescribed by law.  Elijah Field, insolvent debtor, confined to jail

The following person considered as Justices of the Peace John H. Davis & John
   Nesmith in Capt. Kellers district
William A. Brown for Mayes District to reside at Fort Adams
Thomas Dawson, Jun.  for Percy’s Creek on the following persons as constables
G. H. Platillo
Jared I Beasley
Robert  C. Love

Appointed to superintend repairs of the  Bar of the Courthouse.
William Haile
Peter Randalph
Isaac Dillahunty
Hugh Connell

John Coulter vs.  Field and Ardry
Elijah Field an insolvent debtor, confined in jail
page 3
Attorney for plaintiff, R. McGee presented schedule for repayment and Elijah
Field released from jail. signed by:  Moses Liddell, Edward McGehee, Jer’h Noland

Monday:, April 1, 1822
Court held at the court house, Present: Moses Liddell Esq, Edw. McGehee Esq and
Jerem’h Noland, Esq. and John L. Bruce Dep. Clerk; Hugh Connell Shff.

Jeremiah Noland, one of the trustee of the poor of the county, resigned, and
William Fuquer appointed.

Authorized the assessment of a Tax equal to one half of the state  tax for county purposes, viz, one half for the use of the poor and subject to the disposition of  the Trustees of the poor, and one fourth for the purpose of erecting a Clerk’s office of brick in  pursuance of an act of Legislature of the 7 Feb 1821, the other one fourth for current expenses of the county.

The court there fore appoints under the said act George Poindextor, A. M. Levet?
Wm Johnson, Joseph Leverson and C. C. West.  commissioners to contract for the

Bill of sale from Elijah Terrell by Rocky Terrell proven in court on oath of
Moses Liddell, one of the subscribing witnesses.

Joanna Vining vs Isaac D. Ogden appeared in open court, Isaac D. Ogden and Francis Keller and Obadiah Person, acknowledged themselves to be indebted to the county court of Wilkinson co.

Isaac D. Ogden  in the sum of one thousand Francis Keller and Obadiah Pearson,
two hundred and fifty each to be levied on there goods, chattel and lands.

Isaac D.Ogden to appear in next court to answer the charge of Bastardy, for
which he is now prosecuted under the statute in such case made and provided under the
statute in such case made and provided.

A deed of trust from Geo. W?. Carter  and Mary B. Carter, his wife to John Joor,
trustee to secure Ben. N. Rogers was proven by oath of John H. Read, witness to the acts of said George W. Carter and Mary B. Carter
court adjourned:  Moses Liddell, Jer’h Noland, Edward McGehee
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following appointments made:
Charles Haynes, Justice of the Peace for Homochitto beat
Samuel Dawson, constable for Captain Beauford beat
by: Moses Liddell, Jer’h Noland, Edward McGehee

Tues, 7 May 1822
special term of court held,
Present, Charles Stewart and Edward McGehee Esquires

Thomas Hunter, insolvent debtors confined in jail on suite of Thomas Parrott legal notice given by William Hunter to John Joor agent for the plaintiff at whose suit he had been confined and he having taken the oath prescribed by law and surrendered a schedule as directed, order discharged from custody of jailer.

Charles McKey insolvent Debtor confined in jail, suit of Cumstock and Lacefield
legal notice given by Robert M Gill attorney of plaintiff, McKay discharged
from jail
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July 2 1822
present in court:
James Carraway, chief Justice
Jeremiah Noland and Charles Stewart Esquires, associate Justices of the quorum

Sam’l Nicholson vs Mat Wicker
continued on affidavit of  the appellant at no cost

ordered Jacob Chambers be allowed two dollars for holding an inquest on the body
of a Negro man; that Robert C. Beasley be allowed three dollars for summoning the
jury of inquest.

ordered that Thomas Owing be allowed forty dollars for measuring and marking the
Natchez Road from the Homochitto to the 36 mile post.

ordered the appointment of road commissioners made at a special term the 4th
March, 1822 be confirmed:

James Nickolson  vs  Hugh Lemon  appellant did not appear, ordered that judgment
be entered against principal and security

Robert M. Gill appointed as counsel for Negro David at the suit of the state of
MS Nicholas Dorsey appointed prosecuting attorney in case against Negro David

claims against the county:
William Hammett allowed fifty dollars
page 7
Connell and Davidson allowed twenty three dollars fifty five cents.

Joana Vining vs Isaac D. Ogden  case be continued

paid H. Connell thirty five dollars twenty cents as sheff and jailer and fifteen
dollars be allowed for and warrants issued for the same.

report of Robert M. Gill, county treasure, received

Nicholas Dorsey to recommended as Justice of the peace for the beat commander at
present by Capt Steven Mayes

Bagle Cason allowed Twenty dollars

court adjourned by James Carroway, Jer. Noland and Charles Stewart

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