Wilkinson County, MS Cemetery Transcription

Mars Hill Church Cemetery

Transcribed and Submitted by Virginia Ewing

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Mars Hill Church Cemetery

Location: Wilkinson Co., MS - Off Old Highway 61 

Copied By: Virginia Ewing  Copied July 22, 2002

I visited this cemetery in 1997, and went back this July to re-copy the
headstones as some of the dates did not check with the cemetery book.  I
found I had several errors and have corrected them.  I also had a name in
the first copy that I did not copy the second time around.

Rather than put them in alphabetical order, I am leaving them in the order
they were copied as I believe that will give clues to the family groups.
I started on the left side of the cemetery and copied that side from the
front back, I then started at the back and worked to the front of the right
side.  My cousin took me to the church and explained the relationships he

Dan W. Perry  b. 12 Aug 1882  d. 7 Dec 1963
Alma Ashley Perry  b. 18 April 1888  d.  8 Dec 1971

d/o Dan W. Perry
Dannie Georgene Jackson, b. 5 June 1936   d. 11 July 2002  age 66
[this was a small metal marker]

George V[erlis] Perry   b.11 Jan 1911   d. 20 Dec 1976
Myrtis Vines Perry b. 29 Oct 1909    d. 7 Oct 1993

Bead Tillery  b. 11 April 1874  d. 6 Nov 1951
Lida [Perry]  Tillery  b. 27 Sept 1877  d. 1 April 1970

Clarence Cage Tillery  b. 23 Feb 1904   d. 19 Sept 1972

husband: Halliday Dall Bryan   b. 9 June 1899   d.  25 July 1962
mother:  Emma Tillery Bryan  b. 21 Sept1895   d.  24 March 1979

Mattie F[elter] Cavin Whitehead  b. 9 April 1902  d. 26 Sept 1988
[md. Doug Cavin he died and she md. Whitehead

Jennie Lee Felter Enlow Arnold  b. 26 Oct 1894  d. 6 June 1995
[sister to Miss Mattie Cavin Whitehead]
[Jennie she md. John Enlow and after he died md. Lewis Arnold.]

John Enlow b. 1892  d. 1955  husband of Jennie Lee above.

William Archie Felter   b. 28 Aug 1897   d.  28 Feb 1967
Annie Pearl Felter  b.  26 Dec 1900   d.  22 Nov 1964

Nancy Joe Cavin McCallister  b. 11 June 1947  d. 19 Dec 1993

Annie Michelle Cavin  b. 8 Dec 1970 d. 3 May 1971
"God's little angel forever"

William Earle Cavin  b. 13 Sept 1920     d.  6 Oct 1968
Miss CPL 410 Bomb. G.P. A. A. F. W.W.II

Sidney E. Cavin  b. 3 May 1916  d. 5 April 1942
MS PVT 394 A.A.F. Sch. Sq.

Walter Cavin  b. 23 Sept 1888  d.  1 Feb 1982
Florence  Cavin  b. 16 Oct 1893  d. 18 Nov 1983
Md.  27 Aug 1913

J[oe] Tucker Gibson  b. 1884  d. 1963
Annie Cavin Gibson  Ford  b. 18 Oct 1914  d. 15 June 1994
[she was d/o Walter and Florence Cavin]

Joe John Cavin  Feb 19, 1920
Clarice D. Odom Cavin  b. 5 March 1927  d. 11 March 1998

Elizabeth Cavin  b.  24 June 1912   d. 10 June 1995
sister of John Joe Cavin, d/o Lee Cavin

H. Lee Cavin 'Papa Lee'  b. 1 Oct 1879  d. 17 Oct 1966
Ollie L. Cavin  b. 25 Jan 1880   d.  5 April 1939 'mother'

Frank Stewart Sturgeon   b. 22 Dec 1931   d. 2 July 1983

Eddie T. Rabb  b 15 Feb 1892  d. 31 Aug 1966
Miss PVT. Co. D 319 Infantry W.W.I

Charlie Stewart d. 9 Dec 1912  d. 10 Aug 1962

John Stewart   b.  12 March 1871  d. 30 Nov 1955

Alma Stewart  b.  1879   d. 1951

Robert R. Cavin b. Nov 29 1921  d. 22 Feb 1958

Margaret Dianne Cavin Carter b. 19 Dec 1946   d. 8 April 2002
[sister to Robert R. Cavin]

Louis Arnold b. 7 Aug 1901     d.  8 Dec 1976
Tiny Mae Arnold  b. 21 Nov 1911   d.  9 July 1965
w/o Louis Arnold

Louis Arnold,Jr.  d. 6 March 1934 d. 15 Jan 1949
(He was killed when his shotgun hung on the fence and discharged

Allen Arnold  buried between fence and Louis Arnold Jr, handmade headstone,
no dates

The name below was included in my typed records of the first trip to the
Mars Hill cemetery but was not copied during the last trip.  I can't find my
original records so don't know if this was copied the first time and missed
the last trip, or if he belongs in a different cemetery.  He is not included
in the cemetery book.

Albert R. Cavin  b. 29 Nov 1921  d. 22 Feb 1958
Miss PVT Coast Artillery WWII

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