Cemetery Transcriptions

Submitted by Don Johnson
Transcribed by Marian G. Miles and Don Johnson


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Wilkinson County Cemeteries
  • Coon Cemetery

  •     Coon, Richardson
  • Cory Graveyard

  •     Anderson, Cory, Courtney
  • Cosby Cemetery

  •     Cosby, Germany, Harris
  • Courtney Cemetery

  •     Davis, Morris, Palmer
  • Fuqua - Deaughon Graveyard

  •     Deaughon, Fuqua
  • Haynes Cemetery

  •     Anderson, Havard, Henderson, Jackson, Newton
  • Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery

  •     Anders,Andus,Ashley, Beattie, Brooks, Bryant, Cavin, Crews, Crum, Day,
        Durham, Fife, Floyd, Grace, Graves, Halford, Haney, Havard, Hopkins,
        Jamieson, Joseph, Kelley, Lea, LeBleu, Longmire, Martin, McClearley,
        McCurley, Murray, Nettles, Oates, Perry, Pike, Pritchard, Robertson,
        Sanders, Sanford, Scales, Smith, Stanton, Stone, Taylor, Terry, Ventleman,
        Vines, Waifler, Wesberry, White, Wisner
  • Huff Cemetery

  •     Huff, Jones
  • Humphries Cemetery  -- White's Methodist Chapel

  •     Hasting, Humphreys, Humphries
  • Lee White Graveyard

  •     Anderson, Cobb, White
  • Low White Graveyard

  •     Shropshire, White (Floyd)
  • Macedonia Cemetery

  •     Blalock, Corey, Duty, Ebey, Hastings, Helmer, Johnson, McGraw, Mott,
        Neyland, Oaks, Owens, Riddle, Rothman, Williams, Wyatt
  • McCraine Cemetery

  •     Burrus, Cupil, McCraine, McKey, Neyland, Rollins, Shaw,
  • McCraine - Kaiser Graveyard

  •     Kaiser
  • Mt. Carmel  Cemetery

  •     Albright, Anderson, Ashley, Bass, Brown, Bryant, Carter, Cassels, Cobb,
        Day, Flowers, Floyd, Haynes, Hazlip, Humphrey, Johnson, , Longmire,
        Marsh, McCurley, McDowell, McNeil, Metcalf, Miller, Nettles, Partin,
        Payne, Petty, Stevens,, Sullivan, Thompson, Wilkinson, Williamson
  • Petty Cemetery

  •     Fly, Petty
  • Scudder Graveyard

  •     Coon, Floyd, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, McDowell, McKey, Scudder, Tucker
  • Shropshire Cemetery

  •     Cabin, Chandler, Leake, Owens, Partin, Sanders, Shropshire,
  • Sims Cemetery

  •     McCraine, McKey, Oates, Owens, Sims
  • Smith Cemetery

  •     Bryant, Day, Havard, Henderson, Henley, Mathis, McCraine, Smith
  • Smith Graveyard

  •     Bradley, Clark, Hastings, McKey, Smith, White
  • Union Baptist Church Cemetery

  •     Bennett, Buckley, Calvin, Faukner, Floyd, Jackson, Leake,  Metcalfe,
        McCaa, McClearey, McClearley, McClurley, Robertson, Trevilion
  • White Cemetery At Holly Grove Plantation

  •     Cage, Jones, Sharp, Shonkwiler, Stewart, Stirling, White
  • White Graveyard

  •     Corey, White

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