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 HAZLIP, William  (Will)

State of Mississippi Wilkinson County
Be it known that I, William Hazlip of this County and State above
written, being sound in mind do by the grace of God make this my last will and (next page) Testament viz Firstly, to my Beloved wife Rebecca Hazlip, that my Executors secure to her all the property she was possessed of in her own right at the time of our marriage, and for the love and respect I bear her I bequeath her the sum of Five Hundred dollars, To John Hazlip, I bequeath the sum of Fifty Dollars To Nancy Wood, One Hundred dollars " Charlotte Galtry One Hundred dollars " Mary Rabb One Hundred dollars " Eveline Hazlip One Hundred dollars.
        Should these not be in my possession at the time of my demise,
money to the amount willed and bequeathed as above to my beloved wife and children, the above named sums are to be paid form the out proceeds of the Cotton Crop, after deducting the current expenses of the year or years as the same shall require And I de? Bequeath all the property Real and personal of which I may be in possession of at the time of my death unto my youngest child Samuel W. Hazlip, after paying the debts I may owe at the time, In case he should die in minority, the property is to be divided equally between my children & wife. 

And I do appoint Mssrs. Wiley M. Wood, John Hazlip, & Joseph Galtry, Executors of this my last Will and testament, And it is also my will that the property Real and Personal of which I may be in possession of at the time of my death be kept together, and not sold till my Son, Samuel W. Hazlip (should the Lord in his mercies so will, arrive at the age of Twenty one Years) in case of his death the property is to be divided as above stated, And I do also Will that my beloved Wife, Rebecca Hazlip have her support from the property willed as above to my son Samuel W. Hazlip, so long as she
remains unmarried, in case of her marriage she will be paid the amount as above willed

The negro Boy Jack, now in my possession is the property of the heirs of Thomas Holmes deceased he being purchased with money
belonging to them 

Signed and Sealed this 19th day of September A.D.
Eighteen hundred and thirty Seven. In Presence of}
John M Currier}             Wm. Hazlip {seal}
John Alex. Tyler}
John S. Holt}

                   Codicil 1st
If in the good Judgment of my Executors, circumstances should be such as to make it unpracticable to keep the property together of which I am possessed at the time of my death it is left discretionary with them to make such disposal of the same as thin good sense may dictate.

                   Codicil 2nd
I do hereby appoint Mssr. Wiley M. Wood and John Hazlip as Guardians of my Son Samuel W. Hazlip with instructions to put him to such school in this State or if more advantageous in a Northern State as shall afford him a good and Sound education for the transaction, of any business as may come before him as an unprofessional man, and that the Expences necessarily acc***ing thirty by paid our of the proceeds of his property as herein bequeathed to him, after acquiring his education which may be
accomplished probably at about the age of Sixteen years. I would
respectively suggest the property of placing him in the farm as Manager under the close Supervision of his guardian But if his natural talents & abilities and his inclinations & the amount of his property should be such as to Warrant giving him a professional Education, it is left discretionary with his Guardians

Given under my hand, signed and Sealed
together with the body of the Will this 19th day of September, A.D.
Eighteen hundred and thirty seven.


In Presence of}
J. M. C*rner}                Wm. Hazlip {seal}
John Alexander Tyler}
John S. Holt}

Filed March 11th 1845
                Attest F Conrad DC
The within last Will of William Hazlip proved by the oath of John S.
Holt, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, who testified that he
subscribed his name as a Witness in the presence of the testator, and the other Subscribing Witnesses, and they in his presence and in the presence of each other and admitted to Probate, and ordered to be
Recorded this 14th day of April A.D. 1845
April Term 1845
                                Francis Gildart
                                        Judge of Probate

SOURCE:  Wilkinson County Probate Records 1824 - 1889
LDS Microfilm #0877079
Pps. 291-295

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