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RICHEY, John (Will)

page 42

I JOHN RICHEY of the county of Wilkinson and Territory of Mississippi being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind & memory and this my dissolution to be near have deemed it necessary to make this my last will & Testament in manner & form following, towit,  Item  I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife ELIZABETH an old Negro man named BUCK and her choice of half the cattle and also I wish her to exchange my blue roam & two horses for a riding horse for herself an also her bed & furniture to her & her heirs forever-

Item  I wish my executors herein after mentioned to collect the ballance of my personal property and make sale of the same to the best advantage and after paying my just debts  I wish them to divide the ballance of the money equally between my wife ELIZABETH, my son EWEL?, my daughter CLARY and my son THOMAS RICKEY except the following Legacies to them & their heirs for ever---

Item  I give to my son WILLIAM, BENJAMIN STEPHEN, CATHARINE SNIDERS heirs & **RNEY OSBORNE one dollar each to be paid them by my executors out of the money arriving from the sale of my personal property herein before directed to be sold to them their heirs forever
Item  It is my will & desire  that my Executors sell the land whereon I now
live and out of the proceeds thereof to pay unto ANNAS POTTER fifty dollars to her and her heirs forever-- 

Item, it is my desire that this of the money arising from the sale of my land be equally divided between my wife ELIZABETH and my son THOMAS RICHEY to them and their heirs forever--Item, It is my desire that an article of agreement made between my wife and myself at our marriage which is on record be and remain good to her & her heirs accordingly. 

Lastly I appoint my trusty friends MATHEW McCULLOCK, HUGH DAVIS and JOHN McCULLOCK executors of this my Last Will & Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In Testimony whereof I do hereto set my hand and affix my seal this twenty fourth day of  October eighteen hundred & six.  N. Ball inserteneations? and erasures made before signed.
Signed, Sealed, published & pronounced to be the last will & testament of
the said JOHN RICHEY by him in our presence who in the presence of each other have set our hands .
Mississippi Territory, Wilkinson county, Orphans court January Term 1807

Personally came and appeared in open court JOSEPH ADAMS and he being duly sworn hath on his oath that he saw the within named JOHN RICHEY was at the same time of sound mind and memory to the best of his knowledge and belief that GEORGE POPE and JAMES McCULLOCK signed their names with him as witness to this said will in the presence of the said JOHN RICHEY, Sworn to in open court the 5th day of January 1808.  MATHEW McCULLOCK & HUGH DAVIS have taken the oath required for their qualification as Executors to the last will & Testament of JOHN RICHEY deceased. July term 1808 at this term JOHN McCULLOCK both taken this oath for his qualification as Executor of the Last will and Testament of JOHN RICHEY deceased.

Wilkinson County, MS Territory, Inventory and Accounts,
Volume one.  1808-1816
Microfilm #0877094

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