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COMBS, Robert

page 54
ELIZABETH COMBS and ROBERT MUNSON, appointed to administer the estate of ROBERT COMBS, deceased.  first Monday of July, 1808, letter of ad. issued 30 July 1808.

ELIZABETH COMBS, JOSHUA BAKER, & WILLIAM V.. KEARY, all of Mississippi Territory and Wilkinson county, bond of one thousand dollars.   6 July 1808.  ELIZABETH COMBS & ROBERT MUNSON, administrators for the estate of ROBERT COMBS, deceased.

page 55
JOHN BELL, NATHAN KEMPER, & HENRY HUNTER JUN., to appraise the estate of ROBERT COMBS, deceased.  issued first Monday July 1808.  7 July 1808.

page 56
Inventory of the ROBERT COMBS estate
one crop of cotton suppose to be 6000 lbs at $5 per thousand, Mare & colt, 1 bed 2 sheets 1 rug and bedstead, 1 bed two sheets & two blankets, 2 wheels, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 pot broken, 2 ovens broken, 1 old pan & griddle, 1 womans saddle, 1 mans saddle, 1 plough, 2 hoes, 1 ax, 1 hand saw, 1 hane, 1dish 6 plates & 4 spoons old pewter, 1 coffee pot, 1 rasar, 1 shot gun, 1 tub and piggin, 18 hogs, 1 churn, 1 chest, 1 sifter.
sworn to 3 October 1808, JOHN BELL, H. HUNTER JUN.
Sworn to by the administrators, ELIZABETH [her mark] COMB, ROBERT [his mark]

Wilkinson County, MS Territory, Inventory and Accounts,
Volume one.  1808-1816
Microfilm #0877094

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