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LOCKWOOD, Benjamin (Estate and Inventory)

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page 19   Estate of BENJAMIN LOCKWOOD, deceased 7 March 1808   JOHN CLEVE SYMMES, MARYAN SYMMES, NATHANIEL EVANS & MOSES HOOK, bond for two thousand dollars, for JOHN CLEVE SYMMES, and MARYAN SYMMES, adm. of  the estate.

page 20:
10 March 1808.
Letter of administration issued to JOHN CLEVE  SYMMES & MARYAN SYMMES for the estate of BENJAMIN LOCKWOOD, dec’d

page 20:
By order of the Orphans Court:  To THOMAS LOVELACE, HORATIA STARK, JOHN HEDDELSON appointed to appraise the Appraisal of the  BENJAMIN LOCKWOOD estate.    7 March 1809

1 April 1808 inventory of the estate of BENJAMIN LOCKWOOD, submitted by JOHN CLEVE SYMMES & MARIAN SYMMES admr. & admx
Negro woman named LIZZY  $500
Negro girl named HARRIETT    $150
1 pair dinning tables
1 do knife cases

page 21:
inventory of Benjamin Lockwood estate, continued 3 doz ivory handled knives & forks; 1 doz silver Table Spoons;  1/2 doz Silver Table Spoons;  1 Silver Spoon;  I Soup Spoon; 2 Sauce Spoons;  1 1/2 doz Tea Spoons;  5 Salt Spoons;  1 pair sugar tongs;  1 Silver Tea Pot;  1 Silver Sugar Dish; 1 Silver cream jug; 1 Slop Bowl; 1 pair plated coffee Pot;  3 salt stands with plated frames;  2 frames with out glass; 1 pair salt stands; 4 Silver Tumblers;  4 Silver wine tumblers; 1 pair plated candlesticks; 1 pair plated candlesticks;  1 pair looking glasses;  1 Floor Carpet;  1 small table;  1 pair and arons;  1 liquer case;  1 tea tray; 1 beaurea;  1 domestic Medicine;  1 coxes Amirica?;  1 Sheffield an commerix?;  1 preceptor;  2 Uniform Coats, 8 pair pantiloons; 1 round Jackett;  3 vest; 3 vest patterns;  1 sword; 1 morning gound; 1 breast plate; 1 gorget; 2 trunks;  1 silk hat; 1 larg canister;  1 2-q canister;  1 8-q canster, 2 dutch ovens; 1 frying pan; 1 tea kettle; 1 grid iron; 1 candlestick’ 1 Miss Basket; 1 handsaw; 1 fore plane; 1 Jack plane; 1 smoothing plane; 1 hatchet; 1 compass  Saw.

Memorandum of papers delivered to JOHN F. CARMICHAL to be presented at the War office for settliments by Mrs. LOCKWOOD widow of Capt LOCKWOOD of the United Sates Army. 5 Soldiers enlistments & premiums,  70--00  Certificate of Soldiers appribunsion which hog gun tho c doubltful. 26--00 Paymaster certificate of pay & subsestance due to Cap’t Lockwood 413--35 Cash ---? of Mrs. Lockwood    500--00 min?  Mr. SYMNIS holds JOHN F. CARMICHAEL  ----?  for the above papers & money. 

We certify that this foregoing statement is the appraisement and Inventory of Capt B Lockwood’s property taken by us this day:
THO’S LOVELACE, JOHN HENDERSON, Sworn & subscribed to before me at Wilkinsburg this 1st day of April 1808;
N EVANS Justice of the peace.
Returned unto the Registers office 4th April 1808. 
J. Johnson Reg. O C W C

Wilkinson County, MS Territory, Inventory and Accounts,
Volume one.  1808-1816
Microfilm #0877094

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