(Old) Pisgah Cemetery
Cumberland, MS

This is an inactive cemetery located in a wooded area in Sec. 4 R12 T20, just over one mile east of Highway 15 in Webster County and about two miles from the intersection of Highway 15, and the Natchez Trace Parkway.  An old Methodist Church was the original reason for the cemetery, but it has long since been abandoned and no building remains.  The Church was named Pisgah or Mt. Pisgah, but locally it has been known for over 50 years as Old Pisgah.

Lucy ALFORD, 3-10-1823, 1-19-1889, Wife of M. Alford
Susan McDANIEL, in NC  2-28-1898
_ynda PARKERSON, 1-20-1879, aged 76 years
Infant son of M. W. and M. F. WILSON, 5-23-1869, 7-1869
M. F. WILSON, 1869, 8-27-1877, Wife of M. W. Wilson, (Dates are an obvious error)
Elijah M. YEATES, son of E. M. & N. A. Yeates
Sarah G. YEATES, d. of E. M. & N. A. Yeates
Getty G. POLK, 9-7-1872, 7-30-1879, d. of H. C. & L. J. Polk
Solomon B. ALFORD, Sgt. Co. H. 31 Miss. Inf. CSA, (Confederate Marker)
Amos BISHOP, 1813, 4-17-1871
Mary Jane BISHOP, 2-21-1870, Consort of Amos Bishop
Infant d. of J. and M. E. ALFORD, 1-301856, 1-30-1856
M. E. ALFORD, 3-13-1839, 7-31-1869
M. J. O?BRIEN, 8-11-1857
Nancy WILLIAMS, 9-27-1872, Wife of John Williams, Aged 42 yrs. 4 mo. 2 days
Mary Clementine YOUNG, 5-2-1860, Wife of G. G. Young, Aged 22 yrs. 1 mo.
        28 days
Robert D. FREEMAN, 7-23-1845, 3-9-1847, Son of R. D. and Sarah
Joseph S. FREEMAN, 5-20-1853, 7-31-1854
Sarah FREEMAN, aged 17 yrs. 10 mo.
H. H. B., no dates
H. T. C/, no dates
Lydia BOYLS, 1795, 12-6-1859
John R. BOYLS, 3-12-1787,1-26-1859
E. G. BOYLS, 12-17-1823, 1-29-1854
Sarah BOYLS, 2-22-1837, 9-14-1838
John W. J. WILLIAMS, Co. B. 24 Miss. Inf. CSA, (Confederate Marker)
B., ( no date or other inscription)
Francis PADEN, 2-29-1788, 7-29-1834
James PADEN, 1-1-1787, 8-6-1834

The following individuals made contributions toward the indexing of this cemetery. Dennis Elmore, Robert Elmore, Joyce Martin & Tucker Martin.

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