Webster County Company

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The 43rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, CSA, was also known as Moore's Regiment, Harrison's Regiment, the Camel Regiment, and the Bloody Forty-third.

Organized 15 May 1862.  The 43rd Mississippi Infantry saw service at Iuka, fought at 2nd Corinth, resisted Grant's Central Mississippi Railroad Campaign, repulsed Sherman at 2nd Chickasaw Bayou, served in Deer Creek Expedition (Pound's detachment), nobly endured the Siege of Vicksburg, fought at the Siege of Jackson (Pound's detachment), campaigned at Chickamauga (Pound's detachment), helped turn back Sooy Smith's Meridian Expedition, fought in the 100 Day's Battles all the way from Resaca to Atlanta, endured the Siege of Atlanta, skirmished at Decatur, made a famous charge on Franklin's bloody fields of glory, was shattered at Nashville, but, undaunted, rose from the ashes to fight again at Kinston and, finally, took part in the last great Confederate charge at Bentonville.

The pages you now hold bear the hallowed names of the noble, courageous Sons of the South who did these mighty deeds of valor.  Cherish their memory.  Laud their bravery.  Celebrate their Heritage of Honor.

Though men deserve, they may not win success; the brave will honor the brave, vanquished nonetheless.

Deo Vindice
(?God Vindicates)

Company D -- 43rd Mississippi Infantry
Captain Thompson's Company
Bellefontaine, Webster County
25 April 1862

Captain Jackson M. Gilbert
Captain Thomas B. Thompson
1st Lieutenant William H. Berryhill
1st Lieutenant Samuel Deloach
2nd Lieutenant Green D. Castles
2nd Lieutenant Wesley Collins
2nd Lieutenant James W.C.[E.] Spencer
Orderly Sergeant Weymon R. Holland
1st Sergeant Tress T. (?T.T.?) Smith 2nd Sergeant John H. Elkins (information taken from the autobiography of Tress Smith)

2nd Sergeant Soloman H. Gore
2nd Sergeant Silas W. Oswalt
3rd Sergeant Robert D. Capps
3rd Sergeant John W. Gilbert
3rd Sergeant George W. Monts
3rd Sergeant John A. Morris
4th Sergeant Andrew J. Wilson
5th Sergeant Thomas Richardson
5th Sergeant Wesley M. Arnold
1st Corporal Augustus H. Branch
1st Corporal Francis M. Lamb
1st Corporal William C. Lamb
2nd Corporal Leroy M. Lewis
2nd Corporal James M. Randall
2nd Corporal Laban B. Self
3rd Corporal John P. Dumas
3rd Corporal George B. Stanford
4th Corporal Joseph B. Adair
4th Corporal James E. Caldwell
 David Anglin
 Jasper N. Arnold
 Zach W. Arnold
 William Ayers
 Stephen W. Bennett
 George W. Berryhill
 James H. Bingham
 George M. Branch
 Thomas L. Brown
 Richard D. Burson
 John J. Carroll, Jr.
 Thomas H. Carroll
 James Clegg
 Oliver Clegg
 Robert P. Cochran
 Greenberry B. Cook
 John Crowley
 William N. Crowley
 John F. Dunlap
 William H. Farmer
 Benjamin F. Ferguson
 J.W. Frankling
 Thomas B. Gilbert
 Franklin E. Greenlee
 John P. Haws
 George W. Hicks
 Archibald Holmes
 Ancel Huckabaa [Huckabee]
 John M. Huckabaa [Huckabee]
 John E. Huffman
 Henry W. Johnson
 William L. Johnson
 Daniel S. Jones
 John B. Jones
 Jacob S. Klutts
 Enoch H. Lamb
 Ezekial Lamb
 George W. Lamb
 Green G. Lamb
 John J. Lamb
 Joshua J. Lamb
 Nicholas W. Lamb
 Redan J. Lollar
 Hiram W. Marks
 James Calvin McAllister
 Benjamin F. McCain
 Jesse E. McCain
 Gregor McIntosh
 Alexander C. McVey
 Duncan Moore
 Robert M. Moore
 William R. Moore
 Ferdinand M. Morris
 Thomas L. Morris
 William J. Morris
 Joseph H.A.() Murphrey
 John Glen Neal
 Bennett J. Noble
 James A. Norris
 John L. Norwood
 John M. Norwood
 James Outz
 James M. Pepper
 James H. Pierce
 Newton F. Ray
 William A. Ray
 Robert F. Read
 L.B. Sealy
 Albert A. Spencer
 Wiley C. Suggs
 Francis M. Swindle
 Arthur W. Tenhet
 Charles T. Tenhet
 John N. Thompson
 Lewis Thompson
 Barnabas ?Barnie? H. Vance
 James A. Vance
 Gideon Watson
 Joseph Watson
 James A. Wheatley
 Robert F. White
 William R. Wilson
 W.W. Wooten

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