McMullen Cemetery

Webster Co., MS

This is an inactive cemetery located in a wooded area,  just over one quarter mile north of County Road 266 in Webster County.
The area is east of Mantee near the Chickasaw County line.  This cemetery can only be accessed by foot.  The cemetery has the following GPS coordinates: N33º 44.349?, W089º 06.848".  See maps below.
This cemetery is very old and in poor condition.  Below you will find a listing of those, which grave markers identified on May 3, 1998.  It is possible that others may have been buried there and lost over the years.  The cemetery does have a chain link fence around it that was installed some time ago, but trees in and around the cemetery have fallen, damaging both the fence and grave markers.
This cemetery is also been referred to as the Scott Family cemetery, as the first generation of Scotts to move into Webster County from South Carolina/ Georgia are buried at this location.

William McMULLEN, September 11, 1794 June 27, 1844; Husband of Susie  SCOTT
Mary J. McGEE, May 16, 1834, November 5, 1853; Wife of Dr. William A. McGEE
McGEE Infant, Infant of Mary & William McGEE
James H. McGEE, March 7, 1858, September 26, 1858; Son of Dr. McGEE
Mark SUGGS, October 25, 1836, October 14, 1899
Andrew J. FOSTER, January 30, 1850, September 26, 1859
John O. CONNER, October 30, 1860 May 27, 1884
Susan Bell CONNER, July 15, 1863 October 27, 1883; Wife of John Osborn CONNER
James SCOTT, 1790 October 6, 1844, Born in Abbeville Dist South Carolina
Margaret SCOTT, September 10, 1796, July 28, 1894; Wife of James SCOTT
Samuel H. SCOTT, Sr. November 27, 1816, September 23, 1881; Husband of  Vicey LONG/Mahalie SUGG
Mahalie SUGG SCOTT, February 10, 1825; July 25, 1902 2nd Wife of Samuel H. SCOTT, Sr.
Joseph A. SCOTT, March 12, 1858, October 18, 1884; Son of Samuel H. SCOTT, Sr.

Submitted by: John R. Scott
Madison, MS

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