Ingram Cemetery

Webster Co, MS
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Family yard 2 ½ miles east of Alva. Buried: Old Father INGRAM and wife, parents of Hugh, Bill, Robert and Jim INGRAM, one daughter, the mother of John Buck, Malley, and Charley SHAW, grandparents of Mrs. Jim CURRY, Mrs. Joe FORRESTER, Dave INGRAM and many others, great-grandparents of Dr. Hugh and Jim Tom CURRY, Mrs. Jennie HOLLAND and Mrs. Jim MERIDITH, the Rev. Ezekiel SHAW and Mrs. E. G. CHILDS and many others of the INGRAM and SHAW families.

The following cemetery information was copied at the MS State Archives on June 27, 2002 by Jackie Rhodes.

Ingram Cemetery is located in Webster County east of the Alva Community. To locate the cemetery, travel east from Alva junction of Old Alva Stage Road and State Hwy. 404 for .3 mile to Webster County Road 254. Turn right and travel for .8 mile. A private road turns left at the old Ingram home place. There is a lake dam that can be seen just to the right about 200 yards from the drive. Turn left at the north end of the dam. The road to the cemetery goes by the barn and skirts the north shore of the lake in an eastern direction. This road takes a northeast turn into the woods for about 50 feet and forks to the right. The cemetery is located about 200 yards along this road and sits on top of the hill.

GORDON, T. F., B. Oct 9, 1862, D. Jan 11, 1927
GORDON, A. E/. B/ Mpv 24. 1863, D/ Sept 22, 1941
MOORE, Ichabud, B. Feb 21, 1825, D. Sept 18, 1890
MOORE, Eliza, B. May 11, 1831, D. Apr 27, 1915
INGRAM, Mary, B. Mar 23, 1815, D. Dec 23, 1878, w/o Hush INGRAM
MULLINS, Mary E., B. Dec 4. 1841, D/ Kim 20, 1884, w/o B. J. MULLINS
INGRAM, James Vance, B. 1851, D. 1941, MS Cpl Co. K, 24th Regt, MS Infantry, CSA
INGRAM, Lucy JONES, B. Sept 5, 1846, in GA, D. Jun 14, 1935, w/o J. V. INGRAM
INGRAM, Mary Sue, B. Apr 8, 1868, D. Feb 12, 1909, w/o R. INGRAM, d/o Carroll & Ada SHEMAKE
INGRAM, Robert, B. Sept 9, 1858, D. Apr 21, 1921
INGRAM, Charles C. B. Aug 6, 1853, D. Jan 2, 1930
INGRAM, Margaret L., B. May 27, 1861, D. Feb 19, 1945
BRITT, Infant, Jan 7, 1917, no other date, d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. P. BRITT
SHEWMAKE, Minnie, B. 1873, d. 1948
SHEWMAKE, Ada J., B. Nov 10, 1843, D. Sept 20, 1935
SHEWMAKE, R. C., B. Jul 8, 1832, D. Jul 9, 1918
SHEWMAKE, Tom, B. 1875, D. 1954
SHEWMAKE, Jim, B. 1881, D. 1950
INGRAM, Mary BRYAN, B. Aug 26, 1932, D. Sept 10, 1934
INGRAM, William C., B. Sept 27, 1855, D. Jul 2, 1936
INGRAM, Martha, B. Nov 7, 1858, D. Nov 30, 1926, w/o W. C. INGRAM
INGRAM, Bethie K., B. Jan 13, 1912, D. Sept 21, 1913, d/o W. M. & M. C. INGRAM
INGRAM, Rubie T., B. May 14, 1894, D. Oct 18, 1902, d/o W. C. & M. A. INGRAM
INGRAM, Ezekiel, B. Jul 31, 1901, D. Apr 25, 1902, s/o W. C. & M. A. INGRAM
TAYLOR, Mattie Belle, B. apr 6, 1884, D. Oct 19, 1922
TAYLOR, Ester, B. Apr 3, 1838, D. Feb 2, 1919
TAYLOR, Jay, B. Sept 4, 1836, D. Jul 17, 1920

Note: There is evidence of other graves marked with native rocks. Evidence indicates that there may be as many as 75 graves in this cemetery.

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