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The following information was submitted by J. Kenneth Brantley, President of the Brantley Association of America.
Update at end of page with new photos submitted by Ken Brantley.

General William Felix Brantley

William Felix Brantley, is found in Carroll County, Mississippi in 1850 as a law ?student?, but was also  shown in the household of his brother, John Ransom Brantley in Choctaw County.  In 1860 he is found in Choctaw County, listed as a "Lawyer". William Felix was the son of William Brantley and his wife, Marina Jolly of Georgia and Alabama.  (See "Brantleys of Georgia"). He was born March 12, 1830 in Green County, Alabama.  He rose to some prominence by the early 1860?s and was made an officer in the Confederacy shortly after the declaration of war.  He began his military career in 1861 as Captain of "The Wigfall Rifles (Company D 15th Mississippi Infantry, later the 29th Infantry).  He was rapidly advanced to the rank of Colonel, and commanded his regiment at the great battles of Murfreesboro and Chickamauga.  For his part in the fight on Lookout Mountain, he was particularly commended by Colonel Walthall, the Brigade Commander.  At Resaca, Georgia he led a charge on the enemy that was reported as ?of notable gallantry?, and his line, three times, repulsed the Federal assaults.  At the battle of Ezra Church, near Atlanta, General Samuel Benton was killed, and Colonel Brantley took command of the brigade, which he retained with the promotion to Brigadier- General, to the close of the war.   William's brother, Dr. John Ransom Brantley was killed in Gonzales, Texas in 1859.  The brothers? reprisal for this act, lead to other murders. On August 16, 1870, William?s brother, Arnold J Brantley, was shot in cold blood, according to reports.  The ?Weekly Clarion? stated in November 1870 that it was the General's attempt to bring to justice the party responsible for this murder that led to his own.  He was shot and killed near Wiona, Mississippi on November 2, 1870 as he drove his buggy from town toward his home. None of the assassins were ever apprehended.   William married first, Cornelia S. Medley, on December 27, 1855.  She died in 1863 and after the war he married Julia C. ___  Only one child survived the General.  The children by Cornelia were:

(1) Mary Thomas Brantley, born Sept 5, 1858 in Macon, Mississippi.  She married James V. Knight. James and ?Tommie? with daughter, Maude, were in Clay Co, MS in 1880.  They were living in Mobile Co, AL in 1900 and Conecuh Co, AL in 1910.  Mary died June 11, 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri, having written several letters, over the years, about the family.  Her children included:  (Several of her children were dead by 1900).

(a) Maude Knight, born Jan 1879 in Clay Co, Mississippi:  She was still living with her parents in 1910.
(b) Walter Knight, born Jul 1882 in AL.  It seems to be he in St Louis, MO in 1910-1930; a civil engineer. He married Anita  __ .
(c) William Knight, born Aug 1884 in Alabama.  May have been dead by 1910. 
(d) Margarette Knight, born Jan 1893 in Alabama
(e) Marie Knight, born Jan 1899 in Mobile Co, Alabama.  She was dead by 1910.  .

(2) Joseph Ransom Brantley, born Sep 5, 1859 in Choctaw Co, MS. He died as a boy on Sep 19, 1869.

(3) Infant Brantley, born 1861; died Jun 7, 1861

General Brantley and Julia issued one infant son:

(4) Son Brantley, born 1869; died Nov 10, 1869

Mayor Arnold J. Brantley

Arnold Jolly Brantley, born born Nov 7, 1834 in Green County, Alabama. He was another son of William Brantley and Marina Jolly of Georgia and Alabama.  (See "Brantley's of Georgia").  He married Lucy B. Davis about 1852 in Mississippi.  He was the mayor of Wiona, Mississippi. A feud had developed in 1859 at the death on his brother, Dr. John Ransom Brantley and the brothers" reprisal. He was murdered there by someone unknown on August 16, 1870 as he sat on a veranda talking to some ladies.  His murderer was never apprehended. Lucy later married Henry C. Diggs.  With daughter Hattie, they were living in Montgomery County, Mississippi in 1880.  Arnold's known children were:

(1) Laura Brantley, born ca 1854 in Mississippi
(2) Clayton Brantley, born ca 1856 in Mississippi.  He was listed as a ?Solon Keeper? in Montgomery County in 1880.
(3) Ella Brantley, born Feb 8, 1861 in Mississippi.  She married James T. Nolen. They seem to be the James and Ella Nolan in Ottawa Co, OK in 1920.  Ella reportedly died in 1923 in Memphis TN. 
(4) Hattie Brantley, born ca 1864 in Mississippi.  Last identified in 1880 at home.

Albert Horton Brantley
Choctaw County

Albert Horton Brantley, son of William Brantley and Marina Jolly was born December 9, 1837 in Green County, Alabama.  He married on April 11, 1864, Mary Susan Rebecca (Rogers) Amason (1836-1906), widow of Edward Amason.  They resided in Choctaw County. Albert was a lawyer and became District Attorney.  He died March 26, 1895 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.  Of the 5 sons of  William and Marina, he was the only one who did not die by gun shot.  Known children

(1) Ransom Brantley, born ca 1866 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.  Named after his uncle, Ransom Brantley.  He is not identified after 1880. 

(2) William Arnold Brantley, born Jul 26, 1868 in Choctaw Co, Mississippi; died April 1, 1938 in Montgomery Co, MS. He married Maggie O. Applewhite (1873-1960) on Dec 25, 1895.  Known Children: (All born in Montgomery Co.)

(a) Albert Horton Brantley Jr, born Dec 17, 1898.  He died young, in 1919.
(b) Virginia Alice Brantley, born Jul 22 1900.  She married Doyal Coates. 
(c) William Amason Brantley, born Jul 27, 1902.  Still single in 1930, but later married Robbie.
(d) Ransom Rogers Brantley, born Jul 11, 1904.  He married Carrie May Young (1906-1995). 
(e) Marion Sanford Brantley, born ca 1909
(f) Joseph Calvin Brantley, born Oct 27, 1910.  He died in Montgomery County on Nov 16, 1995.
(g) Toby Dunn Brantley , born Dec 7, 1916; died Jun 1983 in Montgomery, AL.

Additional Brantley Family Photos submitted by
J. Kenneth Brantley.

Missouri Adela Brantley

The above photo is of Missouri Adela Brantley Dunn and her husband Capt. Josiah Benson Dunn. This picture was believed to have been taken around 1870 when Missouri (Zubie) was about 42 and Josiah was 45.

Missouri Adela Brantley, was born Mar 16, 1828 in Green County, Alabama.  She was the daughter of William Brantley and Marina Jolly. She married in Choctaw County, Mississippi on September 18, 1852 to Josiah Dunn (1825-1900).  She died Jul 9, 1898 in Eupora, Mississippi.  They issued two known children:

(1) William Archer Dunn, born Jul 2, 1853 Choctaw Co, MS.  He was shot and killed in Choctaw Co, on Aug 2, 1872.

(2) Joseph Turner Dunn, born Jul 20, 1866 in Choctaw Co, MS.  He married in 1893, Fanny Eudora DeLashmet (1876-1922) 

A sister was Missouri Brantley, who married Josiah Dunn.  This area in Mississippi where this family lived held one of the worst reputations for violence in that day.  Except for Albert, all these brothers died violent deaths.  As mentioned in our 2nd report, the general"s brother, Dr John Ransom Brantley was killed in Gonzales, Texas in 1859 by the hand of David Balzell.  On August 16, 1870, his brother Arnold J Brantley was shot in cold blood, according to reports.  The "Weekly Clarion" stated in November 1870 that it was the Generals attempt to bring to justice the party responsible for the murder, that led to his own.  None of the assassins were every apprehended.   Even his nephew, William Dunn, daughter to his sister Missouri, was shot and killed in Greensboro, by a man named Story in 1872.

 his is a newly found picture of the General.  It is splendid.  This photo was found and submitted to us by Brantley Clegg, a descendant of the General's sister.
To Ambassadors

This picture of CSA General Wm Felix Brantley (1st attached) was recently discovered by member Brantley Clegg.  Although it does not look very much like the photo of the General taken during the CW , it has to be him.  Compare the bust of him placed at the grave yard where he is buried.

This is one of the earliest photos of a Brantley person we know of.

1850 Photo 

Bust photo placed on grave

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