Walthall County, Mississippi Queries

Walthall County queries may be posted from this page. The RootsWeb Message Board, a bulletin board system, will be used to post queries for this county. Two of the advantages of this new system are that your query will be posted almost immediately after you click on the Submit button and responses to queries will also appear on the query page.

I encourage everyone who can provide factual responses to posted queries to do so through the RootsWeb Message Board. Please also include the source of your information in your reply. By doing this, you will not only help the original submitter of the query but other researchers who access the page next month or next year.

(Queries posted prior to November 29, 1998 are still available for viewing below.)

Please read and follow these rules when posting a query:

If your e-mail address changes...

·  Roots Web Message Board: If your query is posted to this message board, you can update your address on your query by returning to the message board. [I cannot update addresses on this board.]

·  Old Queries [before 11/29/1998]: Contact me with your new e-mail address and I can update your query. [Please mention it is on the Walthall County web page.]