Walthall County, Mississippi


This page is for additional information or corrections to the Rushing Cemetery transcriptions submitted by Terri Livley and Eden Boudreaux. The types of additional information that might be furnished could be a date from a family Bible that would provide a date that was illegible on a worn tombstone. Considering the size of the Rushing Cemetery, it is also possible that even with the diligence and care exercised by Terri and Eden that a marker could have been overlooked. Please send your additions and corrections to me.

William Thomas Holmes
First Sergeant, US Army
World War II
B - January 7, 1911
D- November 21, 1982

Etta Mae Breeland Holmes
B - November 1, 1917
D - January 19, 1988

There is a "family" headstone on the gravesite and there is a military marker at the foot of William Thomas Holmes' grave which has his military rank (First Sergeant, US ARMY, WWII) on it. He was First Sergeant of Company F, 332nd Engineer Regiment, US Army, European Theatre.

Etta Mae Breeland Holmes was the youngest child of General G. Breeland, Sr. and Elvira Dillon Breeland.

Submitted by: Larry Holmes.

1. Lee, Edward
    Son of J.M. & R.A. Lee

b/d Sept. 17, 1912


2. Lee
    Infant dau of J.M. & R.A

b/d Jan. 01, 1904


3. Lee, Wesley
    Son of J.M. & R.A.

b. Feb. 02, 1903
d. April 03, 1903

The names and dates for #1 and #3 appear in the Jessie Monroe Lee and Rosa Angeline Spence (Lee) Family Bible. #2 shows as "Infant" with the date as above.

4. Lee, N.S.
    Dau. W. J. & C. H.

b. March 01, 1894
d. March 21, 1894

The dates for this infant (and the C. H.) came from the book "The Tombstone Inscriptions of Walthall County, Mississippi, by William and Irma Lampton, 1976. Possibly the extra time has rendered the headstone difficult to read.

5. Lee, Bobby
    Son of W. J. & C. H.

b. about 1901
d. unknown (probably as a teenager)

Bobby's grave has the concrete slab headstone listed as unreadable. It had become mostly covered by the grass but in August 1999 it was uncovered, photographed, and shown to have the inscription of "Bobby Lee" with no dates. The birth year of about 1901 is based on the 1910 Pike County, MS, Census showing Robert Lee's age as 8 years.

6. Lee, W. J.

b. Aug. 28, 1868

d. Aug. 4, 1937

This is the grave of Wiley Josephus Lee. No dates are on his headstone. His birth date above is from the Family Bible of Randaulph Lee, his father. His death date above is from his death certificate.

7. Lee, Mrs. W. J.

b. abt. 1864

d. 1927

This is the grave of Charita Henrietta Beard (Lee). The reading of her headstone as Mrs. Lo J. Lee is an obvious error as I have photographs from Aug. 1999 clearly showing the name as Mrs. W. J. Lee with no dates. Her name is shown as Charita on the 1910 Pike County, MS, Census with her age given as 45 years. Many family records have her name as "Henrietta". Her death certificate appears to list her date of death as February 29, 1927, however, this is an obvious error as 1927 was not a leap year. In addition, her death certificate listed her age at her death as 65 years.

Submitted by: Major Clinton (Clint) Lee, grandson of Jessie Monroe Lee.

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