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Woodall Mountain
(Published by Tishomingo County Historical and Genealogical Society)
(Written by Cecil Lamar Sumners)

Woodall Mountain is located in Tishomingo County about four miles southwest of Iuka at 806 feet elevation above sea level, the highest point in Mississippi.
Bee Mountain, which is located about three miles north of Woodall Mountain in Tishomingo County, is the second highest point in Mississippi.
According to tradition Woodall Mountain in the early days before 1878 was called Yow Mountain. It is supposed to be named Woodall Mountain after Zephaniah “Z.H.” Woodall who was the sheriff of Tishomingo County in 1877. This was when the first Tishomingo County courthouse at Iuka together with county records were burned by incendiaries supposedly to destroy evidence in a murder case.
The height of Woodall Mountain can best be envisioned by standing at its top and looking south toward the Gulf of Mexico, which is 300 miles away, and realizing that you are standing 806 feet above sea level of the Gulf of Mexico.
One may travel west from Mississippi State Highway 25 on a winding road to the top of Woodall Mountain. On top of the mountain there is a flat surface about 150 feet wide by 200 feet long where at State Forestry fire tower is located and one can see three states from the foot of the tower. These three states are Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Its view is spectacular and well worth a visit.
The Union and Confederate armies marched by the foot of Woodall Mountain. It was likely used as a lookout post by both armies during the Civil War.

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