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South Tishomingo Consolidated School - Route 1, Dennis, Mississippi

The South Tishomingo School was consolidated in 1929.  The three schools that formed the consolidation were the Pharr School, New Bethel School, and the Caviness School.  From these schools, South Tishomingo was built.  The structure was a nice six-room brick building, consisting of four classrooms, one auditorium, and one office.  It was a line school, almost on the Itawamba County line and located on Red Bud Creek, six miles southwest of Belmont.


The teachers that taught last at the Pharr School in 1928 were Rebecca Ivy and Miss Verna Wood.  The enrollment was about 60.  The trustees were S. Wiggington, Edgar Whitfield, and Mr. B. S. Pharr.


Mr. Bill Mayhall taught the last school at New Bethel.  The trustees were Mr. Frank Pharr and Elbert Hinley.  The enrollment that year was 35.


The teachers at the Caviness School that taught the last term were Mr. E. Lacenberry, Principal, and Burton Maxey.  The trustees were Mr. A. R. Bennett, John F. Caviness, and George Ashley.  The enrollment was 50.


South Tishomingo operated under the short term of five months, being outside of the special consolidated district.


The teachers at South Tishomingo for 1938-39 were Hunon O. Pearson, Principal; Huston Ivy; and Miss Vera Montgomery.  Enrollment was 134.


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