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Will of Samuel Anderson

Will of Samuel Anderson

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In the matter of a certain paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Saml Anderson, deceased.

Upon reading and filing the petition duly verified of G.?D.V. Anderson and Ann Anderson for probate of a certain instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Samuel Anderson deceased late a resident of this county and for letters of administration with said will annexed and in taking and reading the testimony of P.L. Doty and John R. Moore two credable witnesses the Court after hearing all the proofs and allegations adduced prefered and submitted and maturely considering the same is fully satisfied that said paper writing is all in the hand writing of said Samuel Anderson and was duly and legally written and published by him as such and was found thus written and signed by him, amoung his valuable papers as is therefore his true and legal last will and testament and that the said Samuel Anderson was on the day the same was so written and published to wit on the 5th of September AD 1854 over the age of twenty one years and of sound and disposing mind and memory. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that said paper writing be admitted in Probate and record as the true and original last will and testament of the said Samuel Anderson deceased. And the said Ann Anderson the widow and G.D.V. Anderson the son of said testator having applied for letters of administration with said will annexed. It is therefore ordered and decreed that the same be granted to them on their taking the oath presented by law and entering with bond in the sum of fourteen hundred dollars with R.B. Smith and Thomas Moore as their securities payable and conditioned as the law directs. And it is further ordered that Woody Burge, R.B. Smith and L.L. Brown be appointed appraisers to value and appraise the personal property belonging to said testator and that a warrant issue.

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G.D.V. Anderson & Ann Anderson, Administrators with the will annexed of Samuel Anderson, deceased


Petition to sell personal property

Be it remembered that this cause came on for hearing this day before the Honorable John F. Arnold, Judge.

Upon the petition and proof when it appearing to the court that it is necessary that the following articles of personal property belonging to said estate shall be sold to pay debts and the balance of to purchase money therefore if any divided between ? legatees under said will to but? three mules, one wagon and some other articles of personal property. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the court that said petitioners after having given at least 30 days notice by written advertisement at 3 public places in this county, of the time and place of sale proceed to sell said property as so much thereof as may be necessary for said purpose to the highest bidder upon a credit of twelve months and that they take bind with approved security for the purchase money and that they report thereon at the next term of this court after said sale shall have been made.

(Note: There were many pages on the settlement of this estate. It went on in court for years.)

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